€35m rated winger ‘interrupts’ vacation to reject Liverpool, Arsenal likely destination

€35m rated winger ‘interrupts’ vacation to reject Liverpool, Arsenal likely destination


According to Spanish newspaper AS , Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez has reportedly cut short his vacation and has headed to Barcelona to resolve talks about his future at the Catalan club. It is reported that Barcelona will take up any potential deals related to the 25 year old only after they secure the services of Luis Suarez from Liverpool.


Barcelona’s sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta had earlier deemed the Chilean who had a fantastic World Cup as ‘transferable’. It is now believed that the player is valued by the Camp Nou outfit for anything between €30m to €35m.

Liverpool were earlier insistent to include Sanchez in the Suarez deal but now according to Catalan TV channel TV3, the winger is not keen to join the Merseyside giants. The news channel also claims that there are two offers on the table for Barcelona, one from Serie A champions Juventus, the other and a more lucrative one from Arsenal.

The club is yet to speak with the player himself but the Catalans prefer Arsenal’s offer. However there would be a stumbling block to a move to the Emirates if Sanchez decided to return to the Serie A where he earlier played for Udinese before joining Barcelona.

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  1. The issue of Sanchez is now in the hands of Arsene Wenger, he should decide immedately before it is too late. Wenger should change his policy in tranfer deals, thangs are changing from year to year. He should realize what makes the team a fearful team. For the past nine years Arsenal did not do well. There was a time when Arsenal was a selling club. Now is the time for them to show that, they were doing that because of the debt that, the club use to have. We cannot continue to be starved of watching good footbal and have quality players again. No! “Not at all again” We need Arsenal to be a team to fear.

  2. sanchez shud be given a chance at the catalan club, he hs shown nw and then that he is a great player. Shud he wnt to leave though ,then arsenal will be a favourable destination for him.

  3. Despite great performance in premier league and Brendan Rogers’ ability to enhance the ability of his players , Sterling, Henderson , Sturridge & Suarez , really concerned @ our inability to attract the big name Foreign players.We seem to be Paying a heavy price for absence from Champions League & possibly the lack of a well known international manager. Sanchez refusal to even negotiate with LFC almost as humiliating as Suarez’s departure. To the Arsenal fans , don’t worry you will get your man! Barca even more desperate to take Surez now Neymar is injured . Have to apologise to Saints fans , I can’t believe how we have plundered your club. Transfer dealings are not LFC & BR strength.

    • It is all BR fault. Lfc should not expect to be taken seriously when you start the transfer window buying unknown and low quality players. Big stars will just believe that it will be same as last year when it was A spas, Louis Alberto, Moses etc. Lfc should change approach.

  4. Dead right we need players whose names on the team-sheet should be enough to have other teams so scared they wont want to leave the changing room. So come on get the deals done before pre-season and give us something to shout about.

  5. You are all behind the times. Unfortunately he is going to Chity.

    He will go to City and spend his time on the bench earning stupid wages because Chity don’t have to worry about new rules and balancing the books all they have to do is get one the owners tenth cousin 5 times removed to sponsor their toilets for £100M per season and this cousins brother to sponsor the goal posts for the same amount we may as well chuck the rule book out with the rubbish.

    • i laughed when i first read this but then i stopped and thought about it. it has already happened.

      i wonder if uefa have the balls to actually throw clubs like shitty and PSG out of the champs league if they continue to disregards the rules

  6. Sanchez should move to liverpool not arsenal.liverpool is a great club with a great manager and i think alexis will make a great mark.

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