Is Gareth Bale really worth £80M?

Is Gareth Bale really worth £80M?



Following a successful season on a personal note, Tottenham Hotspur forward Gareth Bale has been linked away to a number of sides in Europe this summer.

La Liga runners-up and Champions League semi-finalists Real Madrid have been the favourites to procure his signature, and are set to put in a bid of around £80M+ for the Wales international.

However, many question whether Bale is worth the £80M he could command for a transfer.

There’s no doubt he’s indispensable with his current side Tottenham, and they wouldn’t want to sell him for any price given the chance, but in today’s transfer market, Bale’s young age added with his status at his current side means his valuation is inflated to an astronomical figure.

Last season, the 24-year old was valued at around £40M, and Tottenham seemed blasé about the thought of letting him go for such a price. Fast-forward 12 months, and not only has his asking price doubled, the London side may still turn down a bid meeting their expectations.

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most expensive footballer in the history of the game – costing Madrid a eye-watering £80M in 2009. While Ronaldo was the same age as Gareth Bale when he left for the Spanish giants, he had more than just one breakthrough season under his belt with his former side Manchester United.

Premier League record

Gareth Bale: 203 appearances and 55 goals
Cristiano Ronaldo : 290 appearances and 117 goals

While there’s no doubt of Bale’s ability, he’s only shone into a world-class player in the last 18 months for club and country, and there are still questions about his consistency over a season and his impact in big games.

His performances last season will have gone some way to silence his critics, but to suggest Tottenham have an £80M player in their first-team squad might be a bit heavy-handed.

Ronaldo is a winner in his own right. Premier League titles (3), FA Cup’s (1) and League Cups (2) under his belt – not to mention a Champions League (1). He’s won the Ballon D’Or (2008), FIFA World Player of the Year (2008) among many other personal and team awards all before turning 25.

Put simply, Bale isn’t the player Ronaldo was when he joined Madrid, but he’s still being touted as a player worthy of a similar valuation.

Ronaldo was an established world-class player before his £80M move to Madrid, and something Bale has yet to become at Spurs. He’s been a late bloomer by comparison, but is an obvious talent.

However, is he really worth £80M just yet?

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  1. No he is not worth 80 mil. but if Real Madrid do not pay 105 mil.hopefully
    Levy will keep his word and not sell him.I use to have great respect for Bale as a person and footballer,never thought he was like so many other footballers but he is no different to the likes Modric,Berbatov,Carrick, etc.
    If clubs do not stand up to the likes of Real Madrid what chance do they have for success.I hope Levy keeps his word with regard to Bale’s price tag.If Bale refuses to play put him in the stands to watch.It is becoming a joke that players demand to leave.

    • That’s a lame thing to say. Fans act like clubs are some family owned business. Clubs make money off their players, and players owe them nothing more than to play their hardest as long as their under contract. Players have every right to want more. It’s pretty lame how fans expect these players to be forever in the debt of their owners. I bet these same fans never switch jobs in real life for higher pay or a higher quality of living.

  2. The point here is not what Bale is worth, but what Bale is worth to Spurs. Spurs don’t want or need to sell him. If Madrid prize him away, they have to pay over the odds, especially as Bale is on a long contract and hasn’t asked for a transfer. Besides the figures being bandied around are not official just conjecture initiated by the media trying to fill column inches and time.

  3. With that amount of money, even Ronaldo was a risk back then. But he of course was already world class. Bale on the other hand, from what i have seen, i am not totally convinced. He is good but is a huge risk at that price. Unless of course, in future, he will single handedly carry Madrid to victories and titles (which is likely to be unlikely). We just have to look at Kaka and more recently Modric.

  4. No player is worth that kind of money, but that (and more) is what they are going to have to pay to get him, if not then they can always do one!

  5. Put simply yes worth every penny and we don’t want hm to go & nor should any lover of the premier. He has blossomed at Spurs same as Modric he just needs to look at how Modrics career has stalled to realise he should stay put

  6. It appears he is not worth 80m but 100m.

    But if Madrid was offering 60M then it would not make any sense to sell. Only at 70m does it make you think.

    Remember Spurs spent nearly 17M and that was a bust. They bought Keane back from Liverpool for 12M and he did not recover his form. Palacios 14M lost form after a personal tradegy.

    So yeah I think he is worth the money

  7. Bale is not worth more than 70… he just had one good season… doesnt mean hes gonna keep it at the same level… i say they should get suarez… much better player… and hes not afraid to bite

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