Jose Mourinho to Chelsea in the summer?

Jose Mourinho to Chelsea in the summer?

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The news would definitely excite the Chelsea fans. According to ‘exclusive’ reports from the Daily Express, former Chelsea manager and fan favourite Jose Mourinho has agreed a three-year contract with the Blues but it is yet to be signed.

Jose paid a visit to London with his family to enjoy the international break. The Real Madrid manager was supposed to visit Stamford Bridge to watch Brazil (as a guest of the Brazilian FA) taking on Russia in a friendly.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho set to return to Chelsea?

Daily Mail reported that Jose could be the man to take charge of Chelsea in the next season replacing interim manager Rafael Benitez and the deal is as good as done. The reports came from the close sources of the Special One.

Jose time and again has said that he would like to return to the Premier League and is currently the best possible option available for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Those same sources revealed that the clash of egos which led to split in 2007 is now a matter of past and that the pair has settled their differences.

Daily Express have built on that news further claiming a deal has already been in place but there are obstacles that needs solving before finalizing it officially.

Sources close to the Chelsea owner, told The Express:

“Chelsea have decided that Jose is the man they want now.

“Roman has run out of options and bringing Jose back is the only move that will get the fans back onside. Chelsea now want this to happen – and it will.”

The obstacles are both matters relating to on and off pitch problems. Jose is adamant to take charge of the club only if Chelsea clinch the Champions League spot this season.

Also, the Portuguese is unhappy with the role of technical director Michael Emenalo (close to Abramovich) among the hierarchies and does not want the Nigerian working above him once he returns at the Bridge.

The news hasn’t been published in any of the top Spanish newspapers independently. Mundo Deportivo and Marca have reported the story but they have cited Daily Mail as their major source.

Keeping in mind the accuracy of the reporting nature of English press, it is better to keep the skepticism intact unless Chelsea club officials or Jose Mourinho publicly announces any truth involved in the rumour.

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  1. Welcoming jose back at chelsea would be a great happiness for all chelsea fans,welcome back jose

  2. If truly he has agreed 2 come to stamford bridge, then thats a great news. It worth celebrating. Spirits are high. The motivator is back.

  3. Its gud 2 have him back…Emenalo shuld be demoted or better still be the youth coach or shuld be give another place, by the way I dnt see his impact in the club..and Falcao shuld be a must want if we’re 2 progress next season.

  4. Id happily love to see mourinho back at chelsea as a Utd fan. He’s destructive and unfriendly with the media. His media style was the single point which made Barca pick Guardiola over him. He rarely gets tactics right unless its defending solidly, his teams never play exciting football so please Jose, go to chelsea and end these rumours of going to Utd. Utd need another manager who can last 10+ years, not mourinho who will only last 3/4 seasons then leave a trail of destruction behind him.

  5. Jose Mourinho is the answer to all of the problems facing Chelsea FC. “The Special One” will not only bring chemistry to the team, but is also a solution to the PR disaster currently infecting Stamford Bridge. The hiring of Rafa did not at all sit well with the fans of the blues. He has made too many negative comments about the club to ever be accepted. Mourinho has already proven himself to be a fan favorite at the bridge as he is arguably their most successful manager in history. I personally believe that Roman Abromovich needs to swallow his pride, forget the passed and play ball with Mourinho. It’s what’s best for the club.

  6. If truly Jose` is to return to chelsea,then he is welcomed,because he has a good track record and most of the fan will be happy to have him back.

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