Chelsea manager makes pre-season jibe at Arsenal

Chelsea manager makes pre-season jibe at Arsenal


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has started playing his usual mind games tricks already. The Blues have completed the signings of Atletico Madrid duo Diego Costa and Filipe Luis and Mourinho doesn’t expect any more arrivals at the Bridge this summer.

The Londoners made a big statement early on after signing Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona during the World Cups. The 27-year-old was deemed surplus to requirements at the Catalan club and was asked to find a new employer.


Fabregas had a chance to return back to his old club Arsenal (the gunners has first refusal) in the summer. The Spaniard revealed last month that returning back to Arsenal was his first priority and only when Arsene Wenger refused to sign him, he chose Chelsea as the next best possible option. 

“Arsenal was the first option, for contractual reasons. There was a clause that gave them the right to decide. We spoke to Wenger and he said that the space was very well filled by Mesut Özil and it was hard to find a place for both of us in the team,” said Fabregas.

“I wanted to go back to the Premier League and I had to think about what my options were then [once Arsenal had said no].”

However, we all know Jose Mourinho loves to tweak things or two in order to spice things up. He relishes this and we’re all used to it. He insists that Chelsea were Fabregas’s first choice once it became clear he had no future in Spain.

“I spoke with him for 20 minutes,” Mourinho said, speaking in his role as a football expert and ambassador for BT Sport. “I think he really wanted to come to us. As you know Arsenal had an option where they could interfere but I think he was not open to that. He was very much in our direction. It was an easy job for me.”

Arsenal fans, already annoyed? Well, here’s the funny part. Recently Jack Wilshere was caught smoking again while the England star was enjoying his holiday and it created a brouhaha in the media. Jose Mourinho insists that although it doesn’t affect anyone’s performance, but it has a social consequence as footballers have a responsibility to be role models to children.

“What football players do, millions and millions are watching, lots of kids are watching,” Mourinho said.

He added: “I’m not a specialist obviously but I don’t think if a football player smokes one cigar or cigarette with friends in the summer when he is not training – I don’t think it affects his performance. What gets affected is that a kid at home says if a top football player can smoke then I can smoke and it is not a problem. It is more a social consequence than a physical consequence.”

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  1. Once again he’s shooting off at the mouth rather than thinking it all through. Silly man! There’s irrefutable evidence that Chelsea were Cesc’s second choice once he realised he should jump from the Barca ship before being pushed, but Jose’s ego will never allow itself to accept he’s not number 1 and a little special.

  2. and you have proven that you are a real loser, Jose Mourinho!
    you had to take 20 minutes too long to convince someone who had the only last place to choose from…

  3. I don’t think is necessary for Gunner faithful to be responding to ds trivial issue. Bcos by doing so we are only giving unnecessary credence to this un proudly arrogant devil. His comments is a waste of space when the guy involves had openly declared that he’s no more welcome by arsenal again. it clearly shows how incompetent you are to av spent 20 mins in convincing a guy who has no better option again

  4. Hello gunners fans in the world, Jose is a man of empty barrel drum that make noise, look i think the best is to leave the guy with is little mouth to rob the ground. How can you spend 20min to confused a little boy who dont have option again, common mr looser wake up. Fool

  5. Nd if I may ask, y re u arsenal fans breakin ur heads over wat av bin done already, wenger neva wntd him xo he made his choice oh! Am I observin sumfin hre? Xo u fans re all afraid, dnt u worry u will c d best ov fab ds season nd remember he will turn emirate stadium upside down nd u all will knw hw 2 use ur oppotunity. U all re happy wit dan looser u call ur coach? D most interestin fin is dat even if u sign d whole world put together chelsea will still beat d useless, stupid, nonsense arsenal xo jst watch out.

  6. Master of d game or whatever he is been called. Two trophiless season gone. Can’t u think of solving dat instead of interfering in a matter dat doesn’t concern u.

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