From France: Eden Hazard wants to leave Chelsea to join PSG

From France: Eden Hazard wants to leave Chelsea to join PSG


Could this turn out to be the biggest transfer saga in the summer? French giants Paris Saint Germain are thought to be a keen admirer of Eden Hazard and they want the Belgian back at Ligue 1 next summer.


PSG had made no secrets of their desire to sign Hazard, with midfielder Yohan Cabaye, who was a team mate of hazard during their Lille days, said back in March, he would love to see the Belgium superstar to join Parc des Princes.

“Hazard is the player I’d like to see at PSG. He would do a lot of good to Paris and the league. He’s one of the best players against whom I’ve played.”

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho came with a sharp riposte, claiming with financial clout hovering over PSG, they cannot forget about signing Hazard and Oscar, lest, they have to pay around £300m to secure their services.


Hazard made some comments following Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat against Atletico Madrid semi-final in the Champions League, that created brouhaha in the media. The Belgian commented on the tactics of Mourinho and allegedly claimed the Portuguese is one of the worst managers he has seen.

This was followed by Jose Mourinho’s comments where he blamed Hazard for the opening goal of Atletico and harshly claimed the player doesn’t sacrifice 100 per cent for the team.

We can feel that a tension is brewing here. Now Le 10 sport reports that PSG’s main target for this summer is Hazard. He has been identified as the player who could give PSG what they’re lacking at the moment, a creative winger with the ability to score many goals. Only Menez has that profile currently in the team and he will be out in the summer. Edinson Cavani and Lucas Moura have been tried there but they’re not natural wingers and have the tendency to drift to the centre.

Hazard has informed PSG that he’s ok to go there, presumably the wages proposed by PSG playing a role there. It’s not certain, however, that Chelsea will be as willing to do business here.

PSG’s plan to get Chelsea to sell Hazard is to include Cavani in the deal, which could convince Mourinho and Abramovich to sell the Belgian. They feel it will be a good deal as Chelsea need a forward and Cavani is fed up of playing on the right at PSG.

The problem with this is that Chelsea might have already wrapped up a deal for Diego Costa or he might be their first priority, in which case it’s not definite that Moruinho would want Cavani, although with Torres and Eto’o on the way out it could be possible.

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  1. Its good Hazard must go, because these days to much boosting & selfish, he always think like is a master to his team mates, then he always keep the ball for long time in field that’s why Torres always frustrate late passes from him

  2. ya really u r write bro
    he attitude has changed and thinks that he can do anything..
    he wants just sell him chelsea doesnt have any lack of attacking midfielders
    oscar,willian,shurchle,salah r enough just throw him out and in premier league dont give him any chance in last 2 games

    • We all know mourinho football.
      All he wants is to defend with 10 players and counterattack. Full stop.
      It is a club where defenders, défensive midfielders are as happy as pig in shit.

      The creative placers like mata hazard and luiz should leave and be replaced by matic type players ie strong disciplined .

      The receipe

  3. Hazard is the reason Chelsea lost in the semis , Hazard is the reason Chelsea lost the EPL, Hazard is very hazardous to the Chelsea team concept, when he decides almost all the time to wait for opposition to retreat looking for who to dribble.
    Still I blame Jose for bringing back Hazrad in the semis knowing quite well that mother luck helped Chlsea when Hazard was substituted in the PSG game. Ever since with William and Shurlle ! Chelsea stifled Atletico and Liverpool.
    What on earth made Jose to bring back Hazard is still my disappointment. Honestly, bringing Hazrad back is a disservice to the men who did the battle against PSG at Stamford bridge which serves as a food for thought for Jose.
    Please let Hazrad go , we can get cartanogluo from Hamburg , Reus from Dortumond ,, Fernando from Porto and other gifted players.

  4. If a player is not ready to lesve a club you do not have to force as that will creat please leave Hazard to leave Chelsea, as it means nothing to the club.chelsea won the champions league when he was not even signed into the club. Didier Drogba the icon leave the blues nothing happens absolutely. So its gonna be the same to Eden Hazard.

  5. if hazard hates.chelsea allow move to evry where he want for him, things be come difficult shurly, it is not one player squad.

  6. These all stated when we played PSG!Hazard is not happy at Chelsea again.He has been persuaded by PSG.The injuries,The cause of the goals and interview were all planned.Recall when he said that he will consider moving to PsG if his wife suggests.What a statement!! A player who is contracted to a club and believed to be a Chelseas best player.not good!!! The same is happening to Ozil in Arsenal!!

  7. hazard declare to leave,so he cannot do anything good again to the club leave him out n bring in goal machine Diego costa.chelsea beat liverpool without hazard.

  8. Children of dese days.!! Imajin a small boy transformed to win the young PFA player and now talkin trash about his coach. Disgraceful. Pleass sell d mofo na re-invest. Gotze, moura, reus are options. Aswell as u can recall Atsu. The boi is a very direct runner and can cause loads of problems.

  9. Mourinho got decimated by Atletico but to be fair it were personal mistakes that led to those goals! You cannot make mistakes in a tournament as intense as UCL Semifinals. This guy’s head is getting bigger than Ronaldo, with the difference being the latter had earned every right to be so. I hope Mourinho put him in his place. Hazard is one of the most promising player in the world but nobody is bigger than the club. If Mou could stand the heat benching Casillas and selling Mata, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the guts of benching this little kid! Without Mourinho coaching Chelsea he wouldn’t even be a PFA Young Player of the Year!

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