Five reasons Fellaini won’t be going to Arsenal

Five reasons Fellaini won’t be going to Arsenal


Marouane Fellaini

Arsenal have boasted big time about their new financial pulling power, which Ivan Gazidis says means they can compete for nearly any player they want in the transfer market.

One such player is Everton’s Marouane Fellaini but the logistics of pulling off a deal for the Gunners could be far more difficult than they realise.

There are several reasons why Fellaini may not jump at the chance to go to Arsenal but he will definitely be on the move after stating last season, he would only stay with Everton if they finished in the top four and secured Champions League football.

Here are five main reasons why Arsenal won’t be his destination.


Fellaini has enjoyed a more forward position at Everton, playing in a more advanced role which has allowed him to give in to his more attacking tendencies.

He scored 11 goals last season as a midfielder from his Premier League appearances which is a tally that most other players would kill for.

Arsenal would buy him and use him as a defensive player, because they already have so many talented players forming the creative aspect of their team and that’s a role Fellaini may not want to go back to.


Although Gazidis has made it clear the Gunners can now pay big fees, it’s unlikely that Arsene Wenger will go back on his recent transfer history for the sake of signing a player he sees as a defensive midfielder.

The base rate would be £20 million rising to around the £25 million mark or just enough to trigger the buy out clause in Fellaini’s current deal.

However, if another side comes into the equation, Manchester United for example, that price could edge up closer to £30 million, raising the question over whether Wenger is really happy to pay that much for a someone he’s going to use as a holding midfielder.

david moyes


Another point about money and the obvious case that Fellaini can protect himself better, earning a higher wage deal if he goes to a club like Manchester United or Chelsea.

Wenger decides roughly what his players should be paid and that’s created a socialist wage structure at Arsenal, which has been heavily criticised by some sections of their support base.

Football is about money now more than ever before and it’s always going to be a factor in the decision of any player looking to leave a club for a higher profile side.


In Fellaini’s mind he wants to win things, which professional football doesn’t want to win silverware?

He won’t see Arsenal as his most immediate chance of doing just that because the Gunners haven’t won anything since 2005.

A move to Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea presents a much better and more immediate chance for him to start adding medals to his collection which is significant as he’s already in his mid-20s.


Fellaini bought a house in Manchester last season, which he said at the time was to get away from the exposure and the attention that he received constantly in Merseyside.

He was apparently less recognisable in Manchester but it’s a massive opportunity which either of the two big Manchester clubs can take advantage of.

It saves a lot of upheaval in terms of the Belgian having to move his life, friends and family down South to London and it will be a factor in his first move to one of the mega clubs in English and European football.

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  1. What a lazy piece, you really should do some research. Fellaini is on record as saying the DM is his best position, and his release clause is a set fee (there can be no bidding war).

    One thing that is correct is that wages may be a problem. Fellaini is on £75k a week at Everton, same as Arteta was when he left for Arsenal. And Arteta had to take a pay cut to fit into Arsenal’s wage structure.

  2. 1. Fellaini is on record saying he prefers the more defensive role
    2. Arsenal has money to spend
    3. Arsenal has money to spend on wages
    4. Success – Man City didn’t win last year and Man U the year before
    5. So why would he move to Manchester?

    • 1. There is no release clause. This was invented by the rumour mongering media.
      2. He hasn’t bought a house in Manchester. He’s renting.
      3. DM as you say, is his preferred and best position. He scored 11 goals last year, but his presence up front deprived Jelavic of opportunities where he could/would have scored more than 11 goals.
      4. Arsenal don’t need another midfielder, especially a DM
      5. He allegedly has many clubs after him, giving him choices. Why would he pick Arsenal?

  3. Felli not leave Everton this season. He to play one more term and will go to Manchester in Red not Blue. Manchester and the Everton club discuss trade involving Rooney but Rooney want to play CL so despite love and affection for blues will not return this time

  4. fellaini will kill to play for Arsenal, not the other way round. Do an informed analysis next time.

    • No! Don’t get confused. He wants to play for a team with a chance of winning the CL, not just take part in it.
      He’s served his apprenticeship at Everton, he wants to graduate to a team that wins trophies now. You watch. Rather than join Arsenal you will probably see him stay at Everton!!

      Oh, by the way, I am an Evertonian.

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