Jonjo Shelvey- Liverpool’s and England’s New Steven Gerrard

Jonjo Shelvey- Liverpool’s and England’s New Steven Gerrard


Steven Gerrard turned 30 in May this year. Therefore, it can be said that he has entered the twilight of his illustrious career. The reign of captain Stevie G is almost over. But alas, Liverpool fans, there is no need to fear or fret, because Rafael Benitez, before he left, made what I’m sure will prove to be one of the best ever signings in English football. Charlton Athletic youngster, Jonjo Shelvey, is now at Liverpool.

A few months ago, Liverpool beat a host of clubs  including Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham to the signing of England’s next legend. The fee, believed to be in the region of 1.7 million pounds and could rise to about 3 million pounds, will prove to be one of the best long-term investment buys of modern football.

18 year old Shelvey has the world at his feet and now has the opportunity to take it by storm. But, why am I comparing him to Steven Gerrard? Well, let me share some interesting facts with you:

Should Shelvey make his debut later this year for Liverpool, he would be at the exact age that Gerrard made his debut back in 1998. Also, interestingly enough, they both currently stand at the exact same height- 6 feet. They both have the same playing style as well. We are aware of Gerrard’s box-to-box playing style and that’s exactly how Shelvey plays. We are also aware of Gerrard’s other role as a supporting striker behind Fernando Torres. Shelvey also excels in that role. Both players also score goals from midfield. Indeed, those are some very interesting similarities between both players.

Shelvey has represented England at 2 levels in his career thus far- U16 and U17. For the U16’s, Shelvey captained the team to glory in the 2007 Victory Shield, scoring 3 goals in 3 games in the process. He also played a key role in the Montaigu Tournament which England won for the first time in 7 years, playing in all 4 games and  scoring a penalty in the final against France. For the U17’s, he scored on his debut against Estonia in a thumping 7-0 win. Surely, he is one to look out for at U21 level and of course at the big stage, the senior team.

So, overall, it has to be said that this kid is a remarkable talent and with time and opportunities, he will blossom into a homegrown world beater. At a time when Liverpool and England cannot call on Steven Gerrard, they will certainly be encouraged to turn to his natural successor, Jonjo Shelvey.

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  1. Having read this as a Charlton fan- I was saying exactly the same about 2 years ago. Things went off the boil for Jonjo at Charlton as we fell into a relegation fight in the Championship and then into league 1, the football at this level simply does not suit his style, its far to physical and direct.
    It was shame to see him go but I feel he has a good chance of developing at a club like Liverpool-where now he will be one star among many and may lose the bit of cocky swagger he had developed. I wish him all the best.

  2. Jonjo is one of the moat overrated players in cafc history. Would be suprised if he gets a game for Liverpool in the next two years, and expect him back in the championship or league one before long.

  3. You’re not putting a bit much pressure on the boy plenty of youngsters never make who have just as much talent.
    In saying that i hope you are spot on.

  4. Talent is not his problem but mental fortitude and the need to avoid a tendency to go hiding in a game when the going gets tough are issues that most certainly are.Hopefully both the coaching regime at Liverpool and the player’s own growing maturity as a young man will ensure that this is overcome.There is a feeling at Charlton that he has been sold on the cheap and would not be talked about in the terms of your glowing eulogy but for that fact.He would not be at Liverpool specifically but for the fact that our finances meant that your low ball offer had to be accepted.However ,and to his credit JJS could have walked away from us last season without signing a new contract and perhaps thereby we would have got nothing at all.The key for us is what exactly will we also get as part of the deal .Our Directors were keen to emphasize that we would also be getting some of your fringe/youth players on loan but at the moment that all looks pretty fanciful to us with not a single player coming through our doors .Perhaps we have been offered people by you that we are just not interested in but i very much doubt that.Good luck to JJS.

  5. There are plenty of young “next Gerrard”, “next Messi”, “next Henry” players out there. Only 1 out of 50 might actually make it anywhere near that status.

    Chances that Jonjo is that one guy? Hey, nice that we got a good youngster, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. this article is dead on, hes by far a better player than lucas, now at 18 than lucas will ever be. He will not be back in the championship, mark my words, he will make it at the highest level, he looks an established player allready at 18 hes strong an fast an his vision is great and he actually passes forward unlike lucas.

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