Chelsea could announce another transfer in ‘next few’ days

Chelsea could announce another transfer in ‘next few’ days


Chelsea have undergone a sea-change approach in their transfer strategies. They have sold players for a higher price and used that money efficiently to make quality additions, yet making a profit out of it. Juan Mata, David Luiz, Kevin de Bruyne, Frank Lampard & Ashley Cole (huge wage bills off the list) are burning examples of that.


However, what remains constant is their use of handling youngsters at the club. Frankly, when was the last time, a promising talent from the academy cemented his position in the main team? One could easily form Chelsea loan XI and trust it would be a good enough team to challenge any mid table club in the Premier League.

As if fates are all sealed. They sign young players from across the world and immediately sends them on loan. The loan period goes on and on. Take for example the case of Gael Kakuta.


The highly promising winger joined Chelsea in 2009. In five years’ time, he has managed only six league appearances. He has been sent on loan to Fulham, Bolton, Dijon, Vitesse and Lazio and there is no assurance that he will play someday for Chelsea. Rather, there is an every possibility that he will be sold elsewhere.

He is 23 – if this is not the time to blood young talents into the side, then when is. Sadly, he won’t play for Chelsea this season as well. According to reports in France, he is set to be loaned to Spanish side Elche for the coming season with an option to buy. However, Catalan newspaper Sport claim, Rayo Vallecano have asked Chelsea for signing him on a season-long loan. The conversations are going on in advanced level and Kakuta might be joining Rayo within the next few days. 

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  1. Chelsea ended winning big long time ago so for now they need quality and experienced players.they need to sell Eden Hazard on a deal that Lucas Moura is included.and also buy Falcao Jese Rodriguez and Pogba.

  2. Kakuta joined Chelsea in 2007 and not 2009 like you put it in this article. Agreed, the. Youths haven’t been given enough chances, but Kakuta in particular has failed to live up to his talent. He has failed in all his loan spells, mainly because of his attitudes to work. While someone needs talent, determination and hardwork are also important ingredients to succeed. Look at Courtouis.

    • Selling Hazard is just like repeating the old mistake we did selling Robben… Up blues!!!

  3. no, buying these player can not still make differences. Chelsea’s have good player than those player.

  4. Chelsea should leave players to play for some good time so as to adopt all characters in the team

  5. To me I think dis is right we shld try n make use of some of our fantastic home grow player…like…Lewis baker,bamford,Boga,just mention few inorder to anoder grown guy play 4 our senior chelsea team rather dan spending huge every transfer wisdom.up blues,up jose n up Roman

  6. Chelsea yung players should be given an opportunity loan after loan this is boring

  7. Hazar, Oscar and ivanovic should be sell out so that chelsea can use the money and buy Andy Corrole.

  8. All the blues fan we dont need to buy any player again our squard is ok i just have to greet this guy van ginkel in all his performance in pre season i wish him to do better in league

  9. both lawrence & eze they need to go to zycantric hospital for the check up quikly.

    • Haaaaaaaa!!! eze is very very very sick in all part of his body, can u imagine ur comment? read ur comment again, u ursef will c dat u need to visit river Jordan for cleansing.

  10. hao do some pple realy use their common sense. which manager on earth would even think of selling Eden.

  11. Well,chelsea is doing good we need stability in our team if and only if we want titles.our young boys r under dogs n cant stand d presure of d big boys when it matters.So i think if anyone wants first team game he should prove dat he is equal to the task.Ok see Bertrand n Luke Shaw d later has made a mark on d dust of d earth while at his youthful age but bet me if Bertrand is as good as Shaw Mou wouldnt have opted using cesar for favourite in place of him. So d special one ,d only one carry on ur wish is our command we need trophies,not how or from who.CFC d blues.

  12. Lawrence and eze u pple are madnetic & idiotretic of making such a comment to sell hazard and go, I don’t think u pple are Chelsea fan, u pple are antichelsea so be warn.

  13. Hazard is the best chelsea player so how can he be sold? Curtois may somehow challange cech in no-1, but is he ready to sacrifice for chelsea than cech? sell him if there need for money to buy other good players

  14. we have one of the best coach n technical team in the EPL that r capable of determining who is gud to fit into the first team let’s allow them do wat they do best.but it is bad to even suggest the sale of eden hazard

  15. U guys must be joking, why selling hazard amd oscar, I think u’re arsenal fan. As 4 d young lads I think they needed more experience

  16. Selling Hazard is the worst mistake Chelseafc can do. With all this buy Chelsea have made am happy but will like to see in person of Falcao at Chelsaefc next season.

  17. chelsea will be the home of many talented players who may even include pogba,robben, rodliguez or even ronaldo if not messi, only in one condition:that our sir chelsea owner Abrahmovic should remove the condition of only one year contract to any player above 30 years.that is the time when any player will not humiliated based on his age.all young players are good yes, but what costa can do for chelsea today, oscar cant do half of it.not because oscar doesnt have the talent, no. because diego is more experienced. the age of around 25 to 35 of any player always proves to be the most fruitful.

  18. Chelsea can’t sell hazard or Oscar na those guys re not Chelsea fans but man u d know what ll happen d want us to sell our machine so dat d can win us shame on them

  19. chelsea ve to start introducing 2 or 3 players from our young players so dat it wont look so bad for them that why did they joined chelsea in d first place

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