Manchester United could set for transfer with Juventus within next 48 hours

Manchester United could set for transfer with Juventus within next 48 hours


The Independent reported last night that Manchester United will make a move for Arturo Vidal, having secured a deal for Angel di Maria.

The last week of the transfer window expects to be frenzy with Manchester United desperate to land at least three more players.

Javier Hernandez

We have to wait and see whether Manchester United can strike a deal for Vidal or not, but there is a possibility of another deal between both the clubs.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus are keen to solve their strike problem within next 48 hours.

The Bianconeri’s primary target is Radamel Falcao and wants to sign the Colombian on loan. Monaco paid about €60m for Falcao last season and would want the best possible financial deal for him. 

Gazzetta reports that Juventus have kept Manchester United’s striker Javier Hernandez as potential alternative, should the deal fail through.

In fact, they see Hernandez as a cheaper and viable option than Falcao. The Mexican earns about €4m per year salary and he represents a better option than the Colombian. 

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    • Watch the Space Duck only a few days ago people were sayin the same about Di Maria!!!

        • @Duck, where do you get your ridiculous info from? Do you just make things up. Di Maria asked to leave Real and they didn’t want him to go

          Ancelotti said: “Di Maria asked to go in the summer and has rejected an offer from the club, The player has to look for a solution.

          “If when the transfer market closes he’s still here, he will work with us like last season and there will be no problem.”

    • You re probably right about Hernandez but I think Vidal is coming…. The biggest hint for me was way back when Conte quit…

  1. @Duck…if u dont know what to say, then shut up. Is vidal more expensive than Di maria? Naive pple like u had said Man U cant sign Di maria, but what a shame on u guys as he has been signed. In dsame way, vidals case will be resolved soon and United is egual to d task. Get that into ur dumb head.

    • Di Maria didn’t have a choice. No one else wanted him. Vidal can go anywhere he wants. Plus he’s already a vital part of a team much better than United. So you can go suck it you dumb prick.

      • @Duck…you are so naive and ignorant and at worst you are an imbecile ,+ you are an idiot wrapped in a moron….wake up from your sleep…Di Maria is now a Man U player…and if Vidal wants to join Man U nothing can stop him….

        • An Idiot wrapped in a moron? Wow things are really getting intelligent here.

          P.s read what people write – you make absolutely no sense

  2. Vidal is the man we have been missing and i believe that LVG will try by all possible means to strike a deal for the chilean meastro before friday

  3. Well said @Mikky…………We hav d Money to buy eny Player….d qustn is if d Player wnts to play 4 Manchester United!!

  4. Difference is that Angel De Maria was on the market. Vidal is not. Man Utd barking up the wrong tree. You think money will solve your problems? Your open cheque book wont solve that you dont have European football to offer.

    Vidal is happy at Juve – De maria wanted to leave Real. Big difference.

    Oh yes… and Juve dont need to sell him either. If so, he would of been gone weeks ago.

    • Vidal couldn’t have been gone long before now because manu is yet to put any official bid so also neither any other club submitted a bid for him. All your information and knowledge is based on newspaper speculation. Juve officials are reacting to the newspaper rumors. If you don’t know, know it now that LVG is not yet convinced on his knee injury and even his national team coach confirmed this. You guys should always try to verify properly your source of information before declaring your ignorance open to the whole world.

      • I said Juve dont need to sell him – Hence he is still with Juve – regardless of wether man Utd have put a bid in for him or not. If \juve has to get rid of him, do you not think that the best box to box midfielder in the world would of been snapped up weeks and weeks ago??

        And how are Juve officials reacting to newspaper rumours?? Are you honestly saying that they wake up in the morning, read the headlines of newspapers and then react accordingly??? Is this Live at the Apollo??

  5. Its high time we silence these liverless looserfools with more world class players to come. You guys are done!

  6. I’m gonna agree with Duck on this.Sure we are capable,we have the money . But di Maria was practically forced out because Real bought James and Kroos,they obviously that they didn’t need him.Vidal on the other hand has more incentive to stay with a club which is in the Champions league unlike us.He is also always in the first team,so he really doesn’t have a necessity to move.unless we triple his wages,I don’t see him coming

  7. If you are refering to Liverpool, im a Bianconero, nto a liverpool supporter. And considering the fact that Man Utd are where they are compared to Liverpool, id suggest a more quiet approach rather than acting like you got big nuts. Let the season start. See what happens. On thye positive, considering that man Utd couldnt qualify for europe, you start the season with an advantage.

  8. If only Strootman were medically fit, who’s vidal for u guys to b playing hardball with- fuck juve, fuck vidal. Jst name ur price, we’re equal 2 d task, I thought no player is bigger than ur juve club

    • You make absolutely no sense. Whos vidal for us to be playing hardball? Man Utd are the ones wanting him. Juve are not trying to get rid of him. Its a sellers market for Juve. Hence yes, we can play as hardball as we like.

      And we must just name our price and you equal “2 d task”? Like Everton named their price for Fellaini? You are bragging that Man Utd have more money than brains. This isnt a steet deal we talking about here, talking like these teams are run by thugs.. “just name ur price bla bla bla grow up.

      And what do you mean by saying that “i thought no player is bigger that *YOUR* juve Club” (sorry, just correcting your English) This statement makes no sense at all. When has Vidal implied that he is bigger than Juve? Please enlighten us..

  9. Balloteli even said it no wise person will refuse a chance to join the premier league and stay in serie A a very borring league juve have won three consecutive scudeto yet there struggle to qualify from group stage in the uc

    • Balotelli said that? Oh well then it definitely MUST be true! Since he is such a good judge of character huh? He hasnt survived in any league or team he has ever played for and now you want to quote him to try prove a point? Funny

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