Erik Lamela arrives in London to sign for Tottenham

Erik Lamela arrives in London to sign for Tottenham

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Erik Lamela has arrived in London to complete a £30 million move to Tottenham, while Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid is far from over.

Erik Lamela

Having seen their potential target Willian been hijacked by Chelsea, Spurs have wasted no time here and have stepped up their efforts and had been in talks with the Italian club, over the move. While, there was a bit of difference over the fee, Spurs ensured they get their target and raised their offer from £25.5m to ensure they did not lose out on another target.

According to Evening Standard, the 21-year-old winger-cum-forward has been offered a £66,000-a-week contract and Spurs would break their transfer record third time this summer, having paid £17 million on Paulinho and £26 million on striker Roberto Soldado, should the deal go through.

The Argentina international plays mainly on the wings, but is versatile enough to play on all positions in the attacking areas, has scored 15 goals last season for his club and was left out of Roma’s starting XI against Livorno on Sunday.

Spurs would allow Bale to secure his dream move to Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee, but were holding out, as they wanted to secure replacements first.

Bale failed to report for training as requested following a club-authorised break in Marbella. Further, Spurs have received a second bid for the player, in addition to Madrid’s bid, but the identity of the second bidder is yet unknown.

Spurs have ordered Bale to report to training on Tuesday, but no reasons have been given for his failure to report for duty.

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  1. Where’s the proof. I wouldn’t trust the ‘Evening Standard’ as far as I would throw them.

  2. Lamela is not in London. This afternoon he surprised his team mates by reporting for training in Rome. But he will definitely be leaving the club because it has just been announced that Roma have acquired the services of a replacement, Adem Ljajic, from Fiorentina for 12 million Euro.

  3. If it’s true that Bale didn’t turn up, I’d be surprised if it is, but if it is I’ll have lost a lot of respect for the guy. I’m resigned to him leaving and if last season is his last he’d have gone with his head held high until this. Not turning up is a f’ck you to all connected with the club and it’s not on. Does he think the club should just bend over and just look after Jim and not its future? Wake up gareth!!! You’re not bigger than the club. Tottenham will be around long after your gone.

    • It’s all business my friend, I’m sure Levy/Baldini has ‘asked’ Bale to stay away and as ‘Serious’ intimates, keeping Bale until the final seconds will screw up Arsenal/Chelski/L’Pool etcetera..It’s rea;;y really very clever from what I can make of it…
      Bale is a very solid person, he is playing the game asked of him to benefit Tottenham.

    • We don’t really know the truth and he never asked for a transfer. Mind you his agent is a grade one sc**bag so anything is possible.

      I would be shocked if it is true and I fear that the RM groupies may destroy his personal life if he leaves. Very hard to keep a low profile there as a RM celebrity and temptation rolls in always.

  4. Let GB go, Lamela will be better….but both would be amazing. GB needs a reality check tho, he is going to hate it in Madrid around a bunch of jealous superstars.

  5. I keep asking this question,”Can anybody confirm/deny/even know if/that Gareth’s agent is a lifelong A*** supporter/season ticket holder”??

  6. If he didn’t show then he has show so much lack of respect for the players and staff that got him where he is today. He was loved by one and all and don’t forget signed a new contract last year. Lets forget about him and just can’t wait for Lamela to play in our shirt and we’ll soon realise there is life after Bale. With the other great players bought and the return of the beast and Younes we’ve got a strong squad. 3 points on Sunday please AVB. Shut the noisy neighbours up once and for all!!!!!!!!!

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