Fulham 4-1 Juventus – Video Highlights – 18 March 2010

Fulham 4-1 Juventus – Video Highlights – 18 March 2010


Fulham 4-1 Juventus
UEFA Europa League
18 March 2010

Juventus scored early but Fulham would storm back with four unanswered goals to advance to the quarterfinals.

It was a great start for Juventus as David Trezequet scored in the 2nd minute to give Juventus a 4-1 aggregate lead. Fulham would respond quickly as Zamora scored in the 10th minute and Zoltan Gera would score two goals in a row to make it tied at 4-4 on aggregate.

The first goal from Gera was a brilliant set of passing from Fulham that included Zamora, Davies, and then Gera who scored from close range. The second goal was a penalty from a handball that was a bit lucky for Fulham. While it clearly his Deco’s hand on the replays there didn’t appear to be any intent on the play.

Fulham took control for most of the match and played with a man advantage for about 60 minutes as Fabio Cannavaro was sent off for a foul on Gera. It came in the 27th minute as he fouled Gera making a run into the box who would have had a wide open chance for goal.

With the man advantage, Fulham had most of the possession and Juventus rarely was able to create chances. The final goal for Fulham would come from second half substitute Clint Dempsey who scored in the 82nd minute. He would hit a perfectly placed chip shot to the far corner just inside the post. It was the goal that put Fulham into the quarterfinals and another upset of one of the favorites.

Fulham continue to surprise in the Europa League and will learn their quarterfinal opponent on Friday.

Fulham 4-1 Juventus Video Highlights

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  1. I was amazed at the Fulham Juve game. Not at the players, but at the fact that a referee could single handedly and decidedly create a result for a game. I wonder how much he was tipped to tilt the scales, oh by the way, I forgot, he was Dutch, probably an Ajax fan, by the way, does anyone remember what team Juventus beat to get to this round of the Europa league?

  2. So because he’s Dutch he’s an Ajax fan? Nice assumption! And Fulham walked on The Old Lady, could have had at least two more so stop your moaning

  3. I would like to express my own opinion.. this is a football game, and everything can happen at everytime. Fulham could beat Juve with 4-1 , is a bright future for them…

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