Germany: The Real Victors in Turkey’s Win

Germany: The Real Victors in Turkey’s Win


German coach Joachim Low is grinning. He will face Turkey in the semi-final of the Euro’s, not Croatia. Turkey pounced on a strong Croatia team to steal victory in miraculous fashion. Croatia thought they had won, but the last play of the game and penalties doomed the Croats to an early exit. Turkish fans are ecstatic after their second straight comeback win, but the Germans are the true victors on the night.

Turkey, although they are through to the semi-finals, are decimated by injuries and suspensions. Emre Asik, Arda Turan, Tuncay Sanli, Volkan Demirel, (assuming his appeal of his suspension is denied) and Nihat (possible injury) all are unavailable for their semi-final clash against Germany. It took a full strength squad (and some luck) to dispatch the Czech’s and they seem to have used up their resources against the Croats.

Germany were the favorites going into competition, but their loss to Croatia relegated them in many eyes to having an outside chance at winning the competition. They went on to prove that they were actually a contender by dispatching a talented Portugal.

As great as Turkey’s two miraculous wins were, the absence of five key players will be tough to overcome for the Turks. Where will the goals come from if Arda Turan, Tuncay Sanli, and Nihat are all unavailable? Fatih Terim will ponder that exact question in the upcoming days.

The Turks have been in scintillating form towards the end of their past two games, but will that streak last? It took last minute efforts to beat the Czech’s and the Croats, but the Germans will be wary of the explosive capabilities of the Turks. There’s a phrase that says “The third time is the charm” and it will be difficult for the Turks to replicate their feats of their last two games. Some might say that the Turks were lucky to even be in the semi-finals and their claims are justifiable.

It took a once in a lifetime drop by Peter Cech for Turkey to advance to the knockout stages. It took a miraculous last second goal to force penalties against Croatia, and if more luck is needed against Germany, I am not sure it will come again.

The last major concern for the Turks is Volkan Demeril’s suspension. Demeril was solid throughout the group stage, but his meaningless red card at the end of their final group match meant he had to serve a two game suspension. Turkey is appealing the suspension; so hopefully, Demeril will play in the semi-final. If not, the Turks are in trouble. Rustu Recber, the backup keeper was to put it kindly, unreliable, awful, and erratic. His inability to position himself, judge whether or not he could reach balls, and his poor sense of danger should have cost Turkey the game.

Croatia’s goal was purely Recber’s poor decision making. Croatia did not make Turkey pay for Recber’s awful decision making and that ultimately cost them the game. The Germans are known for their finishing abilities and if Recber strays from goal, the Germans will not waste their chances. Turkish aspirations of advancing to the finals rest on Demeril’s appeal. If he does not play, Turkey will be in serious trouble.

I’m not counting out Turkey. There has been something spectacular about the heart and passion they play with. The path they’ve taken is one out of a Hollywood script. I’ve learned that you can never count out a team that wins out of shear will and determination. My bet is still on the Germans, but once in a while, a Cinderella story does come true.

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Croatia 1-1 Turkey* - Comeback Kings Turkey win 3-1 on penalties


  1. Before you make comments like that get some skills of understanding soccer and have your team learn how to kick penalties or better yet tell your coach IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS, The Turks outplayed them for the first 20 minutes of the game, as well the end of regulation and overtime. There is no such thing as luck, its called execution, and if you can’t excute, particularly against team plagued by injuries than you can’t win and that’s just not in soccer but in any sports.

  2. matthew: here is a question for you. How often do teams score on the last play of the game? How often do teams score 3 goals in the final fifteen minutes of a game? answer those questions and you’ll prove yourself wrong. I agree with you on the fact that you should think big, but if they wait around for another big comeback, it is not gonna happen again. If Turkey get out to a lead early, then a win is possible, but if they plan on waiting around, it’s game over. The germans are too meticulous and focused to let leads slip.

  3. All credit goes to Turkey for getting here. And I hope they beat the Germans, since Germany equals everything that is anti-football.

  4. Max Zeger, every minute of the game is the same. You think it is special case to score at 90th minute. Many think the same. They think scoring at the last minute is any different then scoring on 69th minute. And THAT’s why Turks WIN! They play with dicipline and hope and NEVER give up until the final whistle! It is certainly luck to score at any minute of the game. If Turks were lucky, they could have scored at minute 5, 20, 40, 60, 80 and won games that way too. But to have the universe help you, you gotto try. And Turks seem to remember that late nowadays. Also, Turkey beat Germany in recent past in a friendly game. You never know how it goes now. Only God knows. We cannot predict.

  5. spot on matthew exactly right we are so unlucky not lucky just look at our injury list and supension but we still go forward with our bench players im proud of turkey coming up to semis and they mite as well try even harder and win it but i hate pple that just cnt handle the fact it happened 3 times in a row and neva say neva for this game

  6. Ä°van,you guy, if you think with your mind it is not possible to win three games with luck everytime worse team will be the loser and better one the winner TURKEY is better than croatia that you see

  7. Ivan says: “All credit goes to Turkey for getting here. I hope they beat the Germans” and you insult him.

    Go and learn some English man, before you attack people out of no reason.

  8. I was just looking at the comments and most people here are in favor of Germany. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist and Germany will beat Turkey in terms of statistics, numbers, strategy, power and endurance. and all that kind of crap !! For those who count on Germans that much,I would say, let’s see what happens in Basel on Wednesday night.
    Whether you believe in odds or faith, the fact is we made it our way through 3 times in a row no. Back in 1998, Germany lost aginst Turkey 1-0 with Hakan Sukur’s nice finish. We Went through a tremendous change in the team. We did it before and how come we wouldn’t be able to do it on Wednesday night.
    Our thoughts will be with you CANIM TURKIYEM !!! Go Turkey itcha ya’s birthday…

  9. To Ottoman! Are you aware of what you say to IVAn and what Ivan told about Thr Turkish team?. You need to learn some english and shouldn`t fuck around the blogs with your fucking english!

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