Essien Could Be Better Than Messi or Ronaldo

Essien Could Be Better Than Messi or Ronaldo


Ask someone who the best player in the world is and nine times out of ten the answer is either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Essien is a fantastic player and does not usually get mentioned in the same breath as the Argentinian and Portuguese men, but why not. I believe that Michael Essien is as good, if not better. Of course he doesn’t have as many tricks and flicks as Ronaldo or the balance of Messi but you don’t necessarily need those attribute to be a world beater.

Essien offers an unbelievable amount to any team. Starting with his defensive abilities, in my opinion, they are second to none right now. He has incredible strength and his defensive awareness is brilliant he breaks up play and links up with the other players around him, usually Mikel and Malouda this season.

The thing that has really put him into the greatness of the football world right now is his added attacking performances this season. With Frank Lampard struggling for fitness, Essien has stepped into the box to box midfielder role. He started the campaign in special form scoring for fun and becoming the driving force in the blues offence. He has been dominant in the air defensively along with scoring with his head. The Ghanaian has shown class from outside the box as well scoring a collection of fabulous long range strikes that anyone would be proud off.

Many people are pointing towards the Ray Wilkins dismissal as the reason for Chelsea’s horrific form of late, but for me it is that Essien has been missing. Awful defensive performances, it’s hard to believe Sunderland would have been quite so dominant if Essien had been strutting his stuff. Against Birmingham they were bereft of world class in the middle of the park whether it be Lampard or Essien.

For me it was a big shame Essien was not a part of the World Cup. Ghana had the whole world behind them and lost by the finest of margins, Essien definitely has the class that could of forced them into   a semi-final outing.

You look at the other players at the top of the world game in the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A and you will rarely come across with such a well rounded footballer. He can play in the holding midfield role, box to box or attacking midfield and can comfortably fill in along the whole defence, only a strong, aware, hard working and technically gifted players can do this.

My final note is his work rate, many a talented player rely on their skill to get them through games, to Essien’s credit he does not, he has a huge engine and hunger on him making him invaluable to any team.

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  1. dude your probably get 9 out of 10 times cristiano ronaldo r messi cause thats how it is, not because you are some kind of visionary of anykind, thats how it is, period. if there was someone else out there he would be mentioned

  2. Oh… dear! Oh dear, oh dear. As a Chelsea fan who has barely missed a game for God knows how long I have to say you are well and truly off the mark. Essien isn’t even Chelsea’s best player let alone the best player in the World, let alone being compared to Lionel Messi for some bizarre reason! Essien has been terrible this season and the media won’t convince me otherwise. For supposedly one of the best midfielders in the World he struggles to make simple passes, his shooting is shockingly wayward and he’s a clumsy tackler. He has his qualities and when he’s keeping it simple he’s a very handy player, like Rino Gattuso at Milan his tenacity is his main strength and giving the ball to the more talented midfield partner (In Essien’s case that’d be Lampard). He’s a great driving influence on the team and he’d definitely be a starter when everyone is fit but to suggest that he is somehow comparable to Messi or Ronaldo is simply ridiculous.

  3. What makes messi and ronaldo so special. Loads of players don’t get the recognition they deserve because narrow minded football fans don’t understand that a good defender such as vidic or chielini is just as influential on a match as a great goalscorer.

  4. oh baby baby go in school or something…..essien better then messi!!!! ronaldo maybe but messi is the best of all time and u think u have the right to write this!! to compare messi with any player now active is CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! CIAO

  5. Essien is better than ronaldo and messing because what ronaldo and messing can do(score ) essien can do but what essien can do(defend and read games )ronaldo and messing have no idea

  6. Yes, I must agree as a Longtime Chelsea fan…In America. By the way, family connections, are still in London!! There is not a club out there that wouldn’t pay hand over fist for a player like essien. Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich would very much welcome Essien into thier ranks. While I would admit that there are many players out there whom are better going forward, providing a killer pass and laser shot. You must admit he is the most well rounded midfielder in the World!! One player who is simiular would Scwienstieger whom I also rate among the best midfielder that can play defense as well as any Center Back. You must remember that the Game is usually 50% going forward and 50% defending and Essien is the best Defending Midfield Player in the World…. I must also mention Lampard in the same group too, very good workrate, very good defensivly, but I don’t think there is another midfielde in the world that has scored more 20 goals a season for the past 5 years in a Row. So, Lampard Too, is one of the Best, if not the best. Its not about trick and flicks…..

  7. This is about as funny as Gareth Bale’s mentor/lover claiming his protege is the best in the world.

    And Lamps absence has shown how much his presence is important to his team offensively.
    Essien hasnt been able to cover his spot well.
    And why would anyone think he could?
    Essien is a good defensive player who can on occassion give a hand at the other end but asking him to be a full time creator is like asking a lesbian to do a man’s job. Sure, the dildo looks likes a penis and can even replace a peener when the need be but its not the same thing.
    Essien is a great dildo but that doesnt make me a great dick too.

  8. Essien is the greatest player we have ever had and walks into any team in the world.

    Eliot says that Essien is playing better than Messi and Ronaldo right now: We know Essien is one of the best players but to say hes playing better than Messi or Ronaldo is ridiculous.

    “I believe that Michael Essien is as good, IF NOT BETTER.” I wish I could give Eliot a big slap and revoke that your writing licence lol.

    Your trying to make big statement and your still 100% clear in doing it.

    Let me ask you and everyone else this question:


    If you would then you need to stop watching football. (and Im Ghanaian).

    Essien is great but he isnt doing anything that Viera, Keane and Gerard have not done before.

    Messi and Ronaldo are writing a new chapter in the way you play the beatiful game.
    They can both play in any attacking position on the field.

    Injury free, both should hit 35-40 goals and up to 20 assists this season. These boys are in a world of their own.

    And I know they play with the best players, teams like Real and Barca have always had great players.
    But previous sides were not hitting 130 goals a season(including injuries).
    With Messi and Ronaldo you have to achieve that.

    Henry and Ronaldinho were the first players Ive seen doing the “one man army” thing, but these boys are younger but just are as experienced and are more consistent over a 5-10 year period.

    Eliot, we know Essien is a special player but Messi and Ronaldo fighting for the “The Greatest Player Ever” crown.

  9. Anyone who thinks Essien is as good if not better than Messi or Ronaldo has obviously never seen either of these two players in reality and if they had they would retract that statement which includes Essien in the same league as Messi or Ronaldo . Not even on a playstation is Essien as good as Messi or Ronaldo . I suggest that the author of the fictional story above wake up as this “story” is something J.K. Rowling would be proud of and may even include in a future Harry Potter book .

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