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The Europa League is the second biggest European competition in football. Teams that failed to finish in the required domestics spots to qualify for the Champions League are drafted into the Europa League, as well as those winning selected domestic cup competitions. Despite its secondary nature, the Europa League is one of the most watched footballing competitions around with many fans regularly using Europa League live streaming as their way to watch matches involving their teams as well as other interesting games as neutrals.

Liverpool will take on Spanish side Sevilla in the final of the competition on May 18th with hundreds of thousands to use the internet to watch the game. There will be many fans unfamiliar with the concept of using Europa League live streaming options, but with a little help, it can become the most trusted method for those without the right TV subscriptions.


BT Sport, the UK’s channel for broadcasting both the Champions League and the Europa League, have announced that they will be streaming both finals live and for free on their official YouTube channel on the day. This is a big step for the streaming world, with almost every major media outlet recognising the pull and popularity of live streams during games.

Click this link to reach their YouTube channel, with the Europa League final going live on May 18th.

For those not living in the UK, many other sites exist which gather together all free streams in one place. While the sites themselves are sometimes susceptible to legal action due to TV rights, viewers can freely access Europa League live streams without fear of repercussion. A stream is created and us fans can drink from the stream, if you will. Sometimes the streams will shut off at which point a simple transition to another of the hundreds of live streams around is all that’s needed.

Streams can be of any footballing TV channel, from SkySports to BT Sports. They can be in multiple languages from many different countries. The streams can be good quality, HD quality, and sometimes bad quality, and it’s up to you to search for your perfect one on matchday.

Check out our guide to Europa League live streaming below.

Top live streaming sites:

Cricfree Soccer

How it works:

Not every site is the same, and some can be complicated to negotiate. A rule of thumb is to look elsewhere if the site you’re on requires you to subscribe. There are plenty of other non-subscription options on the web.

Links should appear close to kickoff, with many updated as they are either shut down or a better live stream becomes available. Adblock apps can sometimes restrict access, with may sites relying heavily on advertisements for revenue. If the problems persists then temporarily disable your adblock software and refresh the page. A number of ads will appear but once removed you should have a clear path to your chosen stream.

Top Europa League Final live streams:

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