Jonny Evans on Didier Drogba

Jonny Evans on Didier Drogba


When I saw this in real-time I missed the first incident and only saw Drogba writhing on the floor. I was worried for a few seconds; regardless of Drogba’s antics you don’t want to see a professional footballer badly injured and I was worried he had suffered a spinal injury or something that could keep him out of the game for a long period of time.

But then all the Chelsea players walked away from him, seemingly unconcerned with his fate. The replays showed that he wasn’t faking it (he had the wind knocked out of him at the very least) although he did milk the collision, and the yellow card he received was unjust.

Last year United fans were complaining about Ronaldo’s reputation getting the better of him, it happens with Drogba as well.

From the United-Chelsea game on Sunday (incident photos after the jump).


and then afterwards:


This wasn’t a penalty, or at least not as much of a penalty as Terry’s move at the opposite end of the pitch (for the record, neither incident merited a penalty). But in all the hustle and bustle of the game, the Drogba and Terry incidents and the parties involved (the young v the old) highlighted what was at stake in the game.

If anyone has the gif / video clip from the Terry incident, please share in the comments.

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  1. You are an idiot if you think that wasn’t a straight sending off + penalty. Evans knows exactly what he is doing there. When you know there is going to be a collision like that you take our leg out, but instead Evans gave it a right go (he planted that so hard that he has turned 360 degrees in mid air – that’s how hard that kick was) and planted it straight into Drogba’s chest. After the incident, he knew what he had done, but did not apologize, but just tried to get out of the way of the referee. Why is that? Because he knew that if the referee had seen what exactly he had done, he would be off. I can’t stress this enough. If you think that wasn’t a red + penalty you have no idea about how football and are just trying to protect UTD just like the rest of the media (how many articles have there been published about this tackle, instead of the Rooney offside, or the tackle on Ashley – which was a foul).

  2. I forgot to mention – look at how Drogba is going for the ball, but Evans just sticks his studs out because he knows he isn’t going to win the ball if he competes with Drogba. This is a classic example of a studs up tackle – at least one that is better than the one portrayed by Obi Mikel 2 seasons back, when he was sent off for a supposed two footed tackle on Evra (I continue to be baffled by that red card). This is exactly how UTD get favored, but Alex Ferguson is never satisfied until every single decision goes in his favor.

  3. Everybody can see Drogba doesn’t go for the ball either, jumping into Evans. I don’t defend Evans kung fu kick (even tho it’s hilarious) but it aint only his fault.

  4. I hope the City fans upset at Adebayor’s retrospective punishment keep the pressure on the FA jokers over this disgraceful assault by Evans. Anyone who’s played football can see Evans’ intention the way he extends his leg just before contact. He should be banned for a minimum three matches for that.

  5. (for the record, neither incident merited a penalty). Did you actually watch the game on TV???? Not one commentator thought the drogba incident was a penalty, whereas every commentator said the Terry/Valencia incident was a penalty!! Obviously a chelsea fan has written this post!!

    The thing with the drogba incident is, he spent 30 seconds lying on the ground like he was having a seizure, everyone knew what he was up to. He got up holding his ribs limping off the park and as soon as he was booked he turned and remonstrated with the ref with no ill effect of his injury only to turn around an hobble off the park again!!! After 10 seconds on the sidelines he runs back on the park just in time to haul wes brown down inside the box to play a huge part in the goal as brown would of cleared the cross.

    Drogba = The biggest cheat in football!!

    • @Gary – yes, I saw this game on TV.

      United fan btw.

      I think the Terry / Valencia incident was a penalty but I can understand why it wasn’t given (home advantage, ref’s positioning, terry’s standing, etc etc). Plus the kicker – Terry pulling Valencia down – was hard to spot, and if the ref made a decision on just the obstruction, then he might not have considered it a penalty.

      Not defending the ref, just trying to understand why it wasn’t given.

      Drogs – he did get a kick full on the chest mate, they don’t wear chest padding or anything like that.

      Free kick – lots of problems with it, starting with the award of the kick in the first place.

  6. Frankly, I don’t give a shit either way, because Chelsea won and United lost, and that’s far more satisfying than a sending off of a bit-part player.

    Gaurav, it clearly wasn’t a penalty because it happened outside the area.

    Having said that, it looks worse every time you watch it. Evans really takes aim and has a good kick at him, doesn’t he?

  7. Gaurav:

    Mate, honestly, use your eyes. The ‘kick’ happened outside the penalty area. Just because Drogba does the usual triple leap jump into the penalty area, it doesnt make it a penalty.

    Also, how many people do you know who get ‘winded’ and then throw an epileptic fit?

    I can’t stress this enough – you know f-all about football.

  8. it was a wrong decission by the ref and fergie needs to conderm his player(Evans) on that incident not only about the free kick that resulted in that goal. giving Drogba a yellow card was a bad one.

  9. It really doesn’t help his cause that he’s writhing on the ground like he’s received a mortal wound and will die any second.

  10. Ahmed,
    I can see Drogba got kicked, its the seizure act that annoys me, yes it could be sore but he’s on the ground like he’s broken something. Gets up and looks perfectly fine to shout abuse at the ref, then grabs his side to hobble off the pitch only to come back on to play a huge part in the goal.

    I’m not defending the kick, its the constant Drogba diving, rolling around like he’s genuinely hurt then coming back on to be fine. Anyone who got a kick like that and was actually hurt would be on the ground and motionless, not wriggling around like someone was putting a finger in his backside!!

    A ref will look at this, feel he’s been conned and now when someone does get a bad injury will think its another drogba moment and not give a free kick/penalty, someone else will be punished by drogba’s constant diving!!

  11. I’m with Gary on this, Segxy.

    I’m not saying it’s not a foul but the ref IS behind Drogba and can’t see the contact. From where he’s standing it looks like Evans wins the ball and there is a clash of bodies and you see Drogba laying on the ground like he got shot. Like Gary said, if he’d been kicked he would be motionless and in pain not making out like he just been shot

  12. to be fair, evans was jumping to head the ball and probably saw drogba jumping at him (i.e. without the intention of playing the ball), not quite sure what all of the twitching was in aid of…

  13. only just seen this today as i dont take any interest in either team, Drogbas acting is over the top but Evans deserves to have a 3 match ban at the very least as you can clearly see he has set out to injure Drogba

  14. I understand that the Premier League cant take action because the referee saw the incident. I am not going to criticise the referee because I respect them and their decisions, but they cant be expected to get everything right.
    This however is yet another Premier League cop-out. I am no supporter of either of these two sides, but I am a supporter of football and if the FA let Evans get away with that – and the consequent precedence that would set for other players’ actions – they are not protecting the future of the game. Shame on them.

    So come on, FA and Premier League, get your act together and grow some backbone. Take action now, before it is too late. Respect for referees? It is respect for the game for the game we need, and mostly from the people at the top.

  15. It was clearly outside the area as everyone said. But Drogba was nowhere near Evans, which was why Evans had to extend his leg to reach him. The leg extension is after the ball was headed out, so it was a deliberate conscious decision and a vile assault. Once contact is made, using a 12.5stone piledriver to stud Drogba in the chest after a long run up I have no problem with Drogba’s reaction at all. Contrary to the claim he had no ill-effects when disputing the card, he tried to spread his arms wide and couldn’t do so, nor stand up properly, such was the force of impact.

    That it’s a red card is beyond dispute. My main point is that it’s a criminal assault and the police should’ve taken action for occasioning actual bodily harm. Evans should be in jail pending trial, no question about it. As Panorama explained the other night, police do not have the option of giving a police caution in cases of ABH. It has to go to a judge to decide.

  16. no need 2b sentimental,penalty chant was off the mark but that kick looked like what we saw on jetli’s films not even a rugby style tackle,,he shuld go and develope his potentials further in shawolin movies not in a pitch..DROGBA was too strong to shake it off,it culd have been worse if it was another person…. ARWFUL TACKLE..

  17. i watched this match as well, and the commentators were completely confused by the ruling, and surprised that evans walked away from that incident without penalty.

    remember folks, this is a utd fan ran site…..

    evans knew he’d lose the battle for that ball, you can see him looking at drogba while kicking him. never even looking at the ball….DIRTY. banned for the rest of the season at least. that “tackle” was no less worse than the tackle that broke eduardo’s leg. it’s no wonder refs don’t get respect. it’s also no wonder players act the way they do when knowing they can influence the ref by acting a certain way.

    @jenno…..HE WAS KICKED. his reaction is not your reaction. you may lay there like a sack…he didn’t. you’ve probably heard the phrase “writhing in pain” yes?

    and it’s the height of hilarity that a player on the clean clean utd side would put an opponent in danger, after fergs needs extreme protection for his side.

  18. @Squiddy
    Come on lad, really get a grip of yourself. Evans in front of a judge and going to prison, are you serious? Why not wrap up every single player who has made a tackle which has left a bruise on an opponent then and stick them in the dock, oh wait we would have exactly zero footballers left in the world if we did that!! Have you played football before? I’m a Utd fan, Evans kicked him, should of seen red, i was surprised when he never. We could use video evidence but in a situation like that, evans will say he never meant to do it, who is a panel in the FA to say he is lying??? And Drogba did get up hobbling holding his ribs, and turned round and exteneded an arm pointing a finger and shouting at the ref which he had no problem doing, only after his bit of abuse did he hold his ribs again and continue hobbling off.

    Drogba was not ‘writhing in pain’!! How many times have we seen him rolling around and then get up and run away, if you are writing in pain it is because you have an injury like Eduardo or Alan Smith.

    Basically guys, Evans was wrong to kick him, yes maybe a 3 match is justified. But also Drogba’s reaction was totally over the top just like he always does, not even any of his team mates cared to check how badly he was injured, they’ve seen it too many times. Id like to see the play acting kicked out of football!!

  19. Red card obviously. Penalty – Evans was already outside the area when he jumped, and his foot was a full leg length further on impact. So no penalty.

    To all those who think Drogba is a cheat – go find all those youtube videos where he has won penalties through diving. He has won very very few penalties in 5 years, non of which involved a dive. Indeed while there are many videos of him rolling over, there are practically none of him going down without taking a heavy knock.

    Feel free to prove me wrong though. Google search should make it easy.

  20. ‘there are practically none of him going down without taking a heavy knock’

    Probably the funniest thing i have heard in my whole entire life!!

    There are divers in every team, we’re all seen Rooney, Gerrard etc go down too easy. Its just that Drogba takes it to a new level, constantly, around 2/3 times every single game he goes down with ‘minimal’ contact and rolls around like being taken out by a sniper!! Just because he does his majority of diving outside the box doesnt make it any more right or wrong, its just plain cheating no matter how you look at it, and before any says it, yes I know Ronaldo took the odd tumble as well, its just a shame on the ref’s who know seem to get conned too often and miss too many genuine pens.

  21. I’ve watched that replay time and time again and I never once see Drogba look up at the ball. He is clearly intending to initiate contact with Evans. Trouble is Evans sees him coming and sticks out his leg. If I were a ref I’d throw a red and Evans because he isn’t just protecting himself against the contact he sees coming toward him. I’d want to toss one at Drogba too but I doubt I could make that one stick.

    B-T-W I’m a Man U fan.

  22. I am not a Chelsea or Man U fan and yes the game was full of “talking points” what game is’nt, yet I fail to see why Evans was not shown a RED card. Irrespective of who says what after the game. The rules of the game should stand fast. It is clear that match officials are intimidated by coaches and players more so when the top four play. However if this was a player from a team not as prominent as Man U then that player would have been OFF!

  23. For those that say Drogba wasn’t seriously hurt, he has had to pull out of his World Cup qualifier with an injury caused by that tackle.

  24. I agree with Gary. Drogba falls far to easy sometimes, and it’s obvious because a player of his (for a footballer) big size, he should be able to withstand tackles players like Owen could fall from.

    Though, The “acting” part of this tackle, I think that the spasms he gets isn’t really acting. To get a tackle like that on your ribs hurts like hell (I’ve gotten one of those, though not the roundkick after) which prob winded him, so I can fully understand him for writhing in pain. As fa as shouting at the ref, I would do that as well.. If you get mangled like that and recieves a card, there ought to be a reaction.

  25. i didn’t see the game but i heard about the incident. now that i’ve seen the gif images, i think that was some kung-fu action by evans and he deserved a red card + penalty + ban. sure drogba overreacted and all but the attempt made on him, could’ve had much more dangerous consequences.

  26. I fully winced when I saw that. Couldn’t believe he stayed on the pitch. Couldn’t believe the match officials missed it. Don’t think Drogba overreacted. That would have f*$king hurt! And he got a yellow card amazing! Biggest league in the world with such sh!te refereeing.

  27. much of this “analysis” misses the point. Drogba could never have won that ball. In fact he wasn’t looking at it and was nowhere near it when the ball was played. if you watch the match, after the booking the 4th official explains to Ancelotti that DD got booked for “reckless” jump – no intention to play the ball (DD prides himself on putting himself about) Evans’ challenge is also careless (reckless even). When he started the jump it was uncontested and possibly he was trying to protect himself when he saw drogba jumping at him.
    DD is a joke though – the reaction was SO over the top. when you are winded you don’t have the energy to thrash out like a dying fish . his gesture to referee after being booked was similar to champions league semi (oh, i forgot i was injured…..)

  28. Just watch the replay of the entire game. The comments first were that it was a 50-50 ball, then quickly changed when a different angle showed the cleats planted in Drogba’s chest–both commentators did think it was a penalty, so I don’t know what others, who said that no one thought it was a penalty, were watching. The actual collision was on the line or just south of it, so it should be understandable that some people think it was a penalty. At least, it should have earned a foul kick.

    If noticed by anyone, this should have been a send-off. In fact, the retaliatory chop on Carvalho also should have sent Evans off (any retaliation is red-worthy). That bum does not belong on the pitch. Hopefully, Drogba’s yellow card will be removed and Evans suspended on review.

    It makes no difference if Drogba was not playing the ball (which is BS anyway). Had Evans not come up with his leg up, there would have been no issue on either side from that collision. And, clearly, the commentators disagreed, by calling it a “50-50 ball”–AFAIK that means that they thought both players were going for the ball with some chance at it.

    It used to be that any foot that high would have earned an indirect. As the rules evolved, this became less of an issue, but if the cleats are up, the player should be gone. Someone should tell Drogba that writhing on the ground does not convince anyone any more. But that’s not a bookable offense if there is a preceding foul.

    I know that Evans was a sub because there was a shortage of defensive players at UTD. But he’s a goon and I hope never to see him again in this caliber of a match. The whole game was rough on both sides, but he took it to another level yet. And if Fergie ever drops him in the lineup in the UEFA, the other side should immediately warn the ref to watch Evans closely. Everyone is capable of a chop once in a while–Terry and Ferdinand have been sent off in the past for some rather egregious offenses. But they are also technical players and rarely get involved in such incidents without significant cause. There was no cause here–even a simple collision would have stopped Drogba’s progress enough to prevent him from going on goal.

  29. Gary:
    > Evans in front of a judge and going to prison, are you serious?

    Yes, quite serious.

    > Why not wrap up every single player who has made a tackle which has left a bruise on an opponent then
    > and stick them in the dock

    Left a bruise? Don’t be as stupid as you obviously are. Only do it to those who take a running jump and stud someone in the chest. Of those I can only remember a couple of players. The other was Cantona and how many months did he get banned for? The point is made.

    > We could use video evidence but in a situation like that, Evans will say he never meant to do it,
    > who is a panel in the FA to say he is lying???

    I agree. That’s why it needs to go to the police rather than the FA. The FA can only fine or ban him. Only the police can charge him with assault occasioning ABH.

    > And Drogba did get up hobbling holding his ribs, and turned round and extended an arm pointing a finger and
    > shouting at the ref which he had no problem doing, only after his bit of abuse did he hold his ribs again and
    > continue hobbling off.

    This is a straight lie. He tried to extend his arms while complaining and failed. He tried to stand fully upright and couldn’t. No need to lie when the video is clear for all to see.

    > But also Drogba’s reaction was totally over the top just like he always does

    I’ve seen a discussion about this where the possibilities for injury were discussed, ranging from broken ribs to punctured lungs and damage to various organs. My missus had a punctured lung from a far smaller impact, so it’s certainly possible. The upshot was that Evans was extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to have got away with the minimal injuries caused. We could’ve had a very serious situation indeed, much like the consequences of Hunt’s assault on Cech. Don’t laugh or scoff. Evans got lucky.

    > Probably the funniest thing i have heard in my whole entire life!!

    An easy comment to make. Drogba has only once gone down without being fouled in the last 5+ years. Ronaldo, Gerrard, Eduardo, N’Gog and many more go down without being touched on a regular basis – multiple times a year.

    If you disagree, don’t scoff, provide the youtube evidence and count the occasions Drogba has actually dived. I know there’s one (on the halfway line). I’ve never seen a second.

  30. > Drogba has only once gone down without being fouled in the last 5+ years.

    Uhm… no! Drogba is a classic dive artist and has been known for it for many years. The problem is that his reputation precedes him. He has been injured on a number of occasions when refs thought he was doing one of his dives. This is clearly such a case. Is he less of a diver than Eduardo, Ronaldo and N’gog? Probably (I certainly would not include Gerrard in this this mix or, for that matter Rooney). Most of UTD offense and midfield is a bunch of diving cry-babies (except for Rooney and Giggs). Chelsea has its own share, but they also have top players who never dive.

    Drogba is also a rough player who does not hesitate to foul while attacking. But these are only minor offenses compared to his whining. The fact that he could not even whine this time should have been an indication to the ref that this was serious.

    As for Evans, he belongs on a hockey team. Wrong sport, sport!

  31. Watching the tape again, I noticed something that I ignored earlier. Watch the very moment before impact, when there is no doubt that Fletcher sees Drogba airborne. He actually extended his knee, making the impact harder. You want intent? This leaves no doubt whatsoever.

  32. That was a straight red card for that fool evans , just watch the replay vizuri . the fool lifted his long legs straight to Drogba chest. when will this shit of favourisms of those fools of man u end.

  33. I think one of the biggest problems for him is that his team mates (who generally care about the guys they play with don’t they?) don’t even bother to check on him. I’m not saying it isn’t a foul (quite clearly is and yes Evans should have been sent off for it) but how is the ref supposed to believe that there has been a foul when he

    a) can’t see the contact
    b) see’s him writhing about (anyone with a brain would know that it’s just going to make it hurt more. Yes I’m a medical student so I do actually know that)
    d) he was very late going for the ball
    c) his TEAM MATES ignore him

    If I was the ref I’d probably come to the same conclusion and think he was play acting.

    Also, as a side-note, I love how people are including N’Gog into the ‘always diving’ bracket. He had an appalling dive on the weekend, but he’s only been playing regularly for a single season so I don’t know where you’re pulling that one from…..

  34. That’s not playing football and it looks like an intentional flying kick. Also if it is unintentional then he should have turn around to see how badly injured to a fellow football colleague. Look at the video and it is self explanatory!

  35. @gary….fortunately, i saw the eduardo tackle. he didn’t writhe. at all. you watch the evans tackle. the only things moving on drogs are his legs. probably because he just had some wanker try to put his boot through his chest. but, go ahead, justify the tackle if you will, it only serves to heighten the hatred toward utd and their double standards. how long did fergles shelter and defend their diving queen, only to say it’s wrong after he’s sold for a mountain of money? five years?

    @jenno….how many times did ronaldo pull the same crap and get the same treatment from his teammates? lots. every match i watched of utd, and he dove, not once did his teammates check on him. it’s a sad state of affairs. unfortunately, drogba does embellish from time to time, and this incedent was one he needed to be believed. if managers will impress upon their players that crying wolf only hurts them, and makes it harder for the ref to actually officiate the match, we may eventually see the game return to the state we once knew it. alas, we wait…..

    • >>>we may eventually see the game return to the state we once knew it

      Umm, diving has been going on since forever. Just because you weren’t watching before or because camera-work wasn’t as good doesn’t mean that diving didn’t happen before the …. say … Premier League era.

  36. @Squiddy

    Come on lad, you are taking this arguement a step too far. To get the police involved is just a complete joke, yes maybe if evans walked up and threw an unjustified punch into DD’s face. How often do we see Goalkeepers come out with a knee up to protect themselves and wipe out strikers. Nothing said!!

    To say he needs to face the police is just complete stupidity, like i say, why not wrap up all the players who put in tackles then, what about Kuyt’s two footed lunge at Phil Neville last year that went away unscathed. Even Axl Witsel who comitted probably the worst foul I have ever seen only got 8 matches and I think he got off lightly, but he never faced a police hearing!! And I never lied in any part of my arguement, if DD is as injured as you say or he made out, how did he go from being barely able to stand, to coming back on the pitch and carrying on like usual in a matter of 60 seconds. Is he superman now and his wounds healed in seconds?

    Whoever said DD has only dived once if 5 years, i take if you’ve only watched him play once then. Have you never seen DD’s body language when being tackle, the arched back, arms spread wide, the rolling around, thats not body language of someone who’s been fouled. The natural reaction is to put your arms in front of you to break your fall, DD never does that, I’m not saying there is never no contact with Drogba, but he goes down very very easily and most of the time the contact isn’t enough to make him go down, he goes down to gain an advantage.

    He wasn’t writhing in pain, any chest or stomach innjury i’ve recieved from playing football leaves me curled up in a ball motionless, if your winded your reaction is to curl up, not lie fully stretched out shaking.

    I’m not denying evans kicked him, he did and should of been banned. Drogba’s reaction is over the top though and surely the people out there can see that.

  37. Gary: Your reason for saying this goes too far appears to be for the reason “Come on lad”. ‘Come on’ is not an argument. It’s used because you don’t have an argument. Your point about keepers, though, is reasonable. You’re probably too young to recall the furore about keepers in general come out for balls and extending their feet, studs first, at oncoming forwards. It’s an issue refs have been aware of for many years and keepers train to avoid because of a spate of punishments for exceptionally dangerous play. Unfortunately, this is not an argument in your favour – it’s a confirmation of the seriousness with which this action is taken. It’s dangerous.

    As Buck finally notices, it’s after the headed clearance that Evans extended his leg and it’s a deliberate act intended to impale Drogba on his studs. It gets worse on each viewing.

    Your argument about the worst two-footed tackles is also poor. In the cases of worst intent there’s a clear case for using assault charges rather than the wholly inadequate sporting sanctions. Careers get ended worryingly frequently. Why on earth would this not be subject to proper legal sanction?

    Drogba did not carry on as usual after the foul. He took 3 or 4 minutes to get off the field. He ambled back on and took a full minute to reach the penalty area, at which time the Fletcher foul (and arguing) had occurred. Then the goal was scored. 5 minutes after the restart he was brought off, having barely moved at all in the interim.

    I go to over 40 games a season, home, away and in Europe. I was in Madrid the previous week. I know exactly what Drogba does and doesn’t do. He has only once ever claimed a foul without being hacked in the 231 games he’s played over the last 5 years. Other players go down without contact. He (as good as) never goes down like that. He’s had his ribs broken before (against Liverpool) and still played through the pain. He’s had knees and ankles reconstructed in that time and often plays through it when unfit. He’s knee’d, elbowed, punched constantly. Whether he’s hit hard enough for your benefit is irrelevant. When there’s illegal contact he’s entitled to claim the foul. Unless you think it’s better that the real cheat – the fouler – is allowed to get away with their cheating methods of stopping him because they can’t do it by legal means. It says more about you that you require him to be fouled more outrageously than anyone else just because he’s big. No law says ‘a foul applies unless the player fouled is particularly big or strong so it has to be a worse foul for them’. Does it require ribs protruding through skin for the disgusting foul perpetrated by Evans to cause Drogba to show he’s in pain? He couldn’t move his chest so he moved his legs. So what? I’m just glad he could still move any limbs at all. That was the issue. Not whether you happened to think he was sufficiently hurt or not.

    Here’s a challenge. We’ll meet. I’ll taking a running jump and pound my feet into your chest and we’ll see how much pain your in. Then we’ll calibrate your reaction and provide a standard that footballers need to adhere to for future reference. Then I’ll kick you in the knee and we’ll decide that too, then I’ll do the same with your ankle and see how quick you get up. If you don’t get up within 5 seconds we’ll call you a diving, cheating faker. Is that ok? It’s International week so let’s sort something out after the England game. See you soon.

  38. Guys,

    im a United fan. These big games are often decided on minor details. This time the big decisions went Chelseas way and they won…we lost. No need to cry about it. It’s still November after all. We gave Liverpool last year and Arsenal the year before even bigger leads and still won the title.

    What this game did show that even with Ronaldo and Tevez United can go to one of the best clubs in the world and match them in all areas. If the score stayed 0 0 i would have thought we were unlucky not to win. Losing 1-0 i think we were very unlucky… but thats the past. They still have to come to Old Trafford.

    Regarding the incidents of the game ;

    1) Rooney was not offside and was 1 on 1 with Cech. He may have missed the chance anyway but a goal would have changed the game.

    2) Terrys Goal. Drogba seemed offside and also fouled Brown. It was the same stupid linesman that flagged Rooney offside. Also the decidion to give the foul that led to the free kick of the goal was awful.

    3) Evans kick on Drogs. Yes it was a bad kick. Yes if spotted it would have been a red card. But Drogba went into that challenge knowing he had no chance at all to win to ball. His sole intention was to give Evans a knock so Evans ‘protected’ himself. Hence why Drogba got booked. But still not nice to see from a united player.

    I have tried to be as unbiased as possible. We will see who is laughing in May !

  39. Squiddy,
    Like Drogba you are over the top and arrogant.

    I never once said Evans didn’t foul him, nor did I say once that he needs to be hit harder than a smaller player to earn a free kick. You mention how Drogba barely moved after the foul, I take it he never touched Wes Brown then as Brown ended up on the ground next to Drogba, I’ll have to watch on Youtube but it will also be interesting to see if Drogba celebrated the goal since he was so injured and took so long to get back to the half way line.

    If you are telling me drogba has only gone down once in 231 games you are deluded. The diving in football in general drives me mad, I know full well s player running at full speed only needs slight touch to be knocked off balance, unfortunately with drogba this is not usually the case, its up the referee to spot the foul, not the player to throw himself to the ground to earn a foul!!

    I recently watched Chelsea v Atletico Madrid at stamford bridge and seen Essien perform an horrific challenge on Paulo Assuncao, two footed, right in the middle of his shin, Essien wasn’t even booked. Another day this would of shattered Assuncao’s leg, he was also forced off the pitch and was seen with ice on his leg. I suppose in your arguement, this requires police action and Essien to be up in front of a judge? I’d like to know you’re answer here, was Essien intentionally trying to hurt Assuncao or not as his challenge was arguably worse than Evans?

    I’m telling you, you are being unrealistic with the polive arguement, it should be up to the FA to provide suitable insurance for players careers cut short by career ending injuries.

    My brother played football at a good standard until his leg was broken in a bad challenge. Are you suggesting that he should now contact the police as he is now losing money from not playing football? It never once crossed his mind, football is a contact sport, with boundaries of course, but I think all footballers understand there is a certain danger crossing the line. What about Jagielka, Owen and Joe Cole who all suffered cruciate ligament injuries potentially career threatening all from landing or twisting awkwardly, who do they turn to if there careers end from an injury like that? Its only pin head fans like yourself who come up with idiotic arguements like that, you obvioulsy have never actually played football.

    I’ll happily meet your challenge. But no doubt you will neither have the speed nor accuracy to catch or kick me. Perhaps the challenge would end up being the other way around, and I’ll see if you manage to pick yourself up off the ground.

  40. Sorry, but just look at the way Drogba flicks his legs back to make the challenge look more spectactular. The ref doesn’t give a FREE-KICK or a red card to J.Evans because it all looks too rehearsed/Drogba-esque. It’s so obvious that Drogba practises diving and exagerating. Just look at him crossing his feet and kicking his legs back in the GIF and tell me he doesn’t deserve what he got! I suppose Evans decided he was gonna be the one to make sure Drogba got what he deserved and I don’t want to condone violence in sport but he couldn’t have chosen a more deserving target.

  41. All the who-ha and all the anti United folk making a fuss over this. You all left out the small point that Ivanovich tried to take off Giggs’ leg at the knee if the first half and did not get sent off. Before commenting on this incident would Chelsea and other United haters please step back and look at the performance of their own players. Admit their faults and then you might have a right to have a go at Evans for standing his ground against a player that can throws his weight around, pull players down in the penalty area and yet goes down like a broken weeble.

  42. squiddy, hahahahahahahahaha! Classic. Maybe you’ve seen the majority of Drogba’s matches but have you ever seen an instant replay? Joker.

  43. Gary:
    I’m not arrogant. But people who are wrong like to think that people who are right are arrogant because you have no case while I do. Don’t feel bad.

    I haven’t claimed you said Evans didn’t foul Drogba, but you are claiming that Drogba wasn’t fouled ‘sufficiently’ badly. You can’t quantify ‘sufficient’. That’s what makes you wrong. Again, live with it.

    You’re right that Drogba didn’t tangle with Brown with any force. Brown effectively dived. If Drogba had gone down as easily as that you’d have said he dived. Equally I say a fit Brown dived when up against an unfit Drogba in order to get an easy foul to save making a clearance. He failed and didn’t con the ref. He played Drogba onside at the same time. Boo hoo.

    If I say Drogba hasn’t gone down untouched more than once in 231 games it makes me accurate, not deluded. I’ve asked you to prove otherwise and you haven’t. That’s because it’s not possible. I watch, so I know. You guess and rely on reputation, so you don’t know. You could only say he goes down too easily under challenge, but I say too easily for who? Not so easily that it isn’t a foul. That’s the reality. Again, live with it.

    Essien against Assuncao was simply late, not malicious. The ball had escaped his possession and he simply overstretched to try to regain possession. No vital organ was under threat. Not like a punctured lung which was the risk in the Drogba case. If you can’t tell the difference, it’s your problem. There’s no sense whatsoever it could be worse than Evans’ murderous challenge. Certainly physically impossible.

    Many footballers have taken recourse to law following a career ending injury. Some have succeeded, some have failed, but they weren’t wrong to try. It’s not unknown. It should happen more in truth. You betray your ignorance by mentioning Joe Cole. He damaged his knee without anyone being near him. Similarly, after asking me if I’ve played football it turns out your brother has, but you make no claim about yourself. What a surprise. Footballers and clubs take out insurance for injuries and clubs accept their commitment to treat players under contract to them. I don’t know what you’re getting at. Unfortunately, neither do you, which makes discussion embarrassingly difficult.

    I’ve no doubt I probably wouldn’t be accurate in the challenge I made, but that’s not the point. You could try on me if you like, but I wouldn’t be as stupid as you to expect that I’d get up afterward with no ill effects. I’d be surprised if I got up at all. Either way, the point is, whoever was the victim would be calling the police as soon as they could reach a phone, assuming they weren’t dead.

    Do you get the point yet (I don’t hold out much hope).

  44. @ Squiddy

    I’m not entering the argument just providing evidence.

    Q) If I say Drogba hasn’t gone down untouched more than once in 231 games it makes me accurate, not deluded. I’ve asked you to prove otherwise and you haven’t.


    That’s fairly blatant :p

  45. Claude – regarding your points:
    1) Indeed Rooney wasn’t offside, but as soon as the whistle went he stopped and for the only time in the game he didn’t complain. That’s because he thought he was offside too. Not such a terrible decision after all. Wrong, but believable in Rooney’s own opinion.

    2) Brown dived. If it was Drogba who went down you’d have laughed. In this case I laughed. As Jeff Winter rightly said, at the point when the header was made the prone and pansyfied Brown played Drogba onside anyway. Check yourself. As far as the free kick went, it was so blatantly correct it’s not funny. Fletcher won the ball by the very discreet nethod of kicking Cole’s leg 4 feet up in the air. Yet you think it wasn’t bit you think Drogba still fouled Brown? Impressive. Laughably impressive.

    3) Drogba was nowhere near Brown in fact. It required Evans’ momentum plus extending his leg to even reach Drogba, who must’ve been 2 yards away at the point the ball was cleared. On the contrary, Evans ensured he took Drogba along with the kitchen sink while hiding behind his clearance. What was a leg doing 5 foot up in the air and how did it get there in a 10th of a second? Answer: it was a premeditated assault. Obvious really.

    Neil: “Ivanovich tried to take off Giggs’ leg at the knee”
    He went a funny way about it by getting the ball first, didn’t he. I thought that was your excuse for Evans getting away with his foul – that he cleared the ball and Drogba was just the unfortunate bystander. Wanting it both ways? Not ‘arf.

    In fact this was an example of why the ref was actually in United’s pocket all day. Sliding tackles were made by both sides, but only Ivanovic got booked. Carvalho was guilty of dribbling a ball away (yellow) but Evans (again) sliced him down after the whistle was blown (serious foul play and automatic red in the laws of the game) but the ref failed to follow the rules. And Drogba’s card – no-one actually knows what that was for do they. I mean, no-one’s formally said. And for all the chasing of the ref by 4, 5, 6 & 7 players there’s no charge of failing to control players either.

    I think the ref made a few mistakes during the game, but not for any decision made in Chelsea’s favour. Quite the opposite in fact.

    But Fergie told us what to think after the game. The ref was in a bad position for the goal, he said. I wonder why he didn’t tell us about the bad position he was in for the Evans foul. Funny that.

  46. Squiddy,
    Can you please take your blue tinted glasses off? You are so pro chelsea its unbelievable.

    In one arguement you say Fletcher won the ball by discreet methoud of kicking Cole, but on the Ivanovich tackle he won the ball first, at knee height when giggs was running with the ball at his feet, how exactly does this work?

    Ivanovich slide in with only one thing in mind, stop Ryan Giggs getting passed him, which he did by sticking his studs into his knee. Giggs didn’t roll around, didn’t make a huge fuss and remonstrate with the referee, he got on with the game, that is why Giggs is one of the reasons he is probably the most respected player in the EPL. But on your arguement, with Ivanovich going in with the intent of stopping giggs and doing it so crudely then Giggs should of called him his local police station?

    Your explanation of the Essien foul was a joke as well. He simply over stretched in an attempt to win the ball back, studs up, high is not simply over stretching. A vital organ was not at risk, it may not be an organ but im pretty sure Assuncao needs his shin bone to be able to play. IF essien had broken his leg in the tackle Assuncao would be out of the game for months, all for an ‘over stretch’.

    You haven’t really been objective at all.

    I can at the very least say Evans fouled Drogba and should of seen red, if the ref had seen the angle from behind the goals or the linesman on the other side of the pitch I’m sure he would of been off. You on the other hand can’t even contemplate that Drogba may have over reacted.

    You show your true colours by saying that the ref didn’t make any mistakes for the decisions in chelsea’s favour. It shows you are totaly incompetent at making an unbiased judgement. Again if the linesman was on the other side for the terry/valencia incident then it was a penalty, but i guess your arguement would be that valencia thrust his shirt into terry’s hand, fell over and dragged terry down with him.

    Fans like you do the game no favours.

  47. Ah yes, the old controversial incident play! Chelsea fans see is as a full-on assualt, Utd fans see it differently, neutrals see it as a chance to have a go at both players.

    However, take the out-of-body experience when viewing the incident and you may just conclude that it is impossible to say what either players’ intentions were (other than Drogba’s ‘shot by a sniper’ antics, which even his own teammates take with a pinch of salt these days.)

    Suffice to say that it was only one of a number of controversial incidents in the game, not to mention the 3 that surrounded Chelsea’a goal…all going in the home teams favour.

    But WTF, that’s fotball and every match has it’s twists and turns.

    My conclusion? As a Utd fan I was proud to see my team outplay Chelsea and be the better team, fully supported by the stats!

    4 in a row is definitely on if Fergie gives up the endless rotation in midfield and sticks with his best selection. Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson should stsrt every time when fit.

    It’s been a while since we went to the Bridge and made Chelsea look 2nd best but it’s a good omen for the season.

    The rest is history……get over it!

    PS: Good to see Nani shafting himself today. That’s 1 more option we can do without costing us results.

  48. Of course one interpretation is that Evans was so surprised at seeing Drogba had escaped from his pocket that he kicked-out in a sort off “get back where I put you’ kind of way.

    Unfortunatley he hadn’t quite secured Drogba again before he fouled Brown as Chelsea stole an undeserved win.

    But let’s move on…..I’ve already forgotten that, this tine last week, Drogba was about to destroy Utd!

  49. fully backed up by which stats???

    Goals – Chelsea 1 Man Utd 0
    Shots On Target – Chelsea 6 Manchester United 2
    Passing Success – Chelsea
    Tackle Success – Chelsea
    Territorial Advantage – Chelsea
    Possession – Manchester United with 53.1%

    Manchester United played well but in no way did they dominate the game in any area that is significant i.e goals or shots.,19764,11065_3162395,00.html

    Remember there are damned lies and statistics

  50. Kristian,
    I’m not sure BD is lying, when you look at Man U’s total shots was 18 to Chelsea’s 12, and also Man U had 7 corner’s to Chelsea’s 0.

    I think it was a very tightly contested match that I always thought 1 goal would nick it, in this case Chelsea got the goal.

    I’m proud of the way man u contested the match despite Ferdinand and Vidic being missing, I don’t think one team dominated the match, it was very close.

  51. Gary – I agree with your assessment of the match. I didn’t think either side threatened the goal too much, and the only really clear chance was valencia’s which came after chelsea’s goal.

    On evans tho, the guy should be hit with a 3-5 match ban given the current climate of things. It was clearly pre-meditated and just was a cowardly and disgusting thing to do. This sort of thing is FAR worse than diving.

  52. @gaurav- no chance of a penalty(outside the box).cole was not fouled.fletcher clearly touched the ball.evans was clear favourate to win d ball & drogba was not even looking at d ball.he was steaming into evans.

    Ref could’nt rule it in favour of drogba bcoz evans was in the air,won the ball & drogba running towards football rulebook it is specified that extra protection is to b given to d player who is winning the ball.

    @Mickey-look at d chelsea-barca match(ucl 09). drogba was in his own & roled around the ground on atleast 10 occations.

    And for the match Man Utd dominated the match & the so called deadliest attack of bpl looked like pussy cats in front of united’s second string took chelsea the help of the ref to win the community sheald as well as this one.

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