Fixture List Frenzy: Who has the best Premier League title run-in?

Fixture List Frenzy: Who has the best Premier League title run-in?


With the Premier League title race arguably the closest we’ve seen for years, Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea are down to just fourteen games to show that they are worthy of winning the Premier League trophy.

Who will reign supreme?

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Arsenal: 1st, 55 points

Feb 8 Liverpool  v  Arsenal
Feb 12 Arsenal  v  Manchester United
Feb 22 Arsenal  v  Sunderland
Mar 1 Stoke City  v  Arsenal
Mar 8 Arsenal  v  Swansea City
Mar 16 Tottenham Hotspur  v  Arsenal
Mar 22 Chelsea  v  Arsenal
Mar 29 Arsenal  v  Manchester City
Apr 5 Everton  v  Arsenal
Apr 12 Arsenal  v  West Ham United
Apr 19 Hull City  v  Arsenal
Apr 26 Arsenal  v  Newcastle United
May 3 Arsenal  v  West Bromwich Albion
May 11 Norwich City  v  Arsenal


The Gunners are sitting pretty on top of the pack as we head into the business end of the season, but have a host of tricky ties to come.

Keeper Wojciech Szczesny has claimed that the Gunners are ‘looking forward’ to the difficult games ahead, but I doubt the same can be said of the Arsenal faithful!

Arsenal face Liverpool at Anfield this weekend, with a home tie against Manchester United straight after for Arsene Wenger’s side.

Still involved in both the FA Cup and the Champions League, their squad will be pushed to the limits, with the lack of depth up front continuing to be of real concern to Gunners fans.

Arguably the most important run of games this season for Arsenal will come in March, with the club travelling to Tottenham and Chelsea consecutively, and finishing up with a home tie against Manchester City.

The sight of an away fixture against Everton at the start of April will only add to the sense of insecurity currently hanging over the club, and if Arsenal are to break their decade-long irrelevance in the Premier League, they will have to prove it by negotiating an ominous fixture list.

Manchester City: 2nd, 53 points

Date Home Away
Feb 8 Norwich City  v  Manchester City
Feb 12 Manchester City  v  Sunderland
Feb 22 Manchester City  v  Stoke City
Mar 8 Manchester City  v  Aston Villa
Mar 15 Hull City  v  Manchester City
Mar 22 Manchester City  v  Fulham
Mar 25 Manchester United  v  Manchester City
Mar 29 Arsenal  v  Manchester City
Apr 5 Manchester City  v  Southampton
Apr 12 Liverpool  v  Manchester City
Apr 19 Manchester City  v  West Bromwich Albion
Apr 26 Crystal Palace  v  Manchester City
May 3 Everton  v  Manchester City
May 11 Manchester City  v  West Ham United


City will be reeling from yesterday’s 1-0 home defeat to Chelsea, but will be pleased by their remaining fixture list, with only a handful of big teams yet to play.

Another side to be still involved in both the FA Cup and the Champions League, Manuel Pellegrini’s side certainly have the squad to deal with a congested season, and with their first real test coming mid-March against Manchester United at Old Trafford, City will have hoped to even have attained top spot by then.

An away game at Arsenal immediately after will be a huge game for both sides, with a trip to Liverpool in April the last top-four test for the club.

Everton host will host City in the penultimate game of the season, but considering the host of ‘winnable’ games left on the list, Pellegrini will surely fancy his chances of overhauling Arsenal at the top of the League.

Chelsea: 3rd, 53 points

Feb 8 Chelsea  v  Newcastle United
Feb 11 West Bromwich Albion  v  Chelsea
Feb 22 Chelsea  v  Everton
Mar 1 Fulham  v  Chelsea
Mar 8 Chelsea  v  Tottenham Hotspur
Mar 15 Aston Villa  v  Chelsea
Mar 22 Chelsea  v  Arsenal
Mar 29 Crystal Palace  v  Chelsea
Apr 5 Chelsea  v  Stoke City
Apr 12 Swansea City  v  Chelsea
Apr 19 Chelsea  v  Sunderland
Apr 26 Liverpool  v  Chelsea
May 3 Chelsea  v  Norwich City
May 11 Cardiff City  v  Chelsea


Everton are up first at Stamford Bridge mid-February, then the Blues will host London rivals Tottenham a month later.

Arsenal will travel to West London late March, and the Blues have to negotiate a tricky away tie at Liverpool in the third-final game of the season.

Chelsea may have been described as a ‘little horse’ by the wonderfully descriptive Mourinho, but their course is certainly a favourable one.

Soccerlens Verdict: Manchester City to be Champions!

It’s a tight one, and we were tempted to go for Chelsea, but considering Manchester City’s decent run of games, their fantastic goal-difference, and their squad depth, we have to plump for Pellegrini’s men for the title.

Arsenal have a tremendously difficult run of games ahead, and it will take a monumental effort from them to keep ahead of the chasing duo.

Chelsea arguably have the best run-in, but their tendency to allow smaller sides back into matches may continue to haunt Mourinho and his boys.

The smart money must be on Manchester City, but such is the sheer unpredictability of this Premier League season, you can never be sure!

What do you think? Who has the best run-in? Who will win the Premier League? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. So Arsenal have had a “decade-long irrelevance” have they? I’d suggest that that’s highly disrespectful besides being quite a mind numbingly irrational statement. Arsenal have won the title once in the last decade (the same number of times as Man City). Only 2 other clubs have won it and they are all considerably richer. So I assume you are basically saying that all clubs who don’t have loads of money are irrelevant……and even more so than Arsenal.

  2. People like you are making out arsenal are insecure the truth is they ate young an d together ready to have ago the gutter press and lower bloggers won’t drag them down

  3. I’ve been doing the same analysis but focusing only on the games between the top 7 teams in the second half of the season. Of the top three teams Chelsea have the best fixture list: 4 home games and 2 away. They’ve already won one of each.
    ManCity have the worst list: one home (they lost) and five away (they’ve won one – Tottenham so there are 4 still to go including Arsenal and ManU).
    Arsenal are in between: they have four away and two at home but they haven’t played any of them. Overall, where we stand I’d say Chelsea have the best chance, no matter what Mourinho says: you can’t believe anything he says, it’s all mind games

  4. I see chelsea to be favourite of the title race and l stand on the grand that they’ll carry the trophy.

  5. Arsenal supporters are all the same…
    Have a sook about not being a rich club.
    Boo Hoo, as if that French prick would know how to spend it anyhow…
    It’s called evolution something the Gunners won’t experience until that frog is gone.
    Let’s see how he spends his war chest next season as he really took full advantage of it this year and increased your depth… A tub of yoghurt has more depth than Arsenal.
    There are really 2 contenders running this race, Arsenal are like the retarded brother that they let race with the other kids to make them feel normal.
    Light Blue or Dark Blue are the only colours that you will see at the end… But I think the self proclaimed “special one” will have the last laugh as he is creating a force that will almost be unstoppable. Goodnight Gunners

  6. I don’t have much to say but as an arsenal fan the only i have to tell you Is that game of football is unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen until may before we tell, Up gunners.

  7. my exprience shows that all these does not matter, infact the presumed easier matches will be the achilles heels of some teams. who ever expect chelsea to drop points against west ham, so just relax, lay back nd enjoy the show

  8. Chelsea n City are the favourites for the title. But i think Chelsea will nick it this time. Considering their strength against the top side. We’v not lost to any in the EPL. Arsenal will be beaten at Stanford bridge. The fixture list is favourable to us. Mou is a tatactical genius. Game by game he will win the league. Up chelsea!!!

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