Is Brendan Rodgers playing dirty in the transfer market?

Is Brendan Rodgers playing dirty in the transfer market?


Brendan Rodgers has entered Liverpool Football Club hoping to be a breath of fresh air, with attacking football and positivity the key words. However, the Northern Irish manager seems to be using negative tactics in the transfer market. It has been revealed that Fulham have made an official complaint to the FA over the Reds’ interest in Clint Dempsey, whilst the ex-Swansea boss broke an agreement with his former club to bring Joe Allen to Anfield. Given that Liverpool did not exactly cast themselves in the most positive of ways last term with their handling of the Luis Suarez racism case, Rodgers may well actually be hurting the club he has been employed to salvage.

It is well-known that Dempsey wants to leave Fulham for a bigger club, and although the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham have been accredited with an interest, the Reds have been the side most heavily linked with a move for the United States attacker. The talented forward has missed the start of the season, however Martin Jol feels that Dempsey’s head has been turned due to comments made in the press by Rodgers.

Clint was not involved over the last four weeks so he is not going to be in the squad,” Jol has admitted.

“He is not committed to the club. He wants to leave. I would like to keep him, but I think it’s impossible. It’s a sad and an almost embarrassing situation.

“It’s the same situation. There has been no formal bid on the table and nothing has changed.”

The fact that Rodgers has made comments in the media regarding his interest and Dempsey, without actually making a bid, will be a frustration to Jol and Fulham, with the FA confirming that an investigation is set to be conducted over his actions.

The Premier League has received a complaint from Fulham FC regarding certain comments made by Liverpool FC officials and is currently looking into the matter,” the governing body confirmed.

This is not the first borderline case of Rodgers using bullying tactics in the transfer market this summer, as Joe Allen has moved to Merseyside despite an agreement between the now-Liverpool manager and his former club that he would not try to sign Swansea players for 12 months.

We have got some protection on Brendan coming back for our players in the initial period, which I think is the right thing,” Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins stated on June 1st.

He has got a timescale to assess things there and that is going to take him while so I’ve got no worries there. We have got a 12 month respite.

Just over two months later, after a media frenzy brewed up with speculation galore, Allen signed for the Reds.

Whether Rodgers is guilty or not in both cases is up to interpretation, however there is no smoke without fire. Liverpool’s poor handling of Luis Suarez’s blatant racist abuse of Patrice Evra last season was embarrassing and arguably Kenny Dalglish’s lowest moment as Reds boss. A new manager has been brought into the club to breed positivity and get the club back to the top-level both on and off the pitch, but as yet Rodgers has not exactly covered himself in glory.

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  1. BR wants to have his cake and eat it too. On one hand he steals from his old club, while on the other he whines endlessly that Newcastle won’t give him 20 million for Carroll. What a chuckle-head. Doesn’t bring any honor to an already tarnished, racist club.

  2. Would not be the first time Rodgers played dirty. When he left Watford for Reading he announced publicly that Tommy Smith, then Watford’s Player of the Year, also wanted to join him at Reading – despite not having permission to approach the player. This tack was persisted with to the point where Reading announced a press conference to unveil him. Lots of chortling in Watford when he swerved that press conference to join Pompey instead.

    The more open-minded amongst us suggested that he was a young man unused to the glare of the media, less than a year into his managerial career. It would appear that this was unduly generous to Rodgers.

    Incidentally it was also suspected – but obviously not announced by either club – that the generous compensation payment Reading subsequently paid us for Rodgers was based on an understanding that we wouldn’t pursue their fairly blatant tapping up of our player.

    • I think the word the kids use these days is ‘whatevr’ !

      This whole article is one long piece of crass crap. Unfounded statment and assumption after another.. with a racism row thrown into the mix for good measure !

      Fact one .. BR was under the terms of the agreement with Swansea allowed to bid on a player if other clubs had done so.. They did .. we did and we paid top dollar for joe allen .. so less of the awww poor Swansea crap.. it was all above board and a good deal for both clubs.

      Fact two.. Liverpool expressed an interest in a player who had stated that he would not be signing a new contract and wanted to leave said club. We never tabled an offer and as far as I’m aware juast like the world being round smart ass we are under no F.A. law to table an offer for anyone after having publicly expressed an intrest in a player. I mean I’m sure expressing an intrest in Messi playing for your club automatically obliges you to bid for him now does it !

      GROW UP.. and sling your muck at someone else mate

  3. Define blatant, as far as I understand it was one man’s word against another. No witnesses no corroboration from fellow team mates.

    With regards Dempsey, Brendan is asked a question about another teams player and he answers honestly. Unless I am missing something but aren’t we in the middle of a transfer window, these questions are inevitable.

    Fulham may not be happy but I cannot understand why they have made this complaint.

  4. the protection swansea are talking about is protection against any thing that isn’t in the best intrests of swansea obviously the chairman thought this was in swansea best intrests, also anyone remember barca with mascherano, chelsea with torres and god knows how many clubs have tried to unsettle suarez in one way or another and the current situation with newcastle and carrol have you read the stuff on their site, if you look at any transfer it always in the media before anything official it’s football contracts arent worth the paper there wrote on there more to protect players than clubs, its only tapping up if theyve had contact with the player not if the manager says to the media who he thinks would bring something extra to the club. get over it bigger club wants your player it happens,

  5. What a biased report. Liverpool (and Brendon Rogers) are well within their rights to ask if the player is available. The answer obviouslt dissuaded the reds. If Clint Demsey now has a problem with Fulham thats both their problem not Liverpools. As for the fact the reds cocking uo by outting a report on their web site say he had been signed, then removing it quickly. Thats just an embarrasment for them.
    However Fulhams mistake in thinking Liverpool would return with a lucrative offer is their cockup and theirs alone.
    Trouble is that when you try to play hard ball, (an ask an extortionate fee),is that you can get a bloody nose and thats what has happened here.

  6. What a very poor article. Sounds like bias to me. Where are the facts? How much is not known compared to what is in the media. Dempsey said all would be surprised when the truth is known…

  7. This has to be the height of insanity. Are you saying Liverpools reputation is tarnished by enquiring about a player (and possibly not making an offer after hearing the asking price), and saying so when asked in a press conference? is paying a £15 miilion relase clause fee for a fomrer player also tarnishing the reputatation of Liverpool? And Im sure this is the first time a manager has gone back to his former club under similar circumstances? In my opinion this is simply what it looks like, Fulham hoping to get the most for a player who’s contract is almost out.

    “Clint is a player we’ve inquired about, it is as simple as that,” he said.

    “Ian Ayre, our managing director, has spoken with the club to see what the position is. That is where we’re at. He’s a very talented player but we don’t like to talk about other clubs’ players.” Riveting stuff, I bet you have never heard such blatant “dirty tactic”… really some of these posts are laughable.

  8. Joe Allen was sold for 15mn, a sum most Swansea supporters seem happy for, so how exactly did that episode cast BR as a villain?

    LFC enquired, Fulham asked for 10mn, something BR doesn’t seem too keen on for a 29 yr old, and no offer! So, how again, is BR the villain?

  9. Liverpool fans with a persecution complex? Next you’ll be telling me the world isn’t flat…

    • That’s just laughable. So in your ‘wise and perceptive’ opinion, what has been done wrong by Brendan Rodgers? I would love to know as your response to this article seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the issues in question.

      It always tickles me when I find supporters of tiny teams who trawl the football blogs in search of ways to link their clubs to something of current interest!

      • It’s not really very complicated, but I’ll try to use small words for you.

        The article suggests a couple of counts of Rodgers apparently behaving rather arrogantly (arrogant is a bit like “rude”, ask your mummy to explain) in the transfer market.

        I was giving an example (that’s something that’s SIMILAR, but not exactly the same) of such behaviour early in his career.

        It always tickles me when I find supporters of big clubs who think the world revolves around them and yet have barely half a brain cell to rub together.

        • I note you have still not made any reference to the issues in this article.. So far all I glean from you is some half-baked assumptions with regards what you believe BR to be about. Like you say, the world perhaps does not revolve around Liverpool, however somehow your world does, as you come on to this article to make a cooment which has fleeting relevance at best(I can only assume to shine some light on some percieved injustice). Believe it or not, when I asked for your opinion on the matter, I expected you might explain what about the saga above you feel was as you claim ‘arrogant’… Never mind though.. I lost interest some time after I realised that you probably do not een know anything about either incident. Just for future reference, it helps when you have some idea of what has happened before you attempt to comment.

          • Arrogance is a trait of many footballers and managers….or sportsmen for that matter. A manager being arrogant in the transfer market is nothing to write home about let alone write a shoddy article about. Let me use small words for you. It’s …… Nothing…….New.
            Just to keep it simple for you the “W” in “write” is silent.

  10. if Suarez’s comments were blatantly racist then wht abt terry’s? Just bcz he’s british FA did not convict. I’d say thtz also racist n’ unethical ….makes FA a bigger culprit.

  11. Rodgers is way out of his depth and he’s now beginning to realise it. His terse comments about Newcastle regarding Carroll show he’s feeling the pressure, but maybe that’s just my take.

    The Dempsey incident shows a breathtaking ruthlessness to get his way no matter what imo. But his pursuit of Allen after making a promise (gentlemen’s agreement or otherwise) not to do so is more worrying because it’s clear evidence that he is not a man of his word. Whatever happened to integrity in football? Could you imagine Shankley doing that? Exactly.

    “Whatever” doesn’t cut it. £15M doesn’t cut it. The fact that Allen is never worth that doesn’t cut it. The fact they’ve already replaced him with better at a fraction of the cost is irrelevant. What matters is that the footballing world now knows that Rodgers is underhanded, dishonest and ruthless.

  12. It’s funny how quick people forget the good things BR has done on the transfer market. What about selling Craig Bellamy to Cardiff so that he could finish his career in wales. Matt R you need to chill out, if it’s not Liverpool it’s someone else. The big clubs are going to do basically whatever they want. If don’t like the way things are support a better team and stop crying on the Internet about how hard it is for smaller clubs to compete.

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