How Zinedine Zidane could ‘talk’ Gareth Bale into a Real Madrid switch

How Zinedine Zidane could ‘talk’ Gareth Bale into a Real Madrid switch

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Gareth Bale’s possible move to Real Madrid could rest entirely on the shoulders of French football legend Zinedine Zidane.

Spanish newspaper Marca has revealed Zidane was the reason Isco decided to snub Manchester City, choosing to stay in Spain when he was seemingly on the verge of a move to the Premier League.

It shows just how much influence Zidane carries not just in Madrid, but in football in general and it’s a reason Tottenham Hotspur cannot let him anywhere near the Welsh winger.

The fact the Frenchman is such a big admirer of Bale should be a worry when reflecting on the more prominent role he now has and the various jobs he’s been tipped for in Real Madrid’s immediate future.

He’s even already started telling Bale how he should approach trying to engineer a move to Real Madrid so he’s having an influence before he’s even had a chance to talk to him.

“If Gareth feels now is the time to move then he has to have a private discussion with his club and express that he wants to leave,” said Zidane.

Bale’s current situation at Spurs is difficult go gauge. The club have made it clear they don’t want to and will not sell the player but all of the indications from Madrid point to just that happening.

Bale’s relationship with Tottenham, the fans, the manager and the chairman are all very positive so he could literally need to be talked into a move to La Liga before he signs a new deal to stay in North London.

It’s difficult to see how Spurs can stop Zidane or any other Madrid officials from getting access to him.

Football is now a sport, where there are so many third parties involved, that if a player wants to talk to a club or vice-versa, there is always a way for those talks to happen.

Zidane seems to have superb negotiating skills because Isco was very keen on following Manuel Pellegrini, who he has described as a father figure, to Manchester City.

The only way Tottenham can stop Zidane from talking Bale into a Real Madrid transfer is if they officially block access to him but even that could be fruitless if Bale states that he wants to leave and wants to talk to the great Frenchman.

If Bale is unsure over whether he definitely wants to leave Tottenham then Spurs need to get him tied down on a new long term deal quickly because once Real Madrid get official access to him, it looks like the deal will become a formality.

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  1. So when is Zidane getting his punishment for tapping up ???? Does he think the rules don’t apply to him ??

    • Even though he has not spoken to Bale, just the fact that he has publically said that Bale should put in a transfer request (numerous times) should be enough. Also other comments he has made to try to turn his head !!! Just let him decide in his own time who he wants to play for. Not many UK players have made it when going to another team. Also Spurs set up their team to compliment his play. RM won’t do that – plus I’m sure he wont be the first choice free kick specialist. Ask Modric how he adapted in his first season with RM !!!! Voted worst signing by the Spanish public.

  2. What a load of bollocks, Zidane couldn’t persuade Bale to do fuck all. Marca are the official mouthpiece for Real Madrid and anything those oily greasers print on the subject of Bale is biased towards their pay masters interests and any sucker who believes what they say is either dense or in the pockets of Real Madrid.

    • Don’t worry yourself if Real Madrid really wont Gareth Bale, then he will be a Real Madrid player this season. Ask them all one question only (who wouldn’t love to play for RM?)The answer is obviously all.

  3. Blah Blah Blah old stories being rehashed without a shred of proof or even an official quote. The truth is that ZZ cannot talk Bale into joining Madrid because then he will be in breach of UEFA rules. Which is why they have to go to the newspapers to do their dirty work trying to unsettle players indirectly.
    So to rewrite the first line of your text. Gareth Bales move to Madrid rests entirely on Gareth Bale and Daniel Levy. NOBODY ELSE!!!!!
    As for Isco, well he was up for sale so ZZ could talk him into joining Madrid.
    Who makes this garbage up?????

  4. I don’t like our government, would you be so kind to get rid of them for me? Oh please. Oh, so you’re not going to then, what because you have your own mind to think and do as you please? You don’t do what people tell you to, you have your own thoughts, don’t you? Well maybe Bale has his own mind too, don’t you think? Do you honestly believe that zizouzizuouziziiizzo has the mind power to persuade Bale, his partner and new born, the rest of his family and friends to just up and leave because it benefits Madrid? That’s extremely arrogant of Madrid to think that Bales mind is so weak they can swoop in and command him to do as they please. How pathetic!

  5. Oh yes by the way, I remember the day it happened. The day they said that all his influence and respect for him in the game vanished in a second. Why would anyone follow a fellow pro that behaved as Zidane did when he head butted another player? He is a joke in football. Yes he was one of the greats, but are we to teach our kids that it doesn’t matter how he behaves as long as he’s a good footballer (Suarez)? He should be remembered for his violent display too. He should have no impression on anyone’s future.

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