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Jose Mourinho denies meeting with Inter


Update: Jose Mourinho has denied any meeting with Inter. In an official statement:

“I say categorically that it is not true that I went to Milan, that I met with Massimo Moratti (the Inter president), who I do not have the pleasure of knowing personally.

It is false to say that I am on the point of signing a contract with Inter Milan.”

So much for that…

Oh, how we’ve missed Jose Mourinho.

From the day he arrived at Stamford Bridge, proclaiming that he was the Special One, to his mind games with Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger, to his sporting rivalry with Sir Alex, to his side’s complete and utter domination of the Premier League, to his persistent baiting of clubs, players and media left and right, Mourinho left an impact in England that few others will match in their entire careers.

Mourinho was linked to many posts in the last few months – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus, Liverpool – in fact, any club with realistic title and Champions League ambitions was linked with Mourinho one time or the other. Even England were linked before Capello took over and Manchester United were also mentioned, with some fans pointing to Mourinho as a potential successor to Ferguson once the Scot retired for good.

Mourinho’s personal advisor Eladio Parames said, late on Friday:

“It’s true they are in Italy and will return to Lisbon on Saturday. Of course, it was Inter who contacted Mourinho and his agent, not Mourinho contacting them. He (Mourinho) always showed interest in working in Italy, and he received the contact with pleasure.”

Inter have the money and ambition – not to mention the stable of stars – to match Mourinho’s own ambitions. However, it puts a serious question over Mancini’s ability to finish out the season as Serie A manager, what with Inter slipping in recent months and their lead reduced to just 4 points at the top of the table. Mancini has 4 years on his contract, but will he be kept if Inter let their lead slip any further?

Assuming that he’s onboard by the end of this season, what are the odds on Inter winning the Serie A next season with Mourinho? Champions League?

Comments (4)

  1. Mourinho to Inter is a scary prospect. He can win everything he want to with them. As for being the successon to the Scott, I think that he will be using the Inter job to keep in shape for 2011 – when Ferguson will retire having been at the club for an impressive 25 seasons. He even said that he wants to return to England in a few years and his sporting rivalry with Fergie might suggest that the old man has already picked his successor and let him know about it.

  2. Inter are ‘denying’ the rumours by claiming Massimo Moratti was not in Milan yesterday. In other words, it’s all true: Mourinho was in Milan but he just met with someone else. I thought Inter could do a lot better in the way of excuses…

    Rumours say Mourinho asked for €9m per year, plus extras for his staff.

  3. I can definitely see hime being the next Inter manager and with him onboard they will probably achieve some great things. Mind you they already are this season. Together they will be a formidable force in football.

    It would be great to see him return to English football at some point though as the Premisership hasn’t been the same without him!


  4. 9m per year for a manager who can win the Champions League? Sounds about fair.

    What’s more interesting is what Jose Mourinho can do to revive interest in Serie A.