How To Choose Your Ideal Bundesliga Club

How To Choose Your Ideal Bundesliga Club


Are you new to German football, and attracted to the much-lauded mix of exciting end-to-end football, standing fans, cheap beer and cheap tickets, not to mention the chance to watch football in a country where the national team can actually amount to something come crunch time?

In that case, the Bundesliga is the right choice for you. Follow the flowcart below (click to enlarge, then squint really hard if you still can’t see it) to find out which Bundesliga club you should be supporting.

Of course, you could skip the above and just get on with supporting Bayern Munich. You might not like them, but you’ll win a title every other year at least.

Sunder, Sunder, SUNDERLAND, HO!
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  1. Do England next….’Are you annoying and obtain a low level of knowledge in football?’ –> Manchester United.

    You do know that if a German website made this article about the Premier League you’d all go nuts.

  2. I do have a sense of humour and I sincerely think this piece was great, I’m just saying that it would be nice to do this on your own league as well as the other major leagues……or is the EPL far too serious for this stuff?

  3. Great – I’m one of those »not interessted in winning, mostly losing sockwearing SC Feeiburg fan« – and proud of it 😉

    All the best


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