England World Cup 2010 Qualification Fixtures

England World Cup 2010 Qualification Fixtures


The draw for the 2010 World Cup is here. Fixtures will be up shortly.

When England’s 2010 World Cup qualifying group was announced, one tabloid headline – “Oh No! It’s Cro!” summed up the public reaction best. England need to win their group to qualify for South Africa 2010 and seeing Croatia’s impressive (and consistent) record in the Euro 2008 qualifiers, it would be a tough, tough task.

Fabio Capello’s appointment has given some hope, although the real redemption will begin with the February friendly where Capello will take charge of England for the first time. His brief is to firstly qualify for, and secondly get as close as possible to winning, the 2010 World Cup.

On paper, Croatia are all that stand between England and World Cup 2010, but as the cliche goes, England somewhat suck as a team, so it will take a lot of hard work from the players and Capello himself to get to South Africa. That, and the fact that he has to pick a squad NOW that will be good enough to win the World Cup in 2010, and that in itself means making some hard choices (in terms of dropping players permanently or picking young ones). In any case, I’ll be discussing the squad soon – for now…

England’s fixtures for the qualifying stage of the 2010 World Cup:

Andorra (a) Saturday, September 6 2008
Croatia (a) Wednesday, September 10 2008
Kazakhstan (h) Saturday, October 11 2008
Belarus (a) Wednesday, October 15 2008
Ukraine (h) Wednesday, April 1 2009
Kazakhstan (a) Saturday, June 6 2009
Andorra (h) Wednesday, June 10 2009
Croatia (h) Wednesday, September 9 2009
Ukraine (a) Saturday, October 10 2009
Belarus (h) Wednesday, October 14 2009

Hopefully this time England will effectively *win* the group by beating Croatia at home and the last two games will have far less pressure.

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  1. England not getting into Euro 2008 would be disastrous, hopefully the go 3 better in the WC Qualifiers and I think they will.

    Tough group with the Croats and Ukraine though..

  2. England ‘choked’ at all the big hurdles of the Euro qualifiers and everyone blamed Steve Mclaren. Its hard to imagine a team under Capello doing the same so we’ll wait and see……….

  3. Ahmed:

    I am probably in the minority, but does anyone else believe that the smaller nations (Andorra, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, and San Marino) should qualify against each other instead of versus the major powers?

    I am not advocating a direct slot to the WC or Euro; however, perhaps the winner of such a group could then have a home and away against one of the bigger fish in the UEFA ocean.

  4. I’ll be attending the game Croatia England in Zagreb,… all respect to England but I believe that you still dont have the true team although full with powerful individuals,… let the better team win!

    I’ll be supporting my Croatia!

  5. I mean seriously this is england your talking about they shouldnt have the problem of qualifying may it be brazil and spain or andora and crotia…but they r to stupid to realise whats happening all they care about is money and fame i mean beckham goes from madrid to la galaxy…it doesnt get worse then this. not qualifying for the euro better have woke them up honestly its about time and being ranked 15 is sad…i mean cameroon and russia r have better rankings.

  6. i love ENGLAND, john terry is the best, and frank lampard and joe cole! come england this is our year! … in 2010

  7. I cant begin to contemplate a world cup without us english present, surely we can come out of this group not just as qualifiers but as winners, the collapse of the 2008 euro campaign was nothing short of ridiculous, croatia can’t possibly be heralded as a better footballing team, England stuffed up big time two years ago, surely now that mistake will on their minds as they go into these matches, they owe the fans, and the owe it to themselves, they haven’t been involved in national competition since 2006, that must be devestating for a world class professional. If they don’t have the motivation to do well in the tournement let alone the qualifiers, then they shouldn’t be allowed to play, simple as that.

  8. can somboday see sense and sack burley from the scotland squad. we need all british teams to qualify for the world cup, but alas with burley we have no chance.

  9. What is it the Commentators and fans can’t see? The England squad was full of overpaid and overated players. The pundits and fans talk them up every four years to be devestated when England don’t win the world cup. The teams performance against the USA was dodgy, V’s Algeria dismal and Slovenia? OK they won but didn’t deserve it as they did the usual thing by scoring a goal ans spending the rest of the game panicking. They didn’t deserve a place in the final sixteen and this was proved when the team was dismissed 4 – 1 by Germany. The players had better start the season playing rubbish or serious questions will be asked as to why they couldn’t perform equally well in the English SHirt as they do for their club’s

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