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Italy Football Babes


Former World Champs didn’t stick around for too long to defend the title. It was like they didn’t even care. Actually Italy’s last group game was very interesting.

But one thing is for sure, there is nothing as exciting in Italian football as their WAGs.

There are two kinds of players when it comes to WAGs. Those who met and married a normal girl and those who met with a lot of models and have never really settled down even though it’s been years since their retirement.

There is one third category too but that’s just for Antonio Cassano. It is said that he has claimed in his autobiography that he has slept with between 600 and 700 women.

The most common trait of an Italian WAG is her appearance on Italian TV. She will be dressed in skimpy dresses and made to do weird actions which will either need them to bend over enough or something of the sort.

Pushing the border-line nudity out of the heads, lets take a look at Italy’s WAGs:

  1. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) – engaged with Alena Seredova
  2. alena seredova Italy Football Babes

    Alena Seredova & Gigi Buffon

  3. Federico Balzaretti (Palermo) – set to marry fiancée Eleonora Abbagnato in spring 2011
  4. eleonora abbagnato Italy Football Babes

    The long-haired Italians

  5. Claudio Marchisio (Juventus) – married to Roberta
  6. roberta marchisio Italy Football Babes

    Mr. & Mrs. Marchisio

  7. Alberto Aquilani (Juventus) – previously dated Pamela Camassa & Francesca Chillemi, currently dating Michela Quattrociocche
  8. michela quattrociocche Italy Football Babes

    What a last name!

  9. Antonio Nocerino (Palermo) – married to Federica
  10. Antonio Cassano (Milan) – previously dated Rosaria Cannavo, married to Carolina Marcialis
  11. carolina marcialis Italy Football Babes

    Carolina is a water polo player

  12. Alberto Gilardino (Fiorentina) – married to Alice Bregoli
  13. alice bregoli Italy Football Babes

    Most Italian WAGs are models, Alicia is no exception

  14. Gianluca Zambrotta (Milan) – married to Valentina Zambrotta
  15. valentina zambrotta Italy Football Babes

    Her proportions are large

  16. Luca Antonini (Milan) – married to Benedetta Balleggi
  17. Fabio Grosso (Juventus) – married to Jessica Repetto
  18. jessica repetto Italy Football Babes

    Jessica & Fabio

  19. Daniele de Rossi (Roma) – married to Tamara de Rossi
  20. tamara de rossi Italy Football Babes

    Daniele is the guy

  21. Andrea Pirlo (Milan) – married to Deborah
  22. deborah pirlo Italy Football Babes

    Deborah Pirlo

  23. Marco Borriello (Roma) – dated/dating Belen Rodriguez
  24. belen rodriguez Italy Football Babes

    Belen and Marco are known for their public displays of affection

  25. Amauri (Parma) – married to Cynthia
  26. cynthia amauri Italy Football Babes

    Cynthia & Amauri

  27. Antonio di Natale (Udinese) – married to Ilenia
  28. BONUS:

    • Francesco Coco (retired) – has dated Saba Wesser, Samantha de Grenet & Francesco Lodo among others
    • samantha de grenet Italy Football Babes

      Samantha de Grenet: Just like how Coco likes his women – naked

    • Christian Vieri (retired) – has been involved in many high-profile relationships including those with models Elisabetta Canalis, Elena Santarelli, Debora Salvalaggio, Fernando Lessa and Melissa Satta
    • melissa satta Italy Football Babes

      Arguably, the hottest Italian WAG: Melissa Satta

    • Filippo Inzaghi (Milan) – dated Magda Gomes, Samantha de Grenet, Deborah Salvalaggio & Elena Barolo before getting engaged to Alessia Ventura
    • alessia ventura Italy Football Babes

      After Alessia, the only thing he can score is goals… and dope if he wants to

    • Francesco Totti (Roma) – dated Maria Mazza, Federica Fontana & Samantha de Grenet before marrying Ilary Blasi
    • ilary blasi Italy Football Babes

      The pretty couple

  29. BONUS # 2:

  30. BONUS # 3:

    • The best picture of Italian football:
    • alena buffon Italy Football Babes

      This is the great Gigi Buffon and his girl Alena Seredova

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