Former Manchester United ace dooms David Moyes

Former Manchester United ace dooms David Moyes


He’s guided Manchester United into the last eight of the Champions League, but David Moyes still hasn’t got the rub of the green, with Lee Sharpe claiming the Scot may not be given the time to complete the rebuilding process at Old Trafford.


Sharpe, who played for United between 1988-96 as a winger, revealed his displeasure at Moyes getting the job in the first place, and that he wanted to see a bit of creativity injected into the coaching staff,

“I was a bit concerned when Moyes first got appointed,” Sharpe told talkSport, “I fancied someone a bit more creative.

“Someone who would bring something a little bit different to the club, like Arsene Wenger at Arsenal or Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. Moyes is very similar to Fergie.”

United’s 3-0 win over Olympiakos last night was arguably the perfect response to last weekend’s drubbing at the hands of Liverpoolm but when asked whether Moyes will still be in the job come the summer, Sharpe said: “I’m not sure.

“If they’ve got £100mililion to spend on transfers, I’m not sure you are going to give it to him to spend.

“If they’re still in the same position in the January transfer window next year, do you then give someone else a load of money?

“They are going to have to buy a whole new back four, because there’s a few of them going, and a couple of midfielders. I’m not sure about the buys he brought in already. He’s spent £60million and I don’t think he’s spent well.”

United fans have taken to Twitter to continue to call for the Scot’s head, with last night’s win barely buying the beleaguered boss a moment’s breath from the struggles of his maiden season at the helm.

What do you think? Agree with Sharpe? Will Moyes be allowed to spend so much money in the summer? Let me know in the comments below…

PHOTO: Grim Reaper keeps an eye on David Moyes at Old Trafford
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  1. Let him get through till to end of the season and well get rid of him. About our players yesterday,I saw sir alex tactics not moyes. The players want to play and win not because of moyes but because the fans and the club owner. Likewise rooneys comment. We own it to the fans. His tactics is too bad even everton midfield barkley said it yesterday that moyes got no tactical idea that martinez is more tactical than him. If a player you managed for few years could say such that means you don’t know what your doing. Tanx

  2. No. Because i do not even find the need to spend all that much in summer.
    The club have a very good and fantastic players enough for challenge in all completions.The most important things is to adopt the man utd’s football culture and get on with it with highly motivation and courage to his boys.usage of players potentiality good enough.
    Just like the match with Olympiakos on 19th March 2014 at Old traffod.


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