Liverpool’s big money transfer target set for exit, willing to take pay-cut

Liverpool’s big money transfer target set for exit, willing to take pay-cut


English media reported extensively that Liverpool are trying the best to lure Monaco’s world class striker Radamel Falcao.

Reds manager Brendan Rodgers insisted after Liverpool’s opening day victory against Southampton that he would try to land at least one more striker to the side and plethora of reports suggesting it could be Falcao.


Liverpool want to sign the player on a season-long loan but faces tough competition from Italian giants Juventus.

Falcao is reportedly demanding a wage in the region of £200,000 per week but the encouraging side is, the player wants move out of France

According to reports from Gazzetta dello Sport, Falcao is not keen to make a move to the Premier League, rather he would prefer a career in Italy.

Also, Falcao is ready to accept a pay cut to move elsewhere. Juventus general director Giuseppe Marotta has been in touch with the player’s agent and the Serie A champions are ready to offer him a €20m pay package, including fees to his agent as well. 

Juventus may have to sell Fernando Llorente in order to arrange such a hefty pay package. Rodgers has other alternatives as well, like Wilfried Bony, who has been linked with the club early this summer.

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  1. Please BR, just sign that wilfried Bony before you trying to bring the likes of Falcao, Cavani Marco Reus & Lavezzi. Because we will not aford to cope without one of those players. Please, we beg of you, do something inteligable before it’s too late. We’ll appreciate to get 1 of these guys to Anfield.

    • Marco reus looks like a very real option giving the current relationship With klopp, the price is right and he can play behind sturridge and take free kicks,lets just finish this business and enjoy the rebuilding of Liverpool fc. Come on Brendan your awesome but you need to just pay the money before someone else does

  2. why are LFC dragging there heels when it comes to signing players at the end we keep losing out on our number one targets we are to big to take players on loan let’s just sign them strait up and get it over with come on LFC ynwa

      • Why is the number one target a wing back when we have 100 million dollars to spend. When Sturridge has to sit a game and Lambert comes in Alberto Moreno is not gunna save us… Next retarded statement

    • How many fans complaining about deals have ever been involved in a transfer? LFC have signed eight players and yet are being accused of dragging their heels!!

      Some deals are more straightforward like Lambert (clubs & players all in agreement), & Can & Markovic (buyout clause met and player agrees move). Some are more complicated like Moreno (lengthy negotiations because clubs can’t agree a fee or seller looking to start a bidding war).

      Sometimes buyouts clauses are met, but the player doesn’t want the move, like Diego Costa last year. And if the preferred option isn’t readily available, both players and clubs like to keep their options open until the last minute, like Borini with Sunderland, and LFC in the striker chase.

  3. I say barrr humbug lets go get bony and alex song bony we cud get for 17 mil alex we can get on loan eith a veiw to purchase its a noo brainer scrap this falcao thing plzz brendon plzzzzz

  4. i dont like the way liverpool are doing things, they should stop making noise of signing player others like man u and mancity are not making noise as liverpool

  5. I have always wanted us to sign bony cos brendan can get goals out of him. Also get alex song on loan and that would have helped us sort that holding midfield role! Except if brendan can bring in falcao. ynwa

  6. Falcao or Cavani and Reus or Song. Falcao is a lot of eggs in one basket but have you checked his record he’s 0.66 goals per game over 300+ games so he is in the Suarez league. Doubt we’ll get him though – no matter Cavani is very nearly as good as an out and out goal scorer and more of an all rounder. Worth bearing in mind that Song maybe a free but his wage bill is gigantic so Reus at £20m plus a more realistic wage ask might be achievable.

  7. My observation i§ try to rap up a strong triking force before the next match. Bony i§ now a better option to replace Suarez. I want Bony.

  8. My observation i§ try to rap up a strong striking force before the next match. Bony i§ now a better option to replace Suarez. I want Bony.

  9. Signing Bony and Song is as good as ending in the Seventh place. Guys I’m disappointed with some of your comments, you want BR to sign Bony and Song, whiles Marco Reus and Cavani are available? Wake up from your slumber because if Liverpool sign Bony and Song, trust me Liverpool will finish behind Everton in this season

  10. Bony has EPL experience, but remember what happened to Andy Carroll, Roby Keane, Charlie Adams, Stewart Downing etc. Bring in a high profil striker who has no EPL experience and Liverpool will explode, example Robbie Fowler, Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez etc

    • i agree with what you said lord mensah need prolific striker like falcao and reus that can take off Borden from Daniel. bony and song we don’t need them Cos they will be a flop. remember when Torres left we brought in prolific striker wish is saurez so why can’t we bring in another that is well know by the world not just epl wake up guys we competing for the trophy we not Newcastle that buy no name player

  11. Listen we should take falco to replace to lose of Suarez he’s a world class striker and would fit are style of play I don’t think bony can for fill the lose if Suarez if were to go anywhere this season

  12. Our team s ok,we only 1 clinical striker like Falcao.if not dat let go for Benfica’s Oscar or F.Loriente from Juve and dis Bony,Alex song matter..if u want as to on relegation u follow Bony and Song and u will seeeeeeee…

  13. We missed out on winning the league in May because we wasted time chasing wingers innstead of a defensive midfielder and a centre back. Now every supporter knows The Reds still need a midfield enforcer, a competitive keeper and a centre forward to compete in all competitions this season.
    Liverpool have a history of failing to seal deals before the transfer window closes so don’t drag your feet until you miss the boat again. Sign Wilfred Bony and get him into the team quickly before we play City. – We will lose him to the Africa Cup of Nations in January but he seems keen to come therefore ‘half a duck is better than no dinner’.
    Begovich (sp?) should be sought to pair-up with Mignolet as he knows the BPL. Last of all is the DMF – someone like Momo Sissoko who unfortunately was partially blinded when playing for us under Rafa. Had a few close escapes on Saturday!

  14. Radamel Falcao maybe a world class striker but honestly he seems to favor playing for Radamel Falcao not LFC, are we sure he would serve our interests well or would this laborious affair serve ManU?
    Move to plan B.

  15. On striker no top 4 for liverpool dis season pls brg do beter business. U guys shuld forget abt de money and get falcao. song. Etc. U guys shud rember dt we are back to champion leauge. If u guys did nt get striker. Dis season forget it all becos I can rember last season dis is wt hapnd Liverpool wll sign morn plyer dt de end we did nt. Sign anyplyer. Dis is nt time to play and sir brg if did nt buy striker hmmm forget it all

  16. Lambart can nt do it or evn stage. Pls get falcao song. And who’s so evn u need for de job most de block4. It means we need song last season I cryd dt we lost de epl crown

  17. l concur with the view of my fellow fans who strive liverpool to capture strong n force straker like cavan and Falcao. Bony can add nothng although his expirience in EPL

  18. BR shd even stop wasting our revenue in signin new players n manage wat we already ve..the likes of lallana plays behinde sturridge ,coutinho n sterling wide, gerrad,herndo n emre can operates the midfield lovren,manquillo,enrique n skrtel to the defence this can be the strongest ever.

  19. It’s very disappointed loosing suarez and expecting BONY in replacing is like trading goat with lion, well, maybe we can win treble with BONY when we found it difficult to win the league with suarez, no available striker can presently be equated with the prowess of L suarez so if we have to fill the void it has to be someone closer to him not the likes of BONY, infact I dislike cavany #LFC pls get us smth meaningful YNWA.

  20. You guys don’t get it, do you? My suggestion is buy song and falcao! Then get bony and send him on loan back to swansea to buy int the January transfer Window incase any of the above flops. Remember swansea already has a striker gomis. He was substituted against manu and he seems interesting.

  21. Hummm!,all. I could say is that,just bring me better striker be for the transfer closs,pls RG I trust u,u no the best

  22. Just read a report that Liverpool have tabled a £17.5 m for Mario Balotelli. Looks like a good approach, abb Marco Reus and Liverpool can match up the fire power of the EPL. Rogers act fast and get them before wewe loose our marque signing again

    • We read that too, there’s nothing in it to be honest.

      Galliani: “We haven’t received any offer from Liverpool for Balotelli, so there aren’t any negotiations at the moment.”

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