How Real Madrid have effectively sealed the Gareth Bale deal

How Real Madrid have effectively sealed the Gareth Bale deal

Gareth Bale is enjoying the form of his life

If you ever had any doubts over whether Real Madrid would be making a big bid for Gareth Bale this summer, then get ready to throw those doubts away.

The Spanish press has just exploded with stories, which suggest a bid for Bale is imminent as soon as Real Madrid have appointed the manager to follow Jose Mourinho.

Where Real Madrid are letting themselves down and an area where Tottenham can still try to keep Bale is through the arrogance of the Spanish club.

The two major stories which have just been reported are the fact that they have reserved the number eleven shirt, Bale’s number at Spurs, and the club’s president Florentino Perez, has promised to unveil Bale as a Madrid player next month.

Whether that shirt decision has something to do with Bale trademarking his ‘heart eleven’ goal celebration we just don’t know but it’s more than likely just an underhand tactic designed to force the issue.

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As for Perez’s comments, he’s been making similar noises for a long time and has often promised to buy various players in the past.

“Bale was born to play in Madrid,” he told Marca just before the start of June.

Think back to Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, where he used that as a tool to get himself elected as the club’s president.

Tottenham would more than likely prefer to do business with a club that just kept everything professional and straight up, as opposed to a club clearly trying to unsettle a player.

It’s nothing new because it’s exactly what Real Madrid did just before they signed Luka Modric from White Hart Lane.

In that case it almost ruined their bid for him with Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy becoming reluctant to listen to offers or meet the Spanish side halfway in terms of the price.

We’re talking about a massive deal for Bale here and Real Madrid aren’t exactly going to make Tottenham co-operative at the moment.

Gareth Bale has an important role to play for Tottenham

The Spanish press, most significantly Marca; a pro-Real Madrid news source, seem to think that if the club throws some more cash at Spurs they will just do the deal.

However, in the light of this arrogant display of ambition and taking for granted they will sign Bale unopposed, it could turn out to be a much more complicated deal for them to get sorted.

The whole way Real Madrid have gone about this stinks and it’s just a shame that there’s not much chance of Bale staying in the Premier League once Real Madrid start throwing big cash at this transfer.

Perez has made it clear the money isn’t an issue because they will market Bale and use him to make some of the fee back.

“Regarding the figures spoken about Bale, players are neither cheap nor expensive, but an investment. Most expensive players are those that can be classified as an investment because, if they are very good, they produce a return,” he told Punto Pelota earlier this month.

It just seems destined to happen unless Levy can pull a superb ace from his sleeve which allows the club to retain their best player.

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  1. I understand your trying to get a reaction but if Bale was going then Madrid would not use mercenary tactics to lure him away. I no 100 percent because i can see things before they happen and i can truly say Bale with be still at Spurs in January 31 st and Spurs will be riding high with the players Mr Baldini has brought in.

  2. Keep dreaming Real Madrid, Gareth Bale is not going to leave the most promising team in the premiership and his mentor AVB.

  3. Their arrogance could be their downfall. The simple truth is, no matter how good Madrid are, they play in a league with a better team, which is always going to limit what he can win there, as Mourinho found out.

    After the way Madrid conduct themselves in the transfer market, spending huge swathes of public cash when Spain is skint and their scrappy, often thuggish approach to challenging Barca, would you choose them ahead of Munich or Utd?

    I’m confident we’ll get another season from Bale, unless he refuses to extend his contract. His value will drop upwards of £20m a year now and that’s too much for us to throw away.

  4. Everybody seems to overlook 1 thing here, Bale has agreed and signed a deal with BT to b part of their football show – he cant do that from Spain its’ imposable’s funny that the media keep missing that little point … he will be Spurs for at least 2 more years.




  6. This is yet another example of where newspapers and so called sports websites could take a look at replacing some of their inept staff rather than regurgitating the same rubbish performance week in week out. I could find a plethora of 16 year olds without any alleged contacts to produce something more worthy of my time reading. Well done that takes some doing!

  7. What a lack of class Madrid are showing. Whatever happened to old fashioned business ethics. It might well backfire as Daniel Levy strikes me as an obstinate cuss and may well dig his heels in.
    Young Gareth has behaved with dignity throughout

  8. no they haven’t! you’re just regurgitating the same old crap and it means nothing. Madrid can keep the #11 shirt open as long as they like – why would that influence Bale? he already has a nice #11 shirt thank you. Madrid need to be slapped back into place – and Levy is just the man to do it. he desperately wants to keep AVB and Bale and bring in others. everyone can see the continued progress and Spurs are getting pretty close to being serious title challengers. when Levy appointed AVB it was obviously a long term plan – he was never a short term fix. and i can already see the signs of AVB being a top coach at Spurs for a long time. he is building a top team – one to challenge for may years – who would walk away at the beginnings of a huge dynasty? this isn’t fairy tale stuff – it’s starting to happen. it will take some time but the progress has been continuing for a few years now. no quick fixes – a solid progression to build a club that can sustain success for the long haul.
    Bale is not going anywhere – so STFU with the stupid made up headlines.

  9. Dear Real Madrid if bale does not sign for you dont be worried. i can play half as well as bale. but i too was born to play for madrid just try me . email me at doctorbonkers@!

  10. I am a United fan and would love Bale at United but I hope for the good of the game here that Spurs refuse to sell him to this arrogant club Madrid and keep him for at least another year. He does not need a move like this now…he should stick with spurs this season and then decide…the likes of Perez and Zidane should be bought to book for outright tapping by Uefa…but of course Platini is in love with madrid so no chance there….

  11. Real Madrid disgust me on so many levels, this whole saga is getting out of hand now. As a fan……..we’re hearing nothing from Levy telling Perez to zip it up and look elsewhere, also, surely UEFA and or FIFA don’t believe that Real’s conduct here is right for the game?

    This is quickly becoming nothing at all about money for most Spurs fans, there are now moral issues working here and their relentless and totally underhanded approach is infuriating most of us.

    If I were to send a message to Levy it would be simply; under no circumstances sell to Madrid, if we must sell, sell to anyone BUT Madrid.

    Honestly, Madrid are a shadow of the team they once were, only idiot players leave to go there because of their HISTORY and the idiotic belief that they’re going to win the CL – time and time again this has proven not to be the case.
    Most players have gone there and become nobody’s, amazing players bought by Madrid only to be dumped on the bench as a bit part player and their superstar status in tatters –

  12. can you tell us about the Tax dodging deals that Real Madrid are receiving from the Spanish government while half their people starve unbelievable

  13. If Apple or Google were to offer you double the salary, woudnt you take it..same thing here…Real Madrid is the Apple here.

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