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Football Manager 2010 Top 10 Wish List

Football Manager. Just saying those two words amongst a group of football-mad mates will almost surely send everyone into a state of euphoria. For many the game is a way to relax on a Saturday afternoon; for others, the game is life — an addiction, if you will.

Whatever side of the fence you sit on there’s one thing all groups can agree on, and that’s the need to consistently critique the game from the day we get it in our hands.

After much deliberation and forum consulting, in no particular order I have produced a comprehensive list of ten necessities that Sports Interactive must consider for Football Manager 2010. You will no doubt disagree with many of my choices so please feel free to use the comments section below to outline exactly what you would incorporate into FM 2010 ready for its autumn/winter release.

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1. Testimonials

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to acknowledge that dying breed of the one club man by arranging a testimonial fixture for their services to your club? A glamour tie against a Manchester United, Real Madrid or AC Milan would bring the fans flooding in and would add an extra dimension to the fixture planning and media/player interaction side of the game.

2. Bring back the fun of the game!

We are all undoubtedly split in our dedication and affinity to FM. To some it is their life, to others a pass time for the weekend. Although at the end of the day FM is just a game and I want it to feel more like a game. The complexities surrounding things like training and tactics at times require far too much perseverance. I want to be able to send out a strong Manchester United team in a basic 4-4-2 formation and expect to beat a relegation threatened side at home without having to tweak my tactics at numerous intervals during the match.

3. Overhaul Press Conferences

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who sends my assistant to every perceivable Press Conference (bar the very important ones!). FM Press Conferences mean as much to me as the BBC does to Sir Alex Ferguson. The answers become mandatory and I believe this area of the game needs to be developed further as it can clearly has the potential to work.

4. 3D Match Engine

I don’t know about you but I turned off 3D after only a couple of games of trying it. It just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I’m too old fashioned and completely susceptible to change but I really haven’t seen the need, as of yet, to switch from the classic 2D blobs that still manage to fit the bill. The 3D match engine is clearly still in its early stages but unless it’s improved drastically, I won’t be interested in using it again for another season of FM at least.

5. Match day Experience

The match day experience should really be the lifeblood for FM and I don’t feel like Sports Interactive can safely say they have delivered with decent results. The AI of both human and computer players is at times shocking where on field reactions and movements can often be likened to that of an intoxicated Titus Bramble ice skating on one leg.

6. Tactical Sliders

Arguably my biggest gripe with FM and I am sure it is being addressed but I just can’t comprehend the need and point for the sheer amount of tactical sliders. Why can’t I send out Lionel Messi and tell him to be creative and express himself rather than have to nudge a slider seven ticks to the right hand side to get the desired effect. At the moment it’s just not realistic.

7. Chairmen Interference

Chairmen don’t really do a great deal on FM 09. They don’t have any personality and rarely have any involvement in the game. Yes, it’s Football Manager not Football Chairman, but wouldn’t it be a nice addition to have your billionaire Sheikh demanding that you sign big name players or he will take matters into his own hands? I seem to remember this sort of thing happening on a previous version of the game and I’m all for bringing it back for FM 2010! Why not throw in Directors of Football too?

8. Realistic expectations

OK, so you’ve just achieved the proverbial miracle of breaking into the Champions League with West Brom in your first season in the big time. Your fans love it, your chairman loves it but you know deep down that it was a one off. The following season you finish tenth in the league and get knocked out of Europe by Barcelona. Jeremy Peace shows you the exit door as a result of underachievement. I’ve seen it happen and it needs to be addressed.

9. Penalty takers (See who wants one!)

I, for one, hate having to rely on attributes when it comes down to the lottery of a penalty shoot-out. Because that’s exactly what it is. A lottery! You’re bustling centre-half may not be Francesco Totti from 12 yards out, but if he’s got the balls to step up to the plate, I want to know about it.

10. Make sure the game is ready for release

The problems with activation were well documented with the launch of FM 09 and I’m sure the guys over at SI don’t need me to tell them to do everything in their power to avoid a similar predicament. Although the main problem I find and it happens every year, is that the game is never really completely playable until a patch is released a couple of months after the game becomes available on the shelves. I know it’s difficult, but if SI can deliver a first release that is relatively bug free and we don’t have to wait for a patch, then everyone will go home extremely happy. I’m sure of it!

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  1. Match-fixing should be included, because, face it: it’s part of football. Also fan violence and fines, etc. should be included. Obviously different countries will have different match-fixing involvement discovery factors, same as different clubs will have different fan violence probability factors.

  2. Number 6 is a must, there’s no way around it. 7 would be annoying and not really realistic: it happens every once in a while in real life, and that’s that. 3 would be nice too. And I’d like to add one feature:to be able to tell the players to pass the ball to someone by double clicking, and if your idea sucks they slowly loose respect and stop listening to you, or if it’s a good one they gain respect for you, if you tell them to pass more than 3-4 times a match they get annoyed at you, etc. What do you think?

  3. i think maybe some football acadamies should be in it,they would be a great source of young talent.instead of getting in 1 half decent young player into your own clubs youth teams along with loads of wasters

  4. Number 6 is a must, there’s no way around it. 7 would be annoying and not really realistic: it happens every once in a while in real life, and that’s that. 3 would be nice too. And I’d like to add one feature:to be able to tell the players to pass the ball to someone by double clicking, and if your idea sucks they slowly loose respect and stop listening to you, or if it’s a good one they gain respect for you, if you tell them to pass more than 3-4 times a match they get annoyed at you, etc. What do you people think?

  5. I couldn’t agree more with #3. The press conferences are dull with the questions way too predictable and the range of answers far too limited.

    It feels more like taking a telemarketing survey than doing a pre-match press conference.

    The solution might be to massively expand the range of questions that can be asked, and also the range of answers that can be given.

  6. being able to cancel subs before they’re made is another thing id really annoys me when i have a player about to come off and he scores,or another player gets injured

  7. I’d like the match engine to recognise when you field a weakened team in a match (i.e. league cup or in the game before a european tie).

  8. Also I agree with #8 duffman90, a “You are about to substitute X for Y, are you sure?” (which you can turn on or off) would help. Especially if you play the games themselves at a higher speed.

  9. Some great points there. If this thread develops, maybe a quick post on SI forums pointing them in this direction for suggestions – they are usually always after some. I’m one of those who plays for hours and hours. Same way each year, I take my local Conference Side and take them to the top until they dominate all.

    1. Loans

    I buy alot of youngsters. Some I sell in a few years to make money. Some I develop that make it into the team. During this, I loan them out. But each year, I have to check every loan “application” to make sure the wage offer is high enough and that they don’t want a clause to buy the player in there.

    A simple minimum wage offering setting and other options would save me hours accepting loan offers.

    2. Assistant Manager

    I’m quite hands off with things. Quite often I let the AM pick the team and I tweak it. However, the AM always picks the subs in a certain order, usually with 2 defending players. They then spend the game suggesting tactics to me that I have to implement.

    Let Managers pick a “formation” for the substitutes too, how many DMs or St you want that the AM can then pick for you. Also, let there be a button for the AM to automatically implement any tactical suggestions throughout the game so I don’t spend the first half of the game pressing buttons!

    3. Backroom Staff.

    Using FM Genie Scout, you can effectively cheat – as I’m sure most of you are aware. When you look at the backroom staff, such as Supporter Spokesperson there ability is usually very very low. I spend a while making sure I have the right staff to train the players, it would be nice if these changed too.

    Either give us the option to hire and fire the other people as well, or maybe external forces should be involved. If the spokesperson is rubbish, then the supporters should protest and get someone decent in!

    4. Players Position – especially WB.

    There are lots of WB in the game, and quite a few are usually high quality. I buy them, but the Assistant Manager refuses to put them into my 4-4-2 even though a WB is just as able to play DL/DR – even though they are the best person for the job. You put them to learn the “new” position of DL, but it takes them years until it formally appears as a position.

    Simple – let the Assistant Manager play WBs as DL/DR. It’s upto the manager if it’s not right, but they are good enough for the job! And then, it doesn’t take several years for the player to learn DL/DR, so speed it up!

    5. Player Regeneration.

    As the game progresses, the amount of players available for some nationatities disappear. For example, I have recently been South Africa manager and only had 1 available goalkeeper – not one other player was eligible for the squad. In fact at the moment, there is a general GK shortage in the game.

    Make sure players are regenerated in all position and nationalities.

  10. I used to play football manager but didn’t buy this one because as you study the real life game a bit more, this feels too unrealistic.

    The main problem and a problem which will be difficult to rectify is that you can’t really learn anything from watching the game. There is an option to watch the matches in full time but somehow they have got to find a way to learn things from the game.
    Have the midfield squeezed out my playmaker; are we leaving too big a gap in midfield, is the forward isolated etc. You get my drift.

  11. Hey, I think some of these guys need to think before they speak cf:
    sliders for tactics; when a manager tells players to do x y and/or z, the response is not 100% of his input, and he has to learn how to behave to earn the responses he wants. Thus sliders, they require effort to learn but reward with an analogue, fluid and immensely powerful instruction system that you’d be hard pressed to better. Though I would enjoy a feature for describing player combination (eg simultaneous/parralel runs and one-twos layoffs etc, maybe for training as it took me literally years to learn how all the different coaches and their mentalities affect teams).
    If you can’t read the 2d match engine, take a moment and think about the perspective (09 did not help here). Normal TV footie is action oriented, which necessitates focus and detail (i reccomend games played in the san siro as the camera-work there really raises the standard). FM has a bird’s eye view that NOONE can fully understand at first glance; football took you years to learn to watch (you just didn’t know that you were learning) and FM is the same, xcept smaller scale.
    If you need proof that the sliders and the engine are reactive and hugely informative know this; I’ve been playing a game with arsenal for three and a bit seasons now, I’ve not lost more than two games in any season (in all competitions) and have failed to score on just five occassions (in all competitions) from 163. I know that this is not fluke or an unbeatable team because noone wins the prem by fluke and there is no such thing as an unbeatable team, in FM or reality.
    In short, FM is hard. Let’s not lose that in future because it’s scale is intrinsic in it’s reward.
    there were a bunch of points i wanted to make for imprvoements, but I can’t remember what they were

  12. The one for me that nobody seems to mention is the sound. They could really improve the use of sound in the game as it still has a generic feel to it. Improving the look and feel of the stadium in 3D mode would be better too.

  13. See i like sliders but maybe have an option to talk to players, saying i want you to do this and that in the game. That way some people could give basic instructions without need for the sliders while at the same time time it wouldnt be as advanced as the sliders in controlling players. Something like for a winger, the options is how attacking they should be(Much>not very), creative, so on so forth. Another thing asking players to cut in from wide positions should be an option in the sliders like crossing is.
    Finally more interaction with players and the ability of the press to know whether your first or second team is playing.(im sick of getting 2-0 wins with a bunch of 18yo and getting fans expect better)

  14. You’re spot on about the press conferences.

    The comments above about canceling a sub after a major event has taken place in the match is also essential. Nothing more infuriating than that happening.

    Also, I agree with being able to have more interaction with your Chairman and other senior executives at the club. For a hypothetical example, say a meddlesome board member from Real Madird signs a mediocre midfielder from West Ham, ownership should put pressure on the manager to play this new player.

    They should also give you the ability to comment on match officials, either after they have given a harsh penalty against your team or, even better, prior to the match taking place so you can try to gain an advantage over your opponent. This might be a bit archane and hard to program, but would add a level of addt’l realism to it.

  15. You really should give the 3D engine another try. I started using it with version 0.3 and it is fantastic! I would never go back to those 2D blobs.

  16. Some excellent points raised by everyone.

    @PALGOLAK I may just give the 3D engine another chance then when I next go to play the game. Will let you know what I think.

  17. I agree with 3 , 4 , 7 & 9

    Lots of little things they also should add:

    – Interviews for the Manager Job

    – Personal Medal Collection

    – Tell all your subs or individual subs to warm up before they come on so that they dont get cramp
    so you can have a team warm up button etc

    – Before your subs come on you can give them some encouragement words i.e. score a goal or If they get sent off you can shout at them or tell them its not your fault etc

    – Referee mind games (you can put them off before the game) but risk getting fined by the F.A or complain about the ref after the game.

    – Have tabs on FM to move around the system easily

    – And i agree they should let you cancel a subsitution

    – My wage means nothing to me. When i get offered a new contract i ask for the lowest wage so that the overall wage budget is manageable.

    Lastly i would like to see goal updates that are visible when im playing the game as a way of keeping me informed

  18. Should be able to do something with your wage as a manager donate to a club or better still start your own club and hire staff whiles u work elsewhere

    It makes no sense to work for money and not be able to spend it

  19. I agree with every single bit of this!! Gr8 stuff. u should definetely send this to those guys over a sports interactive!!!! :)

  20. All I want is better goalkeeper and defender statistics i.e. goals conceded and last gasp tackles.

  21. I’m not going to lie i prefer 2008, the additions to 2009 are not impressive, The 3D version is not something that would want to make you buy the game and due to this the 2D screen has been effected and made worse, FM08 was amazing i was addicted, FM09 bored me after 2 weeks and i sold it.
    I think they should scarp 3D a it is not enjoyable at all, i personally think they should go back to the basic settings of FM08 and Improve on that. At The Moment its just not reaistic.

  22. 1 thing that i do think is an absolutely must which i dont think anybody has put down, is that they should be more realistic about players who play for teams say not in the top 4…. me bein a west ham fan am really starting to get annoyed that there not complementing the players… rob green upson and the youngster arent as gd as they would be say for the top 4… even jussi jaskeleinen from bolton is probly one of if not one of the best goalies in the prem but they have him as jus an average goalie….. and i would like the chance to request for a new stadium if you dont own your own stadium or you cant build on it anymore..

  23. 1. I dont know how come nobody mentioned the opponent instructions bit, i hope the fm09 haters know about this function before commenting anything because this makes a whole world of difference. I think there should be an automated function according to what your ass man tell u about opponent instructions as i spend a gazillion hours setting up opponent instructions. Feels like an unreasonable cause for carpal tunnel syndrome!

    2. The Virtual striker 3d is a brilliant start but is quite annoying if you cant move the cameras around. 3d facial structure is also useless if you cant zoom in to look at their faces. I understand that compromise needs to be made to the operation requirements but i think at the end of the day it is worth it for the amount of hours we all spend playing this game.

    3. totally agree on commentaries, i think that they (at SI) realised that its a pandoras box when they introduced this and (just like the 3d view). Because with restrictions of content and the limited ability to recycle comments, users will feel annoyed rather than appreciating the new function. But I believe that the database of comments is a matter of effort and can slowly grow in size with time.

    4. For a game whose fun factor lies almost largely on the excitement of developing new talents I think that the match engine needs to realise the strength of the team (if its playing second strings) and apply it to the match analysis and odds. I dont know if its just me or the league cup (in the EPL) is easier to win if u play second strings of players, esp when u use the big clubs. This goes on to show that there is an ability for the match engine to recognise second string players and should be switched on for every matches in every competition.

    5. I dont know if I want FM to start getting out of the scope of football game and introducing girlfriends and offsprings like some new, offbeat football manager simulator does. But at the same time I really think that a reward system for us the managers should be made available, i’e unlocking legendaries for just for fun matches, imagine looking at the FM statistics of garrincha or maradona!! and maybe like someone said above, use the money to build ur own football academy and eventually manage ur own football club.

    6. If I can be so optimistic as to ask for voice commentaries when playing the match in real time? Naming pronounciation problems can be addressed with calling out shirt numbers instead just like Pro-evolution soccer.

    7. Staff recruitment is too easy for human players and often I would control a major club and readily pay $1,000,000 for a real madrid staff to break their contract and join the club. In real life the chairman would not let you pay so much for just a coach!

    8. Assistant Managers should be smarter in controlling the reserve team and should always pick the team according with, the goal, of keeping the squad in full fitness and not necessarily winning every game. Assistant managers should also suggest the best tactic that you can play in with your current squad.

    9. Young players should be given less natural talent and can be developed more with training and good form in reserve / under-18 matches. Ive tried to develop young talented 16yr olds with maximum efforts for 3 seasons without any of them becoming wonderkids. Training should show its rewards more often or become redundant.

    10. Motivational words should have more variety (depth) and also more logical. Players also should approach u more often so u know whats going on. Hence making you more psychologically in touch with the players. Maybe during halftime they can make suggestions to u.

    11. Going into the details:
    – one thing id like to see is a proper celebration for winning a trophy instead of just a chockfull of texts of praises. Maybe a team photo every season to put in your office along with a trophy cabinet.
    -Testimonials are also really awesome for legendary players. It gives us the reminder and motivation to play them even when theyre old instead of letting them rot and die in the bench.
    -If we can also have more players staying in the game after they retire as staffs it will also be great.
    -customising the football shirt every season will also work well along with the introduction of 3d view.

    12. As to the sliders, tactics and getting rid of the messy multi directional player movement arrows is actuallly doing a wonderful job and is an improvement as far as im concerned and I wouldnt want the SI team to waste more time on it as there are other far more pressing. I think though, more descriptions need to be made on the functions of some of the complicated and less used tactical options, ie. when u highlight target man, the pop up message just says “tick to use target man”, which is stating the obvious and ridiculous for someone who does not know football vocab.

    -Lastly, FM is the only computer game i can never drop in all these years, I think FM franchise is truly the best individual game of all time! Please make FM 10 the legendary one!

  24. A lot of the ideas above are good however noone has mentioned anything about captains! I think there needs to be more interaction between the manager and captain, say perhaps a weekly/monthly meeting between the two. At the moment the captain doesn’t do anything other than have the C next to his name. They could also become involved in press conferences (which need a lot more variety, a good addition though) and sit along side you before the big matches?

    The board and chairman should do more as well like recommend signings etc. I think this has been mentioned already though…

    Create your own set pieces? Like the old corners Liverpool used to do where they would tee up riise for a volley, or free kick lay offs etc.

    More realistic transfers, its ridiculous that Valencia want more than 80M for David Silva when in reality, even if they weren’t cash strapped, they would probably let him go for 35-40M.

    Being able to “sell the club” to a new signing. When you try to sign a player you should be able to tell them your plans for him, the club, how he fits in etc. rather than just checking “key player”. You should conduct a meeting with the player and his agent, similar to press conferences.

    More variety in team talks or let the captain give the team talk, that would tie in with the captain interaction as above. Also being able to give a few words to a sub before they go on and getting them to warm up as well.

    Off field incidents. Every now and then a player should get caught up in off field allegations, obviously not anything serious like assualt or rape but more variety rather than just not turning up to training if they are unsettled. Players like Barton and Bellamy etc could get into altercations with team mates and you will have to handle the situation.

    Just a few thoughts, but I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something I wanted to mention…

  25. About point 6, Amen.

    I read about this on another forum, and it’s possibly THE reason I don’t play FM09 anymore.

    It takes too long to create a succesfull formation.
    We need a system like CM01/02 !

  26. My only wish is that the psp version will allow the freedom for you to interact with the players and create a nickname for them. Please!

  27. A few things I would like to see are: –

    Better interaction between youth/reserve team managers and yourself – i.e reserve CB performance is superior to your chosen 1st team CB or under 18 LM should be given a some 1st team experience otherwise his ptential will be lost.

    Also when the patch is realeased after the January Transfer window I would like an option to start the game from that point with all the teams in the league positions that they were on 01 Feb. Two reasons for this is A) realism B) I feel it would make an interesting challenge if say your chosen team are 12 points adrift at the bottom of the league.

    Friendlies, these should be a larger feature in the game and should really be the cash cows that they are becoming in real life. Should also be able to arrange friendlies against internatioanl sides and have games on the same day just like in real life. i.e 21 July – Team XI v Canada and Team XI v Moss.

    More interaction between supporters and manager i.e you are on a run of defeats and supporters get on your back affecting player morale or they can put pressure on you to play the expensive player you wish to bed in the youth team again affecting players morale.

  28. I think you should be able to become the scout of a club or something lower down the food chain to start with, add another dimension and allow you to get some experience without being on the chopping block from the word go!!

    that would be awesome

  29. i am in favour of most the changes but i also would like to get my own advertsiments and marketing brand for the club.

  30. I’d love the chance to set long term goals for my club. What I mean is you are hired for a 3 year term and you set a 3 year plan at the commencement of the contract, i.e. first season dedicated to buying and selling players to have a permanent team then in the final season of the contract being a competitor for the #1 position.

  31. the media aspect of the game must be tweaked. The questions need to be changed and reworded regularly. you should also be able to establish relationships with the media and know what source is asking you the questions.

    the 3d match engine has to improve. its time to really make this work. add the crowd, its not that special without them. a little smoother, players a bit bigger, show replays from different views, closeups.

    more fan involvement, fines, bans, fights, empty stadiums, as the manager you should have involvement in fan management.

  32. as you improve in your skills and begin to get paid for it what are you supposed to do with this money?

    like the mate who mentioned this earlier it would be fantastic to use the money for your own team.

    i thought about this while playing. i had raised close to 100 million dollars getting paid nicely by Arsenal. now i was getting bored and needed a new challenge but didnt want to just drop down 2-3 devisions, how about you manage and own your own team in the lower devisions. you could build them and sell them. have new challenges as an owner.

    this could go into a whole new field

  33. Having played both mixed around year in year out i can see good points and bad points in both Football Manager and Fifa Manager. Both need to take a look at each other and nick a few features. I think if football manager could allwo you to send out a a strong 4-4-2 formation it would be a better game, and it should include some of the features of fifa manager such as the youth academys, and the financing side of it with loans, shares, equity bonds etc. I think football manager has just a few steps to go and is a lot closer than fifa manager to creating a brilliant managerial game.

  34. I think that You should be able to get sponserships and decide where they go on the jersey

  35. I played the game down the line for about 9 seasons worth with arsenal, and overall I found that its not possible to raise good youth players, simply because the game doesnt give them enough player development. I played jack wilshire whenever possible (without burning him out) and he only became a decent premier division midfielder. I know not everyone will play the game for 9 seasons but they should sort out player development.

  36. Bring back the old arrows…I miss the old all-conquering tactics which let me take Leeds to the Champions League trophy.

  37. Re: Your 10 suggestions

    1. Testimonials
    Great idea! Not sure how many there would be, I rarely keep anyone for 10 years!

    2. Bring back the fun of the game!

    “The complexities surrounding things like training and tactics at times require far too much perseverance. I want to be able to send out a strong Manchester United team in a basic 4-4-2 formation and expect to beat a relegation threatened side”

    Completely disagree. That’s whole point of FM! In real life if you sent out a 2nd rate Man U team against a lower team without bothering to devise any tactics for the game or motivate them, they would lose! So it is how it should be. The game rewards hard work, just like the real thing.

    3. Overhaul Press Conferences

    Yep. Currently pointless. It’s obvious which answers are going to have a detrimental effect, the rest are boring.

    4. 3D Match Engine

    One of the best things about the new version. 3D brings a much more realistic view of the game. Watching the game is the best way to see what’s working and what isn’t and then tweak your tactics accordingly.

    5. Match day Experience
    Could be improved but it’s not that bad, just a lot of deja vu.

    6. Tactical Sliders

    Just send some guy out and tell him to do his thing!? How vague is that!? If anything the Sliders are too limiting, I want to see more options and a bigger scale for the sliders to be more specific.

    7. Chairmen Interference

    Definitely needs work. I remember a couple of versions ago I had quite a few signings made by the Chairman, or complaints about the signings I had made, but 2009 seems to have done away with that.

    8. Realistic expectations

    I don’t think this is too much of a problem. I like the pre-season expectations/budget allocation – even though I know I’m going to be challenging for the title I might select European qualification as the aim just the lessen the pressure and end of season opinion.

    9. Penalty takers (See who wants one!)

    Agree. I can take a great penalty when it’s on the training ground, but would I have the balls to do it in front of 50,000 people in a champions leage final?

    10. Make sure the game is ready for release


  38. Some excellent responses guys, keep them coming and I hope they’re listening at SI towers!

    @ Mike

    Your point about my point (number 2). I see what you’re saying but what annoys me is having to tweak the tactics DURING the match every 5-10 minutes to ensure you get the result. I often try to follow assistant manager instructions which means that every game I am having to do my opposition instructions at various intervals in the match. It can take up to 15-20 minutes just to prepare and complete one game. To me that’s ridiculous.

    Regarding point 6 and tactical sliders. It’s vague mate but at the end of the day that’s how it is in a dressing room in real life. You get simple instructions (like don’t be afraid to have a run at their full-back). I don’t like the sliders at all but that’s just my opinion. :)

  39. This is what I want:
    1. The option to set player instructions, not just positional instructions in the tactics screen. When clicking on to a player, I want to set up the instructions for each position he may play in. So when rotating the team or making a substitution, it won’t take a thousand years changing instructions to fit the “new” player. Doing it this way you “do them sliders” once, and never again.
    2. I want to tell a player where to look for a pass, not just where to cross.
    3. If a player isn’t performing or if he dislikes an other player, I want to ask him why. The game needs more player interaction in general anyway.
    4. Designing Stadiums! Not just for the fun of it though. VIP seats, the number of ad boards and seating capasity should be decided by manager.
    5. The team mentality slider should affect the individual mentality sliders when they are set different. Raising and lowering each mentality sliders during match takes unnecessary long time, and this way would give back meaning to the team slider.

  40. agree with all those points, 3D is crap, we should be able to put 2 position our player anywhere in the field

  41. i agree with the majority of the points made but how about this on:


    they could also add an option of whether the camp is for a relaxing and fun break in order to improve the morale in the squad or whether it be a hard gruelling week in the sun in order to improve fitness? maybe there could be an option on who is wanted to attend the camp?

  42. it should be more realistic because if you resign from your job at manchester united and a manager in leauge 1 you stay down there like nigel clough came from managing burton albion to derby county and in football manager you stay down at that level unless you get promoted

  43. Loving some of the points here’s a couple of my own. I wood like the chairman 2 interfear if your getting the results but only by the odd goal or a string of 1-0’s, only with the top teams though it happens often in real life. N it wood b good 2 view your stadium n build a new like the very old lma manager. And sum more chairman common sense I recently got qpr promoted n my chairman status 4 me was very secure then by the first premiership fixture it was back down 2 stable through no fault of my own!

  44. i definatly agree with kofi’s idea, i love the thourght of being able to own my own clue and appoint my own manager, it would add so much more dept to the game and make it soo much more enjoyable, i think football is massive and there are so many things to explore, like id like to beable to become an assistant manager, give my advice and take games when the manger isnt around, i also love 7 about the chairman having more of a say, its far more realisic to the moden game.

  45. totally agree. especially with the press conference part of the game. answering lots of questions before a game is just so tedious. football manager 2008 got it spot on in my opinion. 1 question on how i think the upcoming game will go, and occasionally one more on a danger man for the opposition. nothing else needed.

  46. you should be able to build the statiam and training ground etc like you could on the old lma manager games would be class to beable to do that and keep the game play as it is in 09

  47. i think that it would be good 2 rate the crowd and atmosphere, and you could see how much of an important role your fans are playing on the game

  48. > Like the idea of testimonials. Think that would be a good addition,
    > unreallistic champions league teams e.g. in my game 2015 West Brom are in the champions league. I don’t think so…
    > Being able to start as a coach or assistant manager and work your way up.
    > Maybe a sort of weekend highlights progamme e.g. Match of the Day where it gives a round up of the best games and goals.
    > Long shot but maybe your team’s kit will change from time to time and sponsorship logos come and go.
    > What happened to set piece marking e.g. zonal or man marking from corners and free kicks.
    > With current financial climate maybe media speculation on clubs finances and future.

    There we are. Maybe not all of these suggestions are going to work, you may feel some are silly but hey…just my opinion.

  49. You should be able to choose sponsors for your shirts.

    I want to be able to start my own football team – perhaps in the Blue Square North/South.

    Press conferences need more depth

    3D Match Engine needs some work done to it – commentary doesn’t match the thing your watching.

    Plus – marking doesn’t work either. I have tried using zonal marking, and tight man marking.

    Also, signing decent players costs loads of cash – Portsmouth wanted £30m for Peter Crouch!!!

    You should also be able to see training – with the 3d match engine.

    Why are there assistant managers if all they do is report back to you 1000 different things you need to do – why can’t they tweak it with your permission?

    Team talks need more of an effeect. If instead telling the players if it was a good or bad first half, you should be able to suggest to them what they could do to outwit the opponent.

    Plus, why do the big name players never perform? In Liverpool, it seems that Gerrard, Alonso and Keane don’t do anything when they are playing for me.

    Why is it when i try and sell the likes of Keane, that he doesn’t want to go because he just joined. It also said on his profile that he was pleased to be transfer listed.

    Alot needs to be done in FM10 to make it good.

  50. Seriously they need to go back to the basics. 2008 was awesome and 2009 sucked. great ideas with pre-match conference’s etc but need to improve drasically before i up grade. I like the idea of having football academies. even if you manage a big team in europe you get awful players coming through. this needs addressing A.S.A.P.maybe in another couple of years it’ll be perfect but no one will be happy with everything they add.

  51. at the start of the game you can buy good players like yury shirkov, dario srna, joa moutinho, angela palombo etc. for amounts under £20m. But after as little as three seasons its practically impossible to buy good players for those sorts of amounts, unless they are offered to you.

  52. i think that we should be able to choose our kits or change them and also maybe be able to use a better match engine

  53. we shud be able to create players or hav a son who starts in the youh teams and wiv the managers wages you can upgrade him to make him a good player.

  54. More precise in game tactics such as hitting diagional passes from left to right more often. Playing one twos with players could be an in game tactic which could be used.

    Coners, free kicks and throw in should have a separate tactics board so you can set where exactly every player stands.

    Rehabilitation training for long term injuries. You should be given a list of when you want the player back and the pysio has to meet those demands even if the player does not recover fully. This will help when players are injured and you want them back on time for an important semi final clash with AC Milan.

  55. i dnt know about anybody else but i get quite bored sometimes with fm 2009 it needs something for 2010 which will brighten the game up something like a sky sports news kind of centre saying the transfer rumours, what going on in the papers, results and more.

  56. how about a better transfer system? im sick of going rangers, doing well in the champions league but unable to persuade bigger names to the club because the player thinks ” scottish football would be a wrong step for him”

  57. I agree with the manager job interview and the better press conferences, I think that it needs a sort of grassroots mode in which you start with like a youth team and move up the ranks, having to take coaching badges as you progress up, this would be a seperate mode to the normal game, also a player-manager.

  58. I agree with duffman, Many times i have made a sub but its taken like five minutes to go through and by then you may have conceded or had a player pick up an injury, and now u have a player on the field which u dont really want

  59. i think there should be a under 21s tornament that envoles the best under21 sides from europe to scandanavia and you should be able to send your scouts to watch them and get reports so you can get feedback on the hop prospects for the future

  60. i want to be able to coach u21 teams, u18 teams and reserves, this would be good to start your careers like Pep Guardiola did :) if you do well and the current manager doesn’t or leaves you could be asked to replace him

  61. “Match-fixing should be included, because, face it: it’s part of football. Also fan violence and fines, etc. should be included. Obviously different countries will have different match-fixing involvement discovery factors, same as different clubs will have different fan violence probability factors.”

    Yeah right. While we’re at it let’s bring in racism, ultras, fans getting stabbed, disasters and all that sort of everyday football management type of thing…

    I’m not being funny mate, that’s a sh*t idea.

  62. * I’d like to see an update with the financial aspects of the game. Were you can do more with the excess revenue that you earn with the club. Right now I’m Arsenal and my team is basically completed and I win just about every major tournament every season, so I always have well over 100 million at the end of the summer transfer market which just sits there for the entire year. However on the revenue section of the financial summary it says i’ve made no investments. This would be a great addition to the game.

    * I think they should bring back the feature were you can say how you feel about the officiating of the referee in your last match. You used to be able to say the referee was horrible, although you could get in trouble for saying it.

  63. I don’t like the sliders i think its just wrong, i’d like to have a basic way of playing andv maybe tweak that like arsenal play very fluid one touch passing football but if they were tp play man u they would change that, i.e. “go out keep the ball wait for them to slip” options like that and i think they should just redo the whole thing just start from a blank canvas because has anybody noticed that they have a year and apart from new signings and a few other things nothing is really changed if you brought a seqeual to a game and it was identical you would sell it.



  66. First of all, imo, manager games, especilaly CM/FM series of manager games are easily the most fun and addictive games ever, and while I don’t have many gripes, i have a few. WHile i do think there are some good ideas here, tbh id like to see the devs focus move on fixing the poorer portions of the game than devloping new ones. There are currently a few features that while not saying they should be removed from the game, at current design, i would definetly turn off given the choice, in particular these two :

    1)Press conferences — Ugh, ugh, ugh. I hate press conferences, tedious, utterly predictable and mostly pointless – ass. man. all the way anyway, give me an off switch. I just dont see how it would work. Perhaps im being overly harsh but imo without a vast improvement to the responses and an uncanny display of awarness from the engine to ask the right an varied questions vrs current climate, it will always feel labourously artificial. While I like the idea of player involvement I cant see it working either, but heres hoping FM2010 makes me regret this post..

    2)Teamtalks – I remember wanting TTs in earlier versions, but that was because I wanted to blast my star player at halftime for missing a host of sitters – now, im not so sure. The team talks are at best ok, and in actual match impact are about as useful as i would imagne they are in real life. However they could be improved in variation and (the much harder to implement) accuracy of choices. Also, i don’t like the way the game actually limits the already very limited TTs based on what it thinks is reasonable at the time, im the manager, surely thats my job. Can’t i be as unpredictable and enigmatic as i deem fit? Especially considering, my biggest gripe, according to TT feedback they all “did’t seem to be listening”, hmmpfh.

  67. If we could create our own players, that would be AMAZING!!! like in FIFA especially when you can put their potential at 7 stars!! i would buy the game in a heart beat. shouldnt be to difficult to put in there.

  68. great wish list, if si read this and followed we would have as good a game as cm 01/02 was at the time :)

  69. FFS, penalties are NOT a lottery. This is a tired pathetic cliche spouted off by those in the media to show their empathy for the losing team.


    If they were a lottery, they would be COMPLETELY random. But they’re clearly not. They are based on a footballers ability to put the ball into the back of the net from 12 yards, and the ability of the goalkeeper to stop said shot. This is pretty much the opposite of a lottery – it’s testing two of the most fundamental skills of the game! Scoring a goal, and saving a goal! It also requires mental strength – composure, ability to deal with pressure, attempting to psyche out ones opponent.

    If you get 5 blokes from down the pub, and gave them a tennis ball and positioned them 10 metres away from a bucket and asked them all to throw the tennis ball into the bucket, would you say the results of this were equivalent to that of a lottery? Or would you correctly assume that the person with the best throwing skills would successfully get the ball into the bucket?

  70. On FM 08 there was so many wonderkids and on FM 09 theres hardly any other than keirrison, ramires, jozy altidore and the ones that you have to pay big money for such as fellaini messi bojan pato benzema sakho pique evans hamsik kuzmanovic saivet jaoe moutinho juan manuel vargas bring back the 100 grand wonderkids like aaritalo from that finland team his coach report said a leading star for most premiership teams and you could sign him for most league 1 teams on fm 08 and he was a great sub for teams like arsenal man utd chelsea liverpool

  71. i would like to talk to a player in my team one to one without it being in the news….like asking him to a meeting in the office after training. to see how he is and all. if he is playing bad talk to him to see wats wrong! just like in real life…

  72. few more points….

    1)more options in team talks.

    2)more options in press conf’ B4 & after match’s

    3)option to changes kits for new seasons
    (seeing that spurs have another 3 kits for 2009/10 that will make in 27 kits since 2002) it should be in the game…

    4) more history .im a stat-head at heart and would like to see top 5 players most caped+goals, sted of just one

    5) the international part still needs more work!!!
    in FM 2008 the were internationals matches in Feb March,Apirl but in FM2009 this was gone.. in the run up to the world cup 2010 i couldnt play any friendlies. infact the first game i played in 2010 was a World cup game..that not very real is it? there sould be slots in Feb Mar Apr and just B4 the world cup 1 or 2 Friendlies in may and june,…just like in real life.

    6)all for Testimonials…

    7) also when in pre-season with chelsea i try and fail everytime to get games played in USA. every summer i ask the Galaxy and New York for friendlies and evertime they say…NO, they should come back and say we cant play your team on the date you have picked but we are free to play on this date…

    thats all rite now there is lotsmore just cant think rire now

  73. i think the youth setup has got to improve.
    i am fed up of always getting useless youngsters coming through in my u’18s . u only get one decent player that makes it into your first team if ur lucky.

    also i am fedup of enquiring about a 5 mil rated player for example and his club askin for 20 mil . i know this thing happens sometimes in real life but it hardley gets that rediculos.

    natural fitness gets annoying at times aswell . half the decent players all have a rubbish natural fitness and stamina so wen u play him in a match by the next game he is still only on like 75% finess which means its one of your star player that u can only play for like half the game tops before u have to sub him cuz he knacerd….. get it sorted si

  74. Your suggestion for #6 is ridiculous. Your idea of management would be then, buy all the best players – dont worry about any form of tactics or telling your players how they should behave or perform – just go out there and do your stuff. Get a grip, being a good FM player, is not by having all the best players in one team its having a team that can win with a realistic level of squad talent.

  75. A lot of your points would actually make me stop playing the game. If there were no sliders, the game would be pretty easy, just buy big players and send them out to win. The sliders make it harder so that you might actually be telling a star player to be doing something he is no good at, therefore you get bad results. I think it should be harder actually.

    The only things I would like to see in FM2010 is realistic prices. Too often I bid for a player who is valued at 5 million, to be asked to pay 15-20 million, if he is valued at 5 million, then the most you should have to pay is 7-8 million (+ incentives if he is young).

    Individual player instructions should be saved WITH the overall tactics so you can change tactics without having to set individual orders every time, very time consuming when you generally tell the player to do the same thing each game.

    Full control of kit colours would be good. INCLUDING SHORTS AND SOCKS PLEASE!

    More emphasis on youth players would be good.

    Being able to talk with players would be good, as long as there are more than 5-6 generic questions/answers.

    One problem I’ve always had and Im not sure if anybody else has had the same problem: When a first team player recovers from an injury they should not get Unsettled or Upset if they have to play a few reserve games! You need to be able to bring a player back into the first team at full strength and NOT crying about his bad treatment.

  76. Few more suggestions:-

    >Being able to retire a shirt number. It’s in FM09 but you can’t actualy retire one yourself.
    >What about tapping up. It’s done in real life. As manager your could tap up players, coaches, scouts; and as a manager you could have a chairman of another club come tap you up and ask if your prepared to replace so and so as manager.
    >A ‘Pass To’ option in either the team or player tactics. i know there’s the playermaker and target man option but what about being able to ask your defenders to lamp the ball up to a big CF who’s 6ft7.
    > An outsider maybe but in the data editor being able to create a new division e.g. one below the Welsh Premier League (i’m welsh you see)
    >What happened to sending players off for surgery. I know there’s the send for rehabilitation option but i wanna know if my striker’s just going away for treatment or is he going under the knife and if so is it likly to re-occur.
    >More interaction with players agents. e.g. A player may want to send his agent to meet you about a possible transfer before he actually meets you himself.
    >When signing a player i’d like there to be a ‘medical’ feture where-by your physio gives him the medical and comes back to you with the info about his fitness and injury prone-ness that way it would let us discover those hidden attributes during the game like natural fitness and injury prone.
    >I think the training aspect of the game needs a little tweak to. e.g. i have a centre back whose great at tackling, good marking excellent jumping but his heading isn’t great. Now i only want to give him some extra work on his heading but because it’s all ties in to the tactics or set peice training section he spends time improving on everything else as well when his time could be spent on just improving his heading.

    Food for thought there SI but still a bloody great game :)

  77. I totally agree with the 10 + sugestions made. hope SI or someone from SI really read and consider these changes for FM 2010.

    In 2010 version I would also like to be able to be hired as ah interim manager like Guus Hiddink at Chelsea or like Alan Shearer at Newcastle, where you come in maily to save your team from the drop. this would be gr8..

  78. would also like to see the actuall 2009 – 2010 fixture list on the game make it feel a bit more realistic.

  79. number 6 is not an indication of what the players necessarily do, but more what you tell them.
    therefore you would be telling messi to play with 0-10 creativity.
    its for this reason that its advised to allow creative players to express themselves, and not players who have low creativity.
    some players listen better than others, and this is all down to the mental stats.

  80. i think that transfer budgets should be more generous. i think that teams ask for way too much money for a player. for example, in jan 09 stoke signed matthew etherington from west ham for around £2m, this would not happen on fm. this makes building a team very difficult as you can rarely afford even one player that would make a big difference to your first team. in real life it is only usually the young english players, cristiano ronaldo’s and kaka’s, and players that are considered key players for clubs with stubborn managers that require overly high amounts of money. either transfer budgets should be higher or players asking prices should be lowered.

  81. I like to play with a team for a long time and bring through the youth rather than always buyinh complete new teams.

    Maybe the young players being generated could sometimes have two good feet. I really dont like that they are all restricted to one foot.

  82. Ive read everyone’s comments and I agree with about 50% of them. I noted the ones I thought could work and want to send to SI but it might be a bit late.
    Getting to the point, my own personal suggestion is regarding tactics, why not use the ‘favoured moves’ like dribbling down the right wing, when talking about tactics, for example, ‘ get the ball down and play’ (more successful with a playmaker) compared to ‘get the ball up the pitch and knock down’ (more successful with a target man)
    Maybe add this to an improved slider tactics page, or have it as the only tactics.

  83. i would like to be able to be under 19’s manager then get promoted through the ranks at one particular club (u19’s reserve, first team) same with international, become under 21’s manager etc

  84. I agree with the manager contract. Wages mean nothing to the manager in football manager and it would be nice to maybe have some kind of reward in real-time for increases in manager salaries, because at the moment the manager contract is something that advances the games very little.

  85. philipslattery

    hahahahahah its football manager not the fecking sims!!!!! all this talk of having kids and using money to buy houses and cars and go on the best holidays and shag the ladies!!!! its so silly. come on if u want that then go and moan at EA and ask to be able to manage a football team in the SIMS..!!!! i do think FM need to change a lot of things .lets face it FM 2009 is…FM2006 just wit a few new things…..good and bad… part is still awfull and so unrealistic. i think if FM2010 is just like 09 then alot of fans will give up on it ! im back playing FM 2008 now cos the .international part is million times better and there is no press conf in it !!!!

  86. What?! you can already create players? how can you do that? and which football manager game can you do it in?

  87. I like the idea of the manager having their own personality. at the moment it is very limited, so why cant you have the ability to properly make friends and engage in various off field events. I dont mean anything like the sims, just a few opportunities to make the manager feel more real.

    Also, its too unrealistic to only be able to sell your players for their own value and yet have to buy players for at least double their value. more realism in transfers please.

    Furthermore, more appreciation from the club for achieving their goals. Iv been with Man Utd for years and years but theres no notice of my time there. how good would it be to recieve a statue or lifetime reward for certain achievements.

  88. I would like to see more pre-season stuff such as training camps and more sould be done on friendlies tournments like the wembley cup (new this season)ajax tournment ect ect…. big money tours to asia

  89. I was addicted to FM2008 but FM2009 hasnt really done much for me.

    -I want to see more involvement in the running of the club with maybe meetings to attend with the chairman or directors etc, more development with the training grounds and effective training. For example i want my attackers to work on shooting for half the session but also working on fitness and pace etc. Also i want to see and expand the stadium and the areas surrounding the stadium.

    -I think the point about the managers getting paid is stupid if you cant do anything with the money.

    -I think a real big flaw in the game is how one dimensional the players are in games. They dont react to situations you have to change the tactics every 5 seconds. There is no way of setting up defensive shape and attackive shape easily, the arrow system they have at the moment doesnt work.

  90. I think that you should be able to drag the players position to wherever you want instead of being given set places e.g put strikers further up the pitch or make the midfield players more spaced out

  91. I think I agree with managers personal earnings – there should be items that can be bought for so much money.. even if it were skins or facepacks. The possibilty of buying a small club is an interesting one too. I like the idea of changing kits every now and then too.. 3d engine should soon be able to cope with changes like this. arrows in tactics screen need to be altered.. perhaps add up to 3 arrows per player… board input should also have an affect. Press conference needs overhaul.. and I dont see why after I win 4 consecutive trebles.. I am not a club icon or even favourite for that matter.

  92. I’d like to see player values that are responsive to the environment of the game. For instance, If a player is worth $8,000,000 and he’s called up for the Confederations Cup or World Cup and has a successful tournament, his value rises to say, $20,000,000. And if the opposite result takes place, his value decreases. I’d also like to see faster increases in youth development depending on how good of training facilities and coaches you have, and also by the amount of first team football that you give them.

  93. the 3d engine needs improvements. smoother, zoom in.

    the tactics option 7 isnt bad but if you do that you should get negative results and possible post game player opinion on your request.

    the media needs to become unpredictable. it seems like there are 10 questions that are re-worded over and over that become very annoying.

    training: i feel in the older versions of CM an FM the management had a lot more input on player training. you should be able to suggest to the coaches what you expect out of a player.
    For example. i want my player to train but have a bit extra time working on free kicks or penalty shots.
    there should be much more communicating done between coaches and management.
    management loyalty and request.

    in the penalty shot situation you should go to your tactic window and choose the kicker. it should be automatic like when a player is injured.

    be more specific on what the player is feeling when they get a light or serious injury. i hate not knowing and switching a player out only to find out he’s got a bruised wrist.

    manager should be able to speak to the captain throughout the game to voice for him on the field. it seems that the captains arent involved like they should be.

    instant replay on offsides.

    game highlights in great 3D view

  94. I like a lot of these comments. I’ve been playing FM and Champ Man since 97/98. I’ve had all the games and I do think that 2009 is good. The 3D match engine obviously needs work, but SI know that if they improve the graphics the minimum system requirements will have to be increased. I’m struggling to play 2009 on my laptop, but in the long term, yes it does need to be developed.
    As people have mentioned, back in 2008 or earlier there was some chairman interference. I remember being Chelsea boss and Abromovich buying Camoranesi without my consent and using up all my transfer budget. This happened on transfer deadline day, he said it was because I hadn’t made a big money signing so took things into his own hands. I was annoyed at the time, but it was a good feature.
    Complaining about the referee used to be in it too, and they have removed that feature. I would definately like it back.
    I don’t really see much point in chosing sponsers or designing kits. Perhaps at the start of a new season you could be presented with 3 new kits and give your recommendation, no guarantees the club will take your advice though.
    In response to players doing things like getting drunk, or having a demanding wife etc… and affecting gameplay, I recently had a player suffer from depression and request a leave of absence. So I think these type of features are in the game, they’re just rare. They should perhaps be more common at the big clubs where the pressure is higher.
    Press conferences lose their appeal in 2009 after the 3rd one. They need to be improved greatly. You should have to do them when you sign a new player with that new player who also answers questions. You could really learn about a player’s personality this way.
    You should also have to meet and sell players your club and convince them to move to you. For lesser signings you could send your assistant (though it could sometimes backfire) but for the big signings you should have the opportunity to meet with them. I think it would be great if I could meet with Rooney and inform him that I plan to play him in a central strikers role if I sign him, and then him actually choosing my club based on his preference in playing centrally. Of course, if I then don’t play him in that position he can complain that he was brought to the club under false pretenses. It really would take the interaction levels in the game way higher.
    That’s all I can think of right now. I really like some of the comments though. Testimonials would be fun, as would a medal cabinet. I do think 2009 tactics/training is quite difficult too grasp.

  95. You guys are crazy! If all of our proposals were to be heard and implemented, this would be the end of civilization!

    Footy lovers would get hypnotized with this now unbelievable and most perfect football experience ever.

    No jobs, no food, no time for friends, girlfriend, family…HA

    By the way, what’s that about FM09, you can pick between male or female….what’s the big thing, I just don’t see the improvement.

    Girls play this game?

  96. I think that when making a bid for a player you have an option in the clauses bit that say ‘Loan Player Back To club’ and if the transfer goes through the player atomatically goes straight back on loan to the club he has just signed from till the end of the season. This would be useful so that the players aged 17, 18, 19, 20 , 21 , 22, so they aren’t just sat around playing reserves football and are getting competetive games.

  97. Completely agree with the comment above about manager’s salary. I keep my salary at the lowest possible so there is more money in the club to e.g. buy players. You should be allowed to set your salary as low as possible e.g. £1, rather than be required to pick from a list of salaries.

  98. low personal salary becomes pointless… i want to invest my money on one day buying a team, investing in a US team or South American team.

    i agree that we cant get too personal in the game and the managers life should be kept somewhat simple, though i do believe that player personalities should vary. when i see a unambitious player i would like advice on how to train him.

    i would like to speak with players i hope to sign. make and break promises.

    the match engine needs to be another world. you should have the option of level of graphics and whatnot but my computer is great i want Fifa style graphics.

    referee complaints, better in-game player communication,

    is it possible to have a Gold Edition version that has all the kits and pictures?

    transfer options should be much larger.

    the media sucks right now, im sooo tired of it, it needs to be smarter.

  99. What about the role of assistants. Maybe give football managers like us the chance to become an assistant. It requires you to work with players and could very much work. Say I was manager at a lower league club and got offered to be an assistant at a higher league club or start as an assistant would be great. Also its impossible for you to recruit managers at small clubs as your assistant at a bigger club. That is not realistic as many managers would jump at the chance of assisting at a big club even though it takes away their managerial status that would be good. I want the chance to become an assistant manager and I want to recruit current managers to become my assistant manager.

  100. steam slows down the game.

    when we offer contracts to players we should be able to discuss their image rights!

    i will like to get to know my players better in person in the game.

    what about the players life style of the pitch?

  101. I think all of the 10 have there advantages, i think the current game in 2009 is awesome and yeah every year progress has to be made by adding some extras, i would deffinately not bother with the match fixing because it hardly ever happens in football and its not needed. I think my favourites have to be testimonials, penalty takers and realistic ambitions of clubs after a good 1 season. i did that, i took over at stoke, finished in 6th place, i was expected to reach QF of League and Fa Cup and the last 16 of Europa League and of course qualify for europe again, now i know i got lucky, i had a good home record thats it. did not thnik it was realistic. it is a cracking game though, probably the greatest game ever created. can there be a search for wonderkids? nah that would spoil the fun of finding 1.

  102. Letting an injured player sit in the reserves until match fit… used to have the option on FM2008… why did it go?

  103. I, for one, hate having to rely on attributes when it comes down to the lottery of a penalty shoot-out. Because that’s exactly what it is. A lottery! You’re bustling centre-half may not be Francesco Totti from 12 yards out, but if he’s got the balls to step up to the plate, I want to know about it.

    QFT! What an awesome idea. I hate having to throw a defender on in extra time, just because he has penalty taking > my ever-present centre half.

  104. I’ve not read all the comments, so don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but i’m getting increasingly annoyed with the transfer system on FM.

    In real life, Arsenal WOULD accept £75mil for Adebayor.
    Arsenal WOULD accept £80mil for Walcott.
    United WOULD accept £100mil for Ronaldo.

    I’ve had all those offers rejected recently. It always used to be tough to sign the top players – and so it should be, you’re never gonna get a Ronaldo for £20mil – but it was always realistic, and possible.

    What’s more, a player’s value should be the amount you need to bid to get them. What’s the point of a £20mil valuation (eg, Walcott), if the club rejects £80mil?


  105. I agree with a lot of the points made on here.

    However, the manager does not decide whether a new stadium is required, the board decides this. Also, sponsorship would be handled by the Chief Executive (I think that is correct).

    For the sake of keeping the game realistic, these should not be handled by the manager.

    As for press conferences, why do you have to answer 3-4 questions on (supposed) rival clubs? Often the choices that you are offered do not reflect what you think and also if they ask an irrelevant question and you say “I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about (insert rivals name)’s chances”, why would they just ask the same question again?

  106. after 3-4 seasons i usually begin to manage 2 or 3 teams at a time.

    let me know what you think of these ideas

    1. have a difficulty level
    2. have a match engine option (super 3d, original but improved 3d, 2d, or none at all).
    3. use salary to buy teams, invest in teams, buy property.
    4. have preset career goals.
    5. have the ability to discuss contracts with players/staff more thoroughly.
    6. much more clever media without the repeat questions.
    7. much clearer financial graphs.
    8. in the editor mode, if you create a new team you should be able to create their logo.
    9. better player communication during game. constant captain/manager communication.
    10.having the ability to choose pk taker just before its taken.
    11.make tactics more defined, be able to communicate your tactics to players.

  107. how bout some clubs having a director of football and making signings for the manager. lets face it its the most realistic thing that can be added to the game. Also there are a lot of players with amazingly high attributes but when you scout them there only a good league 1 signing. i think players attributes should be what makes them a good signing and not there rating out of 200 in the editor.

  108. @ James Manning

    Completely agree with you. It sometimes takes astronomical bids of £150-200 million to land some players on FM and sometimes even that isn’t enough.

    As you say, we don’t expect unrealistic bids to be accepted (like £20 million for Ronaldo) but this side of the transfer system does need readdressing nonetheless.

  109. My suggestion is much more about the practicality of the game.

    I think that it should be made possible to minimise the window in which the game is playing. That way us FM09 fans that fall into the addicted catergory can sneak a few cheeky game in at work, without making it too obvious to the boss!

    Plus I would just like the ability to have a Joe Kinnear spaz out in the press conferences, I would like to see a more developed media side to the game too! Would be pretty realistic is occasionally players were reported in the tabloids for bringing the club into disripute with wild parties and illegal escapades. Just like real life.

  110. I think that the tactical sliders should be sorted out. The game is not fun when you have to spend hours messing around with sliders which you don’t understand because the manual doesn’t ell you what they do.

    Also transfers need to be sorted out. If i’m a mediocre club, I basically sell everyone in the first season and buy my team then because in season’s 2 or 3 the game won’t sell you anyone half way decent for under £10,000,000. Unsettled players at other teams should stay unsettled for longer.

    Training should be sorted out as well. I never have anyone decent from my youth, and if I buy a prospect I can’t just play him in the league cup, I have to play him game in game out to get an improvement. Bring back Champ Man 4.

  111. The biggest gripe I have with Football Manager is how slow it is. Sure, a lot of features would be great to have, but for what it is (a glorified XML database) it is so slow!

    I’d also like to see footballers take a more personal role in FM10. Players have so much power in the media today and I’d like to see the players become more vocal, from spouting their mouths off in the press every week about your rivals from you being able to say what you really think of another player.

  112. i think you should be able to spend your wages on clubs etc and buy shares and become a chairman of a club once you retire as manager like sunderlands quinn he used to play for them

  113. I think they should go back to the style of older versions like football manager 2005 and cm 01/02. I find these much more enjoyable and newer versions like fm 09 just take two long too get through one season.

  114. hey,
    recently i encountered a strange problem….my goalkeeper casillas was red carded for “handling the ball”!!!!

    hopefully they fix that atleast in addition to most of the above discussed points

  115. Yeah, the slowness is a pain in the backside!

    But come on, playing as a chairman. That would be seriously boring!

  116. I have an idea to make FM even better and more realistic:

    For a while I have been manageing “Valur” in the Icelandic Prem. I have got into Champions League group stages for straight 14 years now. The league coefficients have gone from the 37th place to 15th. But the league reputation dosen’t get higher. I find this really annoying and pretty unrealistic, no one is going to tell me that if a club from iceland reaches the CL groups it wouldn’t increase the league’s rep in real-life.
    I think there should be a balance between the league coefficients and the reputation. The highest league would have 19 in rep, the leagues in 2nd-4th place = 18 in rep, 5th-7th = 17 in rep, ect.

    Also, another idea to make it easier to be able to make some small league to one og the biggest in europe: The prize money for winning the league, domestic cup, TV revenues, etc. should also get higher with increasing league standard.

    So, what do you think of this?

    Ps. sorry for bad english

  117. Love FM 2007 and 2008!
    Can not stand FM 2009!

    C’mon! The game plays so slow!
    I ussually finish one season in like a week or two. But this time I can hardly play to 10 games…

    I played FM 2007 with Boro for about 9 season long.
    Played FM 2008 with Parma for about 5 season.

  118. I think they’re all good ideas. However, the most fustrating thing I think as a manager is not being able to use your wages. When you get a new contract offered, wether it be from a new club, or just re-newing a contract, they offer you a certain amount. And if you’re a world class manager, and say Man UTD offer you like £60.000 a week or something ridiculous like that, then you should be able to benifit from it. Like after playing a few years on the game, you go into your manager profile and history and it says total career earnings. Well I think you should be able to use this money.

    My other issue with Football Manager for the last few years is that if your a big club, spending lots of money, you should be able to buy your player for a realistic amount. Like I was Man City, trying to buy David Villa. And i put in an offer of £40,000,000m. I think this is a realistic price for David Villa, because in real life, they’re not gonna want like £90,000,000m for him. How ever, they rejected my offer and demanded £105,000,000m for him. And I thought to my self, i’d only ever pay that much for like Ronaldo or Messi. So the market needs to be mroe realistic.

    And also, when i tried to sell Robinho after two years at the club, because he was disliking a few of my players and causing a huge disturbance, so i decided to get rid of him and make alot of money and a buy a new star or maybe even two! And he was worth £26,000,000m. I listed him for £35,000,000m. And no one would buy him! And i went down and down to see what the clubs were prepared to pay for him. (To experiment) and it went down to £12,000,000m to Arsenal. And i couldnt believe it. In real life, if he was listed for say £30,000,000. He would get at least a few offers for that or even more! So the market needs to be more realistic, and we need to be able to do at least something with our wages.

    I also believe that we should be able to control how the club runs a bit more. We should be able to control our ticket prices, our merchandise prices, our merchandise orders, but if you cant be bothered to do that, you should be able to hire people, like merchandise manger, so its more realistic.

    Give me any thoguhts back on my e-mail.


  119. I wanna new Football Manager 2010 to have nicer skin, better answer on press conferences and better cooperations with fans (fans could terminate the match because of their behavior on terraces :-))

  120. I would like have capability of creation of new personal team new version manager football

  121. these are all good ideas, however we should take matters into our own hands and contact the makers of the game and tell them about our ideas to see what they think, so c’mon get e-mailing your ideas to them

  122. @ Billy Billy Billy

    I definitely agree with your point about Robinho. If he was kicking up a fuss and wanting a move and you placed him on the transfer list, you’re right, you would probably get about £25-30 million for him in real-life. Then on FM you get measly offers of £12 million like you said you did from Arsenal.

    That’s happened to me before and it needs tweaking slightly although not too much as the argument would be that clubs are attempting to cash in on a player who isn’t happy at his current club so the price would naturally decline.

  123. Here are some things i think would be gud.
    1. Fans realise when you have fielded a reserve side. Eg. Pre season friendly or when u’ve won the league and want to rest gud players for cup final.
    2. Changing kits designs before next season starts. Even if it comp generated.
    3. Shirt sponsers. agreeing new contract etc.
    4. Maybe a 4 button tactic option. set the button before a match, then if u need to change a tactic quickly press one of the buttons.
    5. squad numbers setting for each friendly game like the prem clubs do
    6.Pre season training camp abroad. Like Liverpool in switzerland
    7. stop the reserve manager using under 18s for reserve matches when he doesnt need to and wearing them out for under 18 games.
    8. when scouting a player who is versitile. chose what position to scout him in. Several times i have scouted a player for certain pos i wud play him and the report comes back for him in a diff pos.
    9. import shortlist from other saved games if u start a new file

    @ Stephen Darwin.
    I know some have already been mentioned but let me know what u think? if i think of any more i will post them.

  124. Why cant they just sack the WHOLE activation idea. What was wrong with just putting the disc in installing it and then just playing.

  125. i think the tactics page should be better i.e the positions of the players should be total manual meaning instead of only been able to slot players into RB CB CV LB RWB LWB DM CM AM LM ALM ARM FC you should be able to slot players manually dragging them into a position. if u get me lol its hard to explain

  126. I also think sponsors should be like LMA Manager you should be able to pick your own stadium hoardings and shirt sponsors and so on.

  127. i think you should have a stadium improvement page where you can pay out of your own budget for the stadium to be improved because this idea was very effective on lma manager and was a big success and im tired of having a useless peice of shit stadium

  128. More things to chew on:

    >Maybe a director of football coming in over your head and making decisions you didn’t know about. e.g. Denis Wise at Newcastle.
    >May not be possible but would like to be able to watch my team train. OK you get feedback from your AM on how they’re all doing in training but real life managers watch there players every day in training.
    >Tapping up players. Again i know you can declare intrest and interact with players but i’d like to be able to have a proper conversation with the player i’m after; Tell him i’d like to build a team around him etc.
    >It may still be in there but what happened to players retiring due to injury. Haven’t seen it in a while. Does anyone know if its still in the game?
    >Lose Steam.
    >Better data editor.
    >Better media coverage. Maybe some top newspaper headlines.
    >Regarding the managers wages i don’t think you should be able to but cars or have a wife or anything like that because it isn’t anything to do with football, but something new has to be added to make earning money a worthwile point in the game.
    >More referee interaction. e.g. If Mike Riley is refing your game next week (god help you by the way) then click on him in a list that displays referee’s who manage in the league your managing in and comment on him like you do with a manager. It can then put pressure on him to give decisions your way or have a negative effect and make him be more towards the other team.
    >As well as referee interaction, if a ref has a series of bad games or makes one HUGE cock up (all you Watford fans know what i’m talking about) then he/she should be demoted to ref a lower league match for a few weeks. There’s all ready a section in the game where you can see the referee’s rating’s, so the better rating ref’s get the bigger game’s and ref in the higher leagues, ensuring you get the best ref’s to referee in your league.
    >I would like to see a FIFA ALL TIME TOP 100 PLAYERS LIST as well. It can start out as a default with the obvious Lele and Maradona at the top. Then, as you progress new players are added as they play well.
    >As well as the First Team. Reserves and Under 18’s that you have, there should be an Academy team for clubs who have Youth Academy’s. They would consist of players between 11-16 and new players added every year. You could then be able to hire an Academy Director to coach them. The Academy Director then selects the best players at the end of each year and you decide if you want to offer them a contract or release them to find other clubs. There could also be an option to poach other teams academy players.

    Well thats all i got for now. All comments welcome good or bad. :)

  129. 1 – not in my plans but i don’t care about it
    2 – good
    3 – good
    4 – right
    5 – maybe some need a manual to use it
    6 – right
    7 – chairmen are ddiffrent people, Becali (Romania 1st league) is a bitch for any manager he hires, some chairmen don’t ever question the manager
    8 – right
    9 – good
    10 – that is hard to do, why don’t you make a game

  130. TEAM TALKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    They must be improved!!! Want to inspire you players not give them the same team talk every game, gets very annoying and boring after a while!

  131. I think it should bee a football academy for every team were you can have players in the age of 12-13 years and up to the youth team. And i’ve liked too have more control of the sponsors the team have , f.ex, i can pick the sponsors and deside where on the kit i want them and thing like that.

  132. MORE POSITIONS: There is a severe lack of positions, for example a wing back has to play either very, very attacking or very defensive. I would prefer a manual position mover, so that it can be tweaked and adjusted minimally if required, as opposed to severe positional changes.

  133. Only played 08 and 09 versions of the game after a mate recommended it to me a couple of years ago.

    There are a few keys points that need to be addressed in the new game for 2010 to take a step forward.

    There definately needs to be more on the media side, it’s just been introduced and it needs to be expanded in the next game. Perhaps what you’ve said in press conferences can be written about in newspaper back pages etc. The press-conferences wear out after about a day of play. The same tiresome questions repeated over and over again. There should be a broaded selection of questions asked and responses you can give. You should also be able to make friendships and bigger relationships with journalists and newspapers who then perhaps want you to give an interview or something like that.

    Sponsorships need to be sorted out. On the current game I am with clubs at the start and the sponsorship deals end and you have no chance to extend them or negotiate them, then you lose a lot of your income. I’d like to be able to have sponsors, who are attracted by your form and your reputation, be able to edit who we have and the prices on hoardings, merchandise, and shirts sponsors.

    Player interaction needs to be inhanced as well. Meetings with board, players, being able to have a wider range of interactions with people in all.

    Agree with the manager wages, we as managers should be able to have a bit of a personal life, not saying we chose who we love go out with meals for our family as it would probably take your attention of the football but some personal life and something to spend money on would be nice.

    Great comments, managed to read them all and hopefully we can get SI intetrested and consider some of the ideas as the majority of them look great!

  134. How about the option to bring players out of retirement or having more legends available to be coaches ect. How good would it be being Liverpool for example and bringing back the bootroom with the likes of Rush, Barnes, Hansen, Grobbelaar as coaches.

    Also it would be really cool if there was corruption, offering bungs to agents to sign players. Speaking of players is it just me or is it really hard to sign big names, everybody has a price but it just seems really hard to sign the best in the world.

    Kit and ground sponserships seems too basic, what about naming a stand after a legend, having Nike sponsor your new stadium. Having a say in the new kit for the season (these never change)

  135. This isn’t really about major improvements to the game but just the realistic authenticity of the game:
    1. Like in the majority of games where your team have about 25 shots, 4 on target and 1 goal and the opposition have 3 shots, 2 goals

    2.When there’s say 3 minutes of injury time and in the 108th minute we’re still playing, PLEASE FIX IT!

    3.Why that when you ask your assitant to do anything from pick the team, team talks, press conferences, they’re terrible at it (to be honest if i wasn’t lazy i wouldn’t have this problem)

    4. Pitch selection size is very difficult to decide as obviously your not going to have the same tactics with every team you go depending on pitch size

    5. In all honesty if the game was sort of like the Sims where you actually controlled your manager and had a house (because in all honesty the fact that si have gone the length to give your manager a wage when he joins a club and how you can negoiate how much mmoney you want is quite terrible) I don’t want the essence of the game to be taken away but i feel for fm to be taken seriously it’s got to improve drastically.

    Despite all this negativity i still believe fm is a superb game and the thrill of taking mediorce clubs and bringing them to the top is very satisfying

  136. I agree, but you forgot to mention about innjuries. In FM09 at least two players get injured per match. It’s annoying.

  137. I would like to be aboe to create the stadium, kit and what my manager looks like. Also i would like to be able to talk to players that don’t want to come the club and lets face it, its all about the money (tevez adebayor barry robinho) so if i have 150 grand a week to offer a player at a smaller club, im pretty sure they would go. Also i would like to mention Titus Bramble won Wigan Player of the year last year and has been on Cappello’s mind so i think its time we stopped using him as a way to describe bad things.

  138. It needs more realism when playing abroad. The whole game seems to run fine if your English or even a European side… i think it needs to work slightly differently if your playing in MLS or Brazil etc… for example squad status, use and nature of reserve sides, wording in press conferences and even depth of experiance, for example in the MLS there could be the lower leagues they have at least as background leagues and some reference to college sides etc. The transfer system needs tweaking and of course if we couldf have a bug free release it would save us all alot of agony!

  139. I enjoyed reading this article. I think you bring up a lot of good points. I dont particularly agree with number 2, but really agree with number 7. I remember being Chelsea on 2005, i had already spent around 100 million on signings and then out of the blue Roman Abramovich brought me Totti, i wasn’t complaining at all, i think its good if the chairman adds a few signings, whether their rubbish or not

  140. I think that the president can make you a transfer(even the budget is low for this transfer)as a gift for an extremely well managing of the team for a will be amazing and it will be an extra motive

  141. I have played the FM series since 2005 and some of the different features as you go through the years have been good, but as most people have said on this forum, there is a lonnnnnnggggg way to go to be able to call it a great game.

    1. I think that you should have the option of becoming an Asst Manager for a club, or a youth team coach. What could be more pleasing after just being sacked as manager is finding a Youth Team coach job at a new club, or manybe even an Asst Manager position. Micky Adams is a manager and he was Dave Bassett’s Asst at Leicester a few years back, so why not?

    2. I have noticed on the manager profile screen that it calculates your total career earnings since you have been a manager. Why this is done i do not know, but to put it into use, would be to be able to become a chairman. This would add an extra dimension to the game, as look at the jump Niall Quinn took, when he retired from playing, then went straight to buying Sunderland. Some might not agree with this, but you could give it a try.

    3. As pointed out earlier, Match Fixing would be good too, especially with those cheating Italian b*****ds. That would be proper real life then.

    4. Tactics and training could be less complicated too, where your coaches devise their own schedules for certain players to get optimal performance from the 1st Team right down to the budding stars.

    5. Press Conferences should have more variety

    6. Have the ability to retire squad numbers, if a legend of the game in your team decides to hang up his boots, then why not retire hios squad number in his honour for his service. I knw this is done in certain aspects of the game, but being able to do it manually would be really cool.

  142. I for one wish that i cud ask my president and sporting director to look after transfers for particular players that i request or bring in a list of suggestions that they feel are right and try and handle negotiations like laporta galliani, perez, Txiki, Secco (lol)….all these officials are directly involved int he transfers, it wud be a cool initaitve and a way to make the game more realistic, cuz i for one get frustrated some times when the computer i am negotiating with i being down right unrealistic and silly

  143. you should be allowed to manage internatinal clubs at the start of the game and not have to wait!!!!!!!

  144. footy manager 10 shud concentrate on bradford city the greatest team in the world n the best player peter thorne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BCFC BCFC BCFC

  145. Tactic screen
    – Team tactic is the most important part of the game and it should have more options, especialy with player instructions and and graphical positions of player in team tactics which should be flexible. I remember that in one of previous managers there was an option tu literally point where should player stand on the field depending on the location of the ball and whether the team is defending or atacking.

    – More communication with the board with new options.

    Another idea
    – it would be good to try to look backward in football history. for example i would like to start as manager of A.C. Milan in 1999 and to try to change its history. And all the results between other teams would be like they were in real life, same results, same goalscorers. This could be some special mode in football manager.

    – try to add some extra dimension in menagering nation, with media, maps of nations, more information etc.

  146. Mostly great ideas. Really hope this fm will be brilliant and they take a look.
    But they MUST sort out the youth in my view. If i am a team and i tweak it to 20 youth with an academy bring in best youth coaches i still only get a few half decent players when other teams get them all! Where is my messi when i spend most of my time making my youth perfect.

    I do like the academy idea. Look at the players and maybe they tell you what they want they can bring. Also seeing how well they may develop and the better the staff the more accurate it is.
    Also maybe you have the actualy normal game then another mode where you start of as a scout where you look for the best players then move up to coach deciding the trainging then assistant where you help make decsions. Also become a caretaker manager sounds awsome. Then to the dream of being a football manager.

    Hope they do this in 2010 and that it is a truly awsome game.

    Also the match fixing is a little ott. All people would do is give them selevs a little bit more money to beat the big teams.
    O and i would defo love to see the chairmen being back. Maybe get frustrating if he brings in some awful player for my team but would be fun.

  147. one thing, i was just reading this forum and have had a number of incidences where there is no “real” confidence gained from the team from winning games.

    i am on a 4 game unbeaten run, same tactics, beat Roma 2-0 away from home and then beat Aresenal 5-3 at home in F.A Cup Quarters then the next game home to Roma i am losing 3-0 in the 1st 26 minutes, it does not make sense im sorry, players with ratings of 4.3 etc and played a 7.9 the last game!

  148. I think that there should be better press conferences and also meetings with your chairmon. like every month or two a message says “the chairmon would like to see you in his office” and he asks questions and puts accross his views like
    – how do you think the team is performing at the moment
    – were do you think the team will finish at the end of the season
    – how much money were you looking to have
    – In four years time were would you like to be

    THings like this would make the game alot better.
    Anouther thing that would be good is to design a new kit after about 2 seasons, and have your own sponsers, or give up some of the clubs funds to sponsor a charity and have them on your shirt (like aston villa and barcalona)
    this couls have a good inpact on the fan base.
    there should be better youth players that come through and when your at lower league clubs there is a better chance to get free transfers, i always seem to struggle to sign decent free transfers until im in league 1.

  149. Legends and Favoured Personel needs sorting.

    I was Alfreton Town manager on 2009 for about 11 years, won them BSN, BSP, L2, playoffs in L1 and I wasnt anything to them. They built a new stadium, and you know who they named it after? Mick Godber. Sure in real life he has been there most successful manager but I took them from level 6 in the English league system to level 2! Won Conference League cups, FA trophies, took them to Wembley in the JPT and no recognition whatsoever, that is my biggest gripe!

    Also, say you are an English team, and a player from another English team has his contract ending in 6 months, no matter how much I declare interest and he seems to want to come, they almost always sign a contract for the first foreign team who offer for him!

  150. hey when will it come that yoy can tell the players if one coming against goal and have a player with him with open goal why cant we tell the players to send the ball to the man in front of the open goal??

    What must i do as a manager to get a legend or a ikon at the club??

  151. A lot of good points here, I think TV View has to be 1 that goes, it’s far too annoying, and I can’t seem to remove it completely, it keeps coming back even after turning it off!!.

    The next thing i agree with previous people in that complaining about referees to the FA should be brought back into this game, I don’t know why they removed it from the previous version.

  152. Back again, I also think that if you have enough money in the bank you should be able to pay off club debts, or at least be able to increase payments, to maybe get the debt paid off sooner.

    Meetings with the Chairman/Board would be a good Idea, Being able to discuss our own Sponsors again would be a good idea.

    I also believe it would be a good idea if the we could get promoted to Director of Football and then have a say in recruiting the next manager, to add another dimension to the game.

  153. They should add teambuilding so when you get new players they can get to know the other players and trust eachother

  154. Make Aaron Lennon better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was terrible in the last game Bentley was better…In real life Lennon is an unbelievable talent.

  155. I think again FM needs improvement on the national teams side.

    For Brazil, Argentina and African teams ; the shall be allowed to play friendlies in England, France or Spain, and not only choose between Home and Away.

    Tactics-Players Movement
    Players shall be allowend to move into directions without the ball, like in FM 08 or FM 07 ; as for a defensive midfielder to cover behind an attacking full back for example.

    Tactics-Free Kicks
    As a manager I shall have more options in free kicks situation, like dividing the pitch into squares and you choose 1 or 2 options for each freekick in each square.

    GamePlay-Yellow Cards for wasting time
    A desperately needed addition, a goalkeeper can stand for 1 min to play a goal kick without being booked.

    Agree with #8 duffman90.

  156. for players who don’t have images attached to their profile. it would be good if you could for the most part ‘upload’ images taken from your hard drive into their profile. this would be a good supplement to image packs that are downloaded.

  157. 1: Disputes between clubs over compensation for managers and staff. We’ve seen in the past (e.g. Roberto Martinez Swansea to Wigan) how chairmen have long and sometimes bitter public disputes over how much compensation they have to pay out to get a manager and some of his backroom staff. I would like to see this in the new game as would more realism to the game. As a manager in the game you could also have your say on the matter with possibly the media frequently asking you questions about your future and not being able to comment because you dont want to or future chaiman has asked you not to.
    2: Also i’ve said it before but i really would like to see medicals introduced into the game. It would give more meaning to your physio in the game and would be a great way of getting an insight into the hidden attributes in the game e.g. natural fitness and weather the player is injury prone. The media could then get involed in the medical by reporting it on either tv i.e. Sky Sports News or in the paper the next day summerising weather the player had passed or failed his medical and the effect that would have on the player/team.

    Great comments from everyone so far. If SI are reading any of our idea’s and put even 1/4 of them into the game it would sure add extra realism to the experience.

  158. I think their should be some sort of in game team talk… For example, your left back has just wasted a simple pass up the line…. There could be an option to right click the player and make a comment about it… or you are 1 – 0 down with 2 mins left, you could right click and tell everyone to go up, get the goal, keep their cool, ect..

  159. One change I would be welcome to is taking control of existing manager.

    So say I wanted to take control of Arsene Wenger, I would continue with his managerial record and squad and then continue as normally.

    It’s the only radical change I can think of, all other ones are minor fixes and tweaks. I think it would make the game more interesting maybe for some.

  160. To be able to manage a reserve team or u18’s team before a senior squad would be good e.g manage the Arsenal reserves first before going onto bigger things 😉

  161. Hey
    This might be a really shit idea But I think that it would be a good idea if we could start of as an assistant manager and work our way up in the club
    for example when in real life and your starting the game on unemployed You arent likely to get a job offer for manager however a small club might offer you a job

  162. Hi i think you have done a very good job and pointed out some very obvious flaws with fm 2009. For one, i totally agree you with the point on bringing the fun back to the game. As you said, i dont want to be playing a game where i have to tweak tactics every 5 minutes. Maybe it is a good idea to have a difficulty setting for the game then?
    And I think they should scrap the 3d match engine completely. To me, if they wanted to bring this feature into fm, they should either have made the graphics as good as PES 2009 or not have it be a part of the game at all. After all, why watch the game in 3d with such substandard graphics? As you have said, i also prefer to watch the matches in 2d.

    Also, I feel they have to add more inventive and dynamic media interaction features and i also feel they have to improve player-manager interaction. Why not make it personal and give options to motivate players or to console them or something like that? Small details and features like that could be a gem to the franchise..

  163. Complete agree with number 2. The has become to detailed for players who don’t play in 8 hour installments (apparently they exist!). New FMs need to find a balance between realistic tactical control and remembering this is just a game and that players don’t have hours to scout every team they play. I think the balance was best in the FM series around 06 or 07.

    Anyway, cracking list!

  164. Good points all round.
    There are lots of tweaks that could be made.

    My one big change or add on, would be the option to create your own superleague at the very beginning. It would be a fun alternative to the normal standard leagues. So instead of choosing the premier league and man utd….for example….you would create a super league of say 20 teams and choose them from all other leagues. So then you have a league consisting of man u, liv, chel, arsenal, barca, real m, inter, ac, lyon, psg, ajax, psv….etc. You could even create a 2nd division for the likes of spurs, everton, west ham, athletico mad, villareal, fiorentina, udinese…etc..I think it would be good to have as an option just for a change.

  165. I would like the squads to start as they are on the start date of the game. Its a little bit unrealistic if your squad on July 1st when you start contains players the club has purchased in real life on transfer deadline day Aug 31st. At least have these such players in talks or agreed future transfer. ie. Arshavin starts 08/09 season as a Zenit players but includes info saying : joining Arsenal on 31.08.08

  166. Some great points here, im sure many of us are sat here saying “oh yeh, quality, I could do with that”. There’s only 1 feature i can think of that has not been listed, but it may go into the “player disripute” scenerio. What about an option of giving the players the morning/afternoon training off. Take them all paintballing, go-karting etc. After a win on Saturday afternoon, explain to the players that we have a massive European game on Tuesday so i expect you all to stay off the booze until then. Vice versa as well, tell them well done lads, great win today, get yourself out on the town, and report back monday morning. This sort of feature would go along way in building up squad morale. Also if the press do their jobs, it may just help you lure your next transfer target, I’ve heard Kaka loves a bit of LazerQuest, maybe if Fergie was this sort of manager he could of got his man. haha. P.s. I have no idea what this 3d and 2d engine is. is this the view of each game i take it? I’m old school (all the way back to Champ Man 1) so i stick to basic commentary with no highlights or replays etc.

  167. guys….get cm09! ive been a fm lover since fm06 but since playing the beta of cm09 i cant see myself going back to fm!!! it has everything fm has and some! one very nice touch is the ability to create your own set pieces with player runs etc..sweet.

  168. Well, i think that they should develop some marketing options, i mean options for selling T-Shirts, Caps or maybe catering, restaurant, you could have the option to construct that kind of things, parking places for the cars etc. I think would be necesary more options for sponsorship, you should have the option to choose wich sponsor you wish or maybe to be asked by the chairman.

    I would like to have an option for my money. I have a wage? For what if i can`t spend it? So i think that it would be nice to have an option to become a chairman of a club. Sometimes some clubs are on a economical colaps. So that clubs would need a new chairman with some money. If i have a 3.000.000 euro wage per year i think i could buy a 1st league scotish team.

  169. its maybe stupid but i would to be able to have more than i club fav and be able to pick my fav staff and players. oh and the two things i hate the most. after winnin everythin with newcastle the league and ufea cup fa and league cup i was on the fav of the club for a feckin week. new season about to start i was a under-fire manager……..what a joke

  170. in my opinion the best games were the older ones, much more fun cos of the simplicity. in general they’ve been getting more complex, less intuitive and for me, more frustrating.
    a) i agree that player and press interaction wants some work so its not such a meaningless formality.
    b) youth development and training needs work too, in my opinion having the brains to recruit good coaches and assigning them to the appropriate players should be enough to bring some of the kids through to 1st team. how about managers tell coaches what they want from the players and coaches sort out the players’ training. simple and realistic.
    c) i think tactics have got too complicated, annoying and unrealistic. setting more general directives to units like defence and midfield then expanding on that with specific instructions to individuals would be better. and being able to shout instructions at players from the touchline without messing about with sliders would be an improvement.
    d) failing that how about just letting me be a director of football? this would be a brilliant feature. the consistently more enjoyable, and most realistic side of the game is signing players who come good, then wheeling and dealing. if you can’t be arsed stressing with tactics you should be able to just sit in a tower, sign players and boss around/advise/blame the manager (or is it 1st team coach?) this would be very very cool.
    e) 3D games? seeing the crowd? commentary? pointless! watch real football! players as dots pinging a ball around is quicker and better. good play and bad play is recognisable enough in 2D.
    f) messing with kits, marketing, ticket prices and sponsorship has nothing to do with a manager and is wasted effort and programming. chairmen and directors should be give the intelligence to sort the off the field stuff.
    anyone else agree with the director of football thing?
    i would cream myself if it appeared in the game. then i’d clean up, figuratively and literally.

  171. The one feature I really want is be able to make your own cup competion. Register it with your fa, designate how much the winner, loser gets, where it will be held etc. Now that will make a game to have.

  172. It’s funny that so many of the comments on here can actually be done on FM 2009! Has anyone actually used the editor??? You can create your own cup competitions/leagues, create players, edit kits quite simply by loading up the editor.

  173. the thing that annoys me is once youhave a pre contract agreement you cannot then try and big to get the player for a knock down fee but to move straight away.. this happens more and more these days and would be another useful feature.
    also why when i am west brom with a very strong team.. then liverpool play a group of reserves.. who after checking stats are worse than a lot of league two players do they completely dominate me at home? when i am always dominant at home.. i hate the whole becasue they are a big team they will always dominate.
    finally “bigger” teazms always seem to win because of mistakes made by the other team i,e its never usually by lovely flowing football.. it just seems the worse defence u play against the more mistakes they make and that is how the game is won.. they need to get a lot of things sorted

  174. One thing which annoyed me was installing steam i wish fm could get rid of it it wastes space on my computer and dont use it. Also i think you should be able to watch your players warm up before kick off!

  175. I agree with an awful lot of this, although i do have troubles with fm, mine personally being the assion and realism within the game. im not bothered about spending my wages etc, i bought it for the football experience. i dont like however, the lack of fans in the stadium on 3d? i cant believe no1 else has mentioned this? nd the seeming lack of passion the game has!it all seems a bit ‘ai’ i know it is, but have any of you had a fm stint got a bit bored and left it for a while, only for you to watch sky sports news, or a match and get sucked into the passion and go on fm to turn forests fortunes around or bring leeds out of the depths of league one to champs league again, before getting bored by the lack of anything really. it sounds obvious but its just atch after match. monotonous play, the lack of passion really gets to me! dont get me wrong i love the game, but that bugs me! teh closet you get is ‘thats a proper celebration’ when you score, but really? fans? maybe some celebrations or memrobilia when you win the fa cup or premiership? even things like chants during match games if they cant have commentary? a bit of glory glory tottenham hotspur, or unitedddd, you’ll never walk alone? just something to personalise the game and make it feel like you could be sat on the bench watching your lifelong club score a 87th minute winner in the fa cup?! instead of it flashing saying goal. anyone agree? or is it just me?

  176. pad, i agree with you son, jonny you dont have to install steam, just install the game when your not connected to the internet and it wont install it, thats what i did!!!

  177. I think there are lot’s of thing’s that need to be added.
    Testimonials yes.
    And not such a big deal being made if you’re managing Everton and lose to Swansea in pre-season.
    and the players fitness.. 4 games into the season after playin 5 pre season games.. some players are on like 69% already.
    It’s rediculous.. Being able to offer a player back on loan from the club you’re buying from Especially with Brazilian players etc.. And more press conferences when say Van Persie get’s bought by Ac Milan for big money etc. The transfer market at the moment is a joke.. I play 2008 cos i think it’s the best.. yet i can’t even get Shay Given from Newcastle for £15 mill and i’m Arsenal.. so sort that out.. and that’s about it for now :)

  178. Many many good points. To add a few.
    Bobby Robson (Legend) died recently, many matches had a minutes silence.Could this be added?
    Some injury prone players when they are young take a season out to regain their fitness. Could this be added to the physio report? Should there be a difference between players favourite team that gave them the chance in the big time etc and the team they supported as a child, haven’t played for but still love?
    I played a game Total Club Manager a few years back(nowhere near as good as FM). FM should steal some non macth ideas from there.Undersoil heating/club shop/ training facilites/ stadium build/ medical centre/youth academy in different countries.
    The reputation you start with should be at unknown. You should then have to unluck of reputation steps by completing certain achievements or ‘Local’ you need 50 points. You get points for winning games but lose points for losing games. Bonus points for other stuff (sure you get the point and can think of many bonus points).
    Still debating whether i want an end to the game. Cant imagine many players go 30seasons into the game.I am not sure if there is a limit at the moment and not sure what would be an accetable limit(if any) and what happens when you finish the final season.
    It would be nice to have a option for movie, eg world cup final presentation/celebration on winning a cup/big money signing arriving etc but not sure if this will be too limited and get annoying after watching it once.
    More in depth morale reading – if very low, why? I had Dean Ashton top score in the premier league with over 30 goals but was ALWAYS low morale. I don’t understand.
    Transfers is sometimes stupid. Every player has a price. Negotiations should be a little better. A meeting with the club? An indication of something that could sweeten the deal -a replacement player on loan for the season etc?
    Also a limit to players values under 1/2 a million. Eg. if you offer 5 times the value it should be accepted. No way i’m paying more than 10mil for a 2mil rated player.But in the lower leagues a player worth 10k i would pay 100k for.

  179. im not being funny but i think you should be allowed to design your football kits like the sponsors and the colours. ok its not a design game but it will make it more realestic.
    a couple of football chants wouldnt go to miss when i score about 4 a game 😉 lol

  180. I am always starting as a team in the conference north/south and then working my way up from there as a manager. i think you should be able to start as a reserve team manager or under 19 manager. that then opens up the possibility of first team manager to reserve/under 19 manager interaction! i think this would be propa bo and could earn your manager repuatation from this way!! i also think everyone should have a pic whether it a real pic or animated. i also think a huge improvement is needed in team talks and press conferences!! what does everyone else think?

  181. I think Player interaction needs to be greatly improved. I want to feel alive in the FM World and talk to my players privately and publicly with many optionms that actually effect stuff in the game.
    Sound should be slightly improved as should 3D. I don’t mind 3D and there is always the option to change it.
    No superclubs like Arsenal were.
    Chairman interface would be nice – again better interaction.
    I would like alot of bugs to be sorted out before i start playing the game.
    Also FM Live’s stadium and biography is good. Being able to choose how your stadium is would be fantastic with seating etc.
    Articles about how your doing like you see in RL papers would be good.
    Also your fans should’t get on your back for not playing a player when hes young and your waiting for him to come good. Thx.

  182. I don’t agree with #2. If it was a case of the better team just wins without any effort, it would be pointless being a lower team because you’d never win. Plus, games are never fun when they’re too easy – Ferguson doesn’t just send out his team and then they win, he does team talks, sorts out his tactics, has training schedules, formations, player interactions, press conferences etc.

    Maybe FM is complicated, but people would only moan if certain things were removed/missing.

  183. I’ve been playing FM/CM since turn of the century and it is the best game ever however I am getting more and more ticked off with the 09 version and cant wait for the 10 version! I like the idea of testimonials, especially for retiring players. I would like to be able to negotiate the transfer budget without having to improve the expectations! also sort out the transfer fees because i highly doubt that Steven Taylor is worth £10 million or Tom Huddlestone is worth £15 million! It just aint true! because I like to try and build a team with good English players! I would like to be able to do press conferences for new signings but only if the sort out the questions beause I just sent my assistant! I would like the option to have a players lifestyle to affect his career! What I also dont like is how if I play Hull at home, and I’m Man United, how I can’t score four but Chelsea can! and this is me playing Tevez,Rooney and Ronaldo! it just doesnt make sense! also I would like to see like an option where the experience of a player can make a difference so say your going for the league thatthe players will rally around because they have won it before! Really like the idea of selling a club or where the history of a club can help a player decide! eg if a player chooses Man United because he watched Eric Cantona play for them!

  184. A few points I think
    -NO 3D! totally slows the game down and honestly, who uses it?
    -Individual sounds. I downloaded a file which gave each team their own fan songs, ie Ring Of Fire for Liverpool, this is something easy for SI to include
    -more skins included..How often do you download a skin that doesnt work? they should offer maybe 6 skins with the game so you can find one thats nice.
    -moving background images..who remembers champ man 03/04?
    everytime you clicked a new link, a new background image would show up? SI should do this again but with decent european images, not the likes of FC wimbledon training.
    -A game that works! I have fm09, but im playing fm08 because no matter how much I try, the game simply wont work, its too fradgile

  185. -Press conferences should be more diverse or left out of the game. Answering the same questions before every match get’s boring.
    – More real youth players. After 5 years there are to much fictive players that are playing at big clubs. Buying existing players is way more fun. Also let the real youth players that are in the game develop more instead of creating fictive big talents
    – Make it easier to sent players on loan. It can not be that there is no interest at all in really talented players when you put them on the available for loan list.
    – Young talented players from smaller leagues like the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Africa are not developing enough compared to those in bigger leagues in my opinion.
    – Make it possible to get a new sponsor contract. Preferably with real company names.

  186. There’s a few things I’d like to see being added:

    1: Set Piece Training; allow me to actually see a training field where I can take a few players to it and train set pieces of various kinds and be able to save them for matches, so when a corner or freekick occurs, I can “shout” to them which set piece tactic to use. I must admit, I like the 3D view and with this being a part of it, the 3D view would be great to see how it looks in training.

    2: Top clubs uses B squad players for cups; I prefer starting each game unemployed and unknown, which results in me having the lowest of low jobs in the beginning. Knowing fully well that the FA cup or Spanish Cup is importent to the top teams, I doubt that ManU would actaully put Rooney, Treves and Ronaldo on the field to take on my “retarded” Coca-Cola League 2 side.

    3: Let me BE part of the training; We get the question when we join a club, “How much will you be part of the day by day training?” the awnser makes no sense regardless, because I can’t be part of the training, I just select the team on the match day. Let me actually see and act on my players training. When a player is upset and you get the option to tell him “Apply yourself well in training, and I’ll use you” you rely on your AM to let you know if he’s actually training well, but what’s the point if it’s a striker who’s fast as hell and can dribble past 5 players after 3 months of intense training, if he still can’t hit the goal? Point: Let me tell my players what I want them to improve on more, not just by sliders but interaction.

    4: Chairman interaction; The first press talk is total rubbish on this part, “New manager brings about new times”, well a new owner/chairman/president also brings about new times. I’ve had clubs in Spain, seen owners change, while I go about my daily life, but reality is, a new chairman might actually mean the manager gets fired. I’ve tried getting a new chairman, lost 3 games in a row, and he didn’t react to it at all. He spend his money on the club, he should be pissed as hell at me for not making his money grow.

    5: Let us talk with the board about transfer money; I mean come on. I’ve seen chairmen in real life telling the press “If the manager needs 2 more players, then we’ll give him those 2 new players”. Make the transfer market more interactive, so you don’t only get to talk to the player about what you expect of him and what his place will be, but also get to talk to the board about getting those extra fonds for a highly needed player. In reality, if a manager needs that extra striker or defender, he’ll go to the board and tell them why he needs him and how much he’d like to be able to spend in order to buy him (he might even give an actual name), and the board would be more opened to it because this is a specific case, instead of just telling you “We don’t have the money” “Ultimatum, – fired”.

    6: Let the press be more specific; How many times don’t you watch a game on TV, then have the press talk about a specific incident? I can’t count how many times I’ve had a player get a red card or another importent incident, yet all the press focus on is weather or not there should have been a penalty that came later in the game.

    7a: Animations; the 3D view could be way better, and even though this is a manager game not a football game, if I have a player who’s insane at dribbling (with all the apropiate stats) I want to see him do some awesome stuff while playing. Seeing Ronaldo run forward thru a player when in reality he’d be doing some nice moves to move around a player, makes the game more fun to watch. Natually, it doesn’t have to be all focused, but considering the the football games have implemented this, shouldn’t the manager games also have this?

    7b: Animations (off the pitch); This is more of a creativity then an improvement, but if managing a major club or national team, there’s gonna be a crapload of press at the pre-game conferences. How about some sort of ability to select who you want questions from? There’s hundreds of people at a pressconference if Brazil and France or ManU and Barcelona are playing in the world cup/champions league respectivly, why not let us point at who we want questions from? This can improve the relationship with the press too.

    8: Make the AM and Scouts more intelligent; Countless of times I’ve had scouts run around looking for players, telling me they’ve found the perfect striker, yet his finishing/composure/first touch are 11 in avarage, yet he’s a good marker, has high tackling, and is a skilled crosser, so what? I don’t need a player like that, if I want a player like that I’ll get an AMR/L with those stats, I told them I wanted a striker, so give me a strike who has the stats he needs, let me know I can count on my scouts to find a good finishing, composed, first touch, off the ball, fast accellerator who can do the job I demand of him.

    9: (Now we’re getting to those mentioned tons of times), let me give final instructions to players I sub; you see time and time again the manager talking to the player that’s coming on, to the last possible seconds, while the one on the pitch is running off, why shouldn’t we be allowed to do so? To make this even more useful, let us “shout” instructions to the captain, telling him we want more focus on this or that, instead of having the rely on the sliders.

    This is what I could think of, off the top of my head, but the total sum would be: let me have more interaction, both during games aswell as of the pitch, in the pressroom, the boardroom, on the training pitch. The more we can discuess and talk about with the “people” around us, when we are managers, the more we can turn the club into what WE want it to be, because let’s face it, the manager is the one in charge, he’s got the final word in, most cases atleast, and also the first to go, if it all goes to hell.

    Go go wall of text~

  187. I think that u should be able to design next years kit.Also i think that they should have stand names on e.g the kop ,stretford end.another thing is that the 3d match engine would be better if the fans started singing songs and bein the 12th man and raisin the team.also games gettin called off because of the bad weather.

  188. Lee it comes out the 30th of october supposedly.

    What I want to know is is it going to have all the installation problems that fm09 had, cos if this is the case, I wont buy it. Cos that was a joke.

    Also, with fm09, no matter what team you take over, the same teams buy the same players. Its ridiculous.

    Also, is it only coming out for psp and pc again?

  189. I think you should be able to do thing with your career earnings. E.g Buy and invest money into other football clubs, buy luxury things, buy cars and houses and so on.

  190. hopefully theres more info soon!

    I wood like it if you could place football camps round the world like total club manager! instead of getting the odd foreign player in the youthh.

    another would be able to be an assistant manager try and build up the youth and earn a contract at other clubs through being an assistant!!

  191. Some wicked suggestions, I think picking your sponsors would be good. Also if you are liked by the fans and have become a legend to the club and you decide to add another manager and retire as your old one, the one who retired would go on to become diretor of football. Or even better use your career earnings to buy into the club.

    Better player interaction with youth players as well.

  192. like the sound of the career earnings doubt it will happen though, would like to be able to pick your favoured personel! and have more than one favourite club.

    hopefully there is lots of improvement this year.

  193. I think it would be good if every now and again one of your players gets spotted going into Spearmint Rhyno or something and you have to deal with fining him or whatever.

    And maybe they could throw in a few curveballs once in a while, I don’t know about the rest of you but it would make my day if I looked in my inbox and saw ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dies in tragic plane crash’.

  194. 1 – I think if they’re going for realism then the chairman/players/staff should get annoyed if you come in and completely overhaul the back-room staff…. it’s something I generally do on each game, but being realistic even top class managers who’ve got their own preferred staff wouldn’t be allowed to sack every coach, physio and scout within minutes of getting the job.

    2 – I’d like to see something done with the kits… Anyone who’s visited sites like FMGlive will now that the quality of the replica kits can be amazing, even the generic ones… I like to see managers given the choice of 3 or 4 basic templates, depending on kit maker. Your colours, badge & sponsor are then added to the kit and viola each team has a new kit every so often (something which can be left to the AM by those who aren’t bothered)… Again this’d add realism because you’re not stuck with the same kits throughout each game and also the positive of less trawling through websites to find fantasy or retro kits while not even playing the game. (If licensing is a problem then just put in PES style similar names, but give us the option to change them)

    3 – I think the 3D view needs more camera angles… I’d suggest a sort-of “dugout” one (with a FIFA/PES style radar) but I doubt the graphics are up to it, so I’d be happy with one that matches TV cameras as nothing does at the moment (maybe even auto switch camera angles for replays if they can do it without any lag)

    4 – I think a you should be able to give players individual tactics that can override what the current tactic generically has. EG. Having a player who is good at long shots automatically have long shots set at “often” so that if he gets injured/subbed or even just swaps position you don’t have to mess about with the tactics if his replacement doesn’t have the same qualities.

    5 – In a similar style to the B teams for certain cup matches I’d like it if I wasn’t slated for narrowly losing a meaningless match at the end of the season.. Having the board/fans disappointed at my 1-0 loss away to Birmingham seems a tad pointless if I’ve already won the league and have important cup matches coming up… on that note maybe fans and even certain (Rafa) managers can make excuses as to why their team has lost a match/the league.

    5.5 – (as an addition to #5) I think there should be some link between the “controversies” that happen in matches… EG. if you’ve been given a dodgy penalty for the 5th time in a season then it should mention it…. I think that this isn’t even something that would need to be that accurate, just that, as in real life, people see patterns in things that are completely random.

    7 – Something I’ve been wanting ever since I started playing CM2 98/99… Friendlies against nations.
    How many years are teams like Man Utd and Liverpool going to play the likes of Malaysia XI before it becomes a feature.
    As mentioned above testimonials would be amazing… I think that this could be done in a similar manner to the affiliate feature. You suggest a testimonial match for a player to the board. They only agree if it’s worth while and get annoyed if someone doesn’t fit the bill (I’d suggest limiting the possibilities to certain ages and people who’ve been at the club for a certain amount of time)… you then get a choice of dates & teams (based on favourites and/or who they’ve played for).
    Also, if you have the the sponsors/kit makers in the game then the larger clubs could be invited to mini-tournaments every few years… This’d add to the friendly cup/league feature cos it means you don’t have to mess about creating one and trying to get enough decent teams to accept.
    For those saying you should be able to make a Super League… that’s what the editor is for! …and I think SI have announced that you’ll be able to create your own competitions/edit them in more detail on the FM2010 editor.

    8 – I think you should be able to talk to a player that you’re sending on loan.. maybe explain to them why. I also agree with the person who said that you should be able to put in minimum requirements for bids (especially loans)… I’m fed up of checking every loan offer (if you play as someone like Man United, that’s a lot of loan offers) to make sure they’re offering enough wages and that they don’t have a buy-out clause… it’s guaranteed that the one offer I don’t check has a buy-out clause and I end up losing a talented youngster for stupidly low money.

    9 – I think the technology is there to return to vocal commentary. Granted FM has a much bigger database than any other game but surely it’s possible for there to be at least the option (as not everyone’s computer will support it) of commentary… I think that the 3d game engine is a good (and necessary) step forward and it will continue to improve but sitting watching a 3d game makes you notice the lack of and real sound effects in a way that the basic text commentary and 2d engine didn’t….. and if you think it’ll take away from the game (as has been said about at least one feature every year since CM3) then TURN IT OFF!!!

    10 – I completely agree with the manager interviews. You could be given the option to turn it off and I don’t think it should include the team you start off with… but if you start/are unemployed or go in for a bigger/international job then there should definitely be some scope for an interview. It’d give you the opportunity of boosting your reputation with that one particular club, to give you more chance of getting the job. It’d mean that you’re less inclined to jump from club to club every year or two.

    I’ve bought all but one SI made CM/FM (and I bought the first non-SI CM) since CM2 98-99, so I could probably think of more given the chance… but that’s ten points and I doubt anybody will be bothered to read all that anyway.

    Plus I read (semi) recently that SI have a database with around 800 feature ideas in it so I think that they’re probably on top of things… it was just nice to get that of my chest :)

  195. I would like to see some of the personality brought back to the individual clubs.
    In an older version of the game, if your team played at Selhurst Park, the back drop to the game screen was Selhurst Park. If your next game was at Carrow Road, you saw a picture of Carrow Road.
    Regardless of whom you manage, over the season you develop the sense of travel during the away matches and the ‘fortress’ of your home matches (especially if you make it to Wembley). Currently a cup final has the same drab background and feel to it as a pre-season friendly.
    Perhaps they could go one further and have pictures of the respective training grounds for a back drop to the training menus, and so on

  196. I think it would be much better and more realistic if players (in particular young players) didnt have a set potential ability. In real life there is no way of knowing a young players potential. players ability should be able to increase with no restrictions depending on, facilities, coaching staff, training, playing time and the quality of surrounding players.

  197. I would like to have more control over the finances of the club.for exp i would like to appoint the price of the ticket. Another thing i would like is that the game should have difrent stimulus for o player to go on. thank you for letting me expres my ideas.

  198. The public should be more realistic on the pitch and also the goal celebration and movements of the else is that when you are congratulatet by the bord room and other peoples always appears the same news

  199. lol the person that wrote this just wants the game to be football manger 2008, u probs aint very good at the game in that case, but i think the chairman should get more involved if you have alot of cash, also expectation should not be as high but part from that the 3D part of the game has just made it more realistic

  200. i think u should be able to manage teams below the blue square and try and put them in the top leagues

  201. some very good suggestions guys so far……
    1–i notice that if you have won the season with 4-5 games left to go people tend to play reserve and subs and youngsters for the final games just for experiance…. if the team looses or draws with weaker opposition the fans are dissappointed with results… i think that the fans should know the season is won and the last few games do not matter and really not care about the result….

    2–also press conferences should be modified so you dont get the same questions with the same answeres every matchday….

    3–it would also be cool if u could raise finance by selling advertising boards around the stadium and also have a say in shirt sponshership deals…

    4–it would be brilliant if fm10 got rights to manage germany and holland and have proper premiership logos

    5– chairmen should have a bigger role in the game. i.e players to buy etc.

    6a–a scenario game would be cool too. like you be in a team in the premiership, with no players. you get 100 million to buy players and try to build a team from there

    6b–a scenario where you create your own team in blue square and work your way up

    7– better players from lower popularity leagues. eg. the irish league has produced the likes of kevin doyle, stephen hunt and keith fahey who all are establishing themselves in english top flight football.. yet none to be found in fm09

    8– plater interaction should be better… if you want a player going out on loan to a lower league club and he refuses to go you should be able to interact with him to pursuede him to go by maybe promising first team runouts if he performs well there

  202. The first thing, on fm09 its doesn’t show your stadium capacity so you don’t know whether or not to increase the capacity. The thing I would like added to the game is being able to design your own stadium in terms of building it from scratch, and have more things to improve your ground because as for me I have never used the option in the board room ‘relay the pitch’.

    The last thing I would like to say is you should have fans persuading players to stay, by them protesting or making their love known for a player.

  203. There should be a way where you can let your assistant manager take control of selling transfer listed players, because it gets irritating when you have to keep on lowering the price in order to sell a player, there should be a function where you say to your assistant manager you can continue to lower the price but not lower then, e.g £500k.

    When your team is going on tour there should be reactions from players and press conferences to about the games coming up and questions based around why that chosen destination and future destinations for tour, plus camps in other countries during pre-season etc!

  204. is it just me or has the art of finishing really suffered in this game in recent years? i mean i remember back in fm’s 05 and 06 when top quality strikers rarely ever hit the ball at the keeper. it always used to be just past him low down, over him or completely in the corner. but in these latest games, a your team can create a really good, flowing counter attack with 3 penetrating passes, only for david villa to hit the ball STRAIGHT at the keeper!! i mean it sickens me to see the amount of wasted chances top strikers miss all because the keepers been hit. anyway rant over!

  205. also, why on earth can’t matches just be simple matches? i mean i already know after 3 or so years playing this series since 06ish, that second half there will be an onslaught from the opposition! i don’t mind it so much if it’s a high profile game against one of my direct league table opponents. but if i’m playing bolton, everton, middlesboroug, newcastle away as the arsenal or (God forbid)united or chelski, and i’m winning by 2 or 3-0 at half time, i always have to tell my players not to get complacent. and even after doing that i still manage to have less and less of the ball, therefore create less chances and as a result end up conceding sooner or later. i hate this. granted some teams will have high determination, and their manager may want to win the second half at least, but that doens’t mean that it has to be predictable from jump street.

    i don’t want perfection necessarily, i just want the game to be less predictable (on that token, call it cheating, but i can’t remember the number of times i would repeat a match and realise i’m destined to lose or draw the game no matter what team or formation i play. i ALWAYS get a draw or defeat on loading again). i rarely ever score second half goals in these fm games. i’m not joking every single game i play, if we’ve done well in the first half, we WILL do badly in the second half. this never used to happen. i realise teams are getting better and all that, but how nice would it be just to absolutely batter a lesser team once in a while with no reply or response from them after half time. that would go some way to atoning for this atrocity of a game! only kidding si 😛

  206. @fanatic, sorry mate, it comes out on the 30th October. If you want more info stay tuned, as we at Soccerlens are trying to organise an interview with Miles Jacobson, the guy who creates it.

  207. Just make a new database for Championship Manager 01/02. At least that never took a fortnight to do one season without going on holiday.

  208. I want to have a personal wage who does matter! What are we using our personal wage today in FM?

    And maybe some odds on the other matches so I can get rich.

  209. I would like to Build and develop the stadium myself and make contracts with sponsors! Lets us take the hole management to choose if we want to be chairman , director or just the manager!

  210. I’ve always wanted to be able to request the funds to sign a certain player. Say I wanted to sign a highly rated striker for 30m but only had 20m budget remaining, I could go to the board and request extra funds to sign this player depending on whether or not a scout see them being worth the money or something.

  211. Great Great game been playin for years but something has gota be done with the network play it just takes that long its impossable to play would really like to c something done about this

  212. agree with alot of comments, defo needs more interaction across the board to improve realism.
    id also love to be able to take more hands on from advertising deals etc but has to be careful not to go into fifa territory with rubbish visuals of stadiums and is imperitave this doesnt slow gameplay anymore.
    would also like more realism when you leave a job in premier league after 2 decent years and cant get a job even in championship after overachieving, i mean christ souness,la guen,bryan robson,etc if they can keep getting jobs why cant we.
    would be cool to use money for such things as soccer academy like glen hoddle,becks etc, but dont wana buy cars as many have said not the sims.
    in a nutshell just want more licence to make big decisions to run my club a bit like moyes and kenwright relationship.

    cant wait for this to come out anybody know if it will be on ps3?

  213. > Game controls often seem to become inactive for few seconds here and there (even on powerful computer). The game needs to become far more fluid.
    > Even the most promising younger players and newly generated players can never get up to a similar ability to the top players at the start of the game.
    > Young players must be far more versatile. Maybe give them a rating of 15/20 for a whole stash of different positions across one quarter of half of the field and then, as they develop their ‘natural’ positions will become more defined and go up to 20/20, based on where you play them train them. If you are not a good manager you will not play them in a position that suits them 100% and they will never reach 20/20 for their natural position.
    > The clubs need to kick up a fuss about your departure and thank you, wish you well or good ridance as the case may be. The press need to ask you questions relating to your previous clubs.
    > There must be parades and celebrations when you wins trophys.
    > Sending young players out on loan to teams that will give them game time should be easier.

  214. agree on the 3d match engine. How about having a look at the work permit regulations, realistically clubs very rarely get refused a work permit for senior players whereas there are sometimes inexplicable decisions on fm. Most of all though I’d love to see them get rid of steam and go back to the days when you could simply put in the disk, follow the instructions and have the game installed and be playing within 10 minutes.

  215. Totally agree with RM, get rid of steam, waste of time!!!

    A short cut to search for “Wonder Kids” wouyld be great.

    A button to ask the crowd to be more passionate and vocal to spur the lads on.

  216. 1. change the transfers with each game ie, im bored of man city buying srna, monntolivo, etc every year

    2.assistant manager/youth manager is a top idea,

    why are people asking for stuff that isnt real football???? its not world of warcraft or something!

  217. I think after you have had enough of managing a football club, we should be able to spend the money we’ve got from our own wages and competitions etc. on becoming a chairmen so you can buy your own club and put your own hard earnt money into giving another manager that you’ve selected a chance at success.
    This would be an awesome addition to the new game.

  218. You just need to actaully play the game properly.
    You go on about it not being realistic, obvously it will never be realistic but it is the most realistic football management game their is.

    The Only thing it actually needs to improve on it the 3d match engine which i agree with you about but when people go on about expectations and “west brom win the champions league in first season” that is a lot of rubbish that never happens, the only way that could happen is if they were cheating on data editor by putting their reputation up etc.

  219. I think that the detail on the stadiums should be better i mean all u see is a grey thing that looks nothing like the stadium and another thing when the home team scores the noise should go really loud not stay the same.

  220. One thing i woud like to see is the chairman getting more invloved if he has a big personality and also i think you should be able to watch your yout team or reserve game in 3d

    Most of all the 3D match mode needs to be vastly improved to standard of fifa manager which quite honestly is amazing

  221. I think you should be able to tell your players what you think of them instead of having a listed choice of what to say.

    I also think that when you have a release clause on a player or an asking price why the interested just can’t offer it instead of enquiring all the time.

  222. I think cataclysms should be inlcuded in the game. Like match-fixing, scandals, bankruptcy, doping tests, hooliganism and so on. Also i’d like to see players that are just pure merchanaries and i hate it when players like Balotelli get wasted and never play a game till when they are about 25. I think that these players should call for a transfer request immediately in the first season or put on the transfer list. i basically want the game to be more realistic. Also i like the idea of my chairman busting my balls more often as it adds more juice to the game. Also making the fans more involved would be a great idea, press conference with better questions and busting balls questions like ” why doesnt lippi play cassano?!?!” or things like that.

    And also it would be very very great if federations decide to change rules in the league every once in a while. Like for example changing the league name or the number of teams in the league or something like that. OR maybe after some years UEFA would decide to change the system the champions league works or maybe introduce a new cup or reduce one and adding it again later in the game. If these things happen automatically in the game every once in a while it would be fantastic and make the game farrrrrr more exciting than it curently is

    I love this game a lot and i spend a lot of time in it. But if it just becomes more realistic with the things i mentioned above it would make, maybe, the best game of all time.

  223. I feel that there are not enough youngsters out there with really special moves such as curls ball or hugs line.

    Also since these special moves are not part of the choice for learning during training, the only way for a small club striker to learn “curls ball” is to wait for Van Persie to be 36years old, buy him for one season and train a youngster for the move.

    One way is to have coaches specialising in certain special move and the game to allow these coaches to train may be up to 2-3 youngsters on these moves. Having some younsters curling balls or attempting overhead kicks would create some extra excitement!!

  224. I think that press confrences should be made more realistic as they have no effect on your repuation are on your players also injuries on players occured way too frequently for me on all my games always happening too key players too.

    Some players wioth the big egos should have more of a say in the team challenging your choices and decisions too test how disciplined of a manager you are and how you will deal with this stuff e.g robinho at man city.

    The growth of players too often wonderkids in the game do not progress into the players they were expected too e.g Henri Saivet one of the most highly rated playerts in the game was bought by me when i managed man city i didnt rush him into football loaned him out a bit and the odd first team appearence but by the age of 25 despite very promising ratings henri saivet’s performances were distincly average

    Trainig-I think training should be more detailed and should have more of an effect on your players as the training is very basic and nothing like what training is in real life i think this is football managers worst feature and NEEDS t be rapidly improved.

    Diets-i think to make the game more realistic you should have a say on the players diets and what they eat to keep them fit and healthy but this feature would need to have an affect on the players as if it didnt it would e a very pointless feature.

    Directors of football.
    Directors o0f football are becoming more and more important in real life fottbal and this feature should be brought to life in the club as directorsd of football to absolutely nothing but sit there in your staff viewing room. they shoould began to give you ADVIVE on first team affairs amnd transfers this would be a grweat feature to add to the game.

  225. there were some good points in all of that and a couple pointless ones.

    basically id like to see them put back the ability to move players to any position when attacking instead of only being up or down.

    also when players complain that they are suffering from a lack of first team opportunity, i think you should be able to tell them that they need an average rating of 7.5 to claim a place in the first team, or if they have below 6.7 they will be dropped for a prolonged period or until they impress in the reserves. this is good for bigger teams and with moving youth players into the team.

    i also liked the idea of adding chairmen. if anyone ever played usm2, their were loads of good features which could be implied into fm10. just things like getting a say on kits, and sponsors, just like “we came up with three kit ideas for the new season, which one do you suggest?” and maybe the same for sponsor deals telling you the pros n cons and length of contract.

  226. just hear me out:
    What if on loading screen instead of a simple bar there is possibly a newspaper cutting saying something about your latest result or players on form in your league or other leagues.

    Also what if you add something like PES when you get extra money if you have the assist leader or goals leader etc in your team at the end of the season.

    I also think that the board rooms is a great idea because lets say instead of a few simple questions and very few answers you could have a in depth conversation with them explaining why you need it and what you intend to do with it. So there may be a better chance of you getting the request accepted if they agree with the reason why you need it.

    And one more that im surprised nobody came up with is the sponsors and the sponsor money because that could help with more transfer funds wich is probably the most important thing ever to a under-achieving prem side.

    I agree with everything that is being said and is FM still on xbox360 or have they stopped that now?

  227. All thses ideas are rubbish, they should go back to fm 2008/07 and start over

    The only thing they should add is a historical squads database
    So you could go back to like 2002 and real madrid galaticos or something like that

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