Done deal? Impact of Luke Shaw as 3rd highest paid Man Utd...

Done deal? Impact of Luke Shaw as 3rd highest paid Man Utd player?


According to a report from Goal, they can allegedly ‘reveal’ that Manchester United have agreed terms in a deal worth £40m to sign Luke Shaw from Southampton.

I am not here to bring you this as ‘breaking news’ because the report came out a day ago, my focus is the impact this deal would have upon the dressing room if it is accurate. What is your opinion on the matter?

luke shaw

If Goal are correct in their assertion of Shaw’s earnings it would make him the 3rd highest earning player at the club. That would include leapfrogging players of the stature of Nani, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand (albeit irrelevant with Rio), Ashley Young and Nemanja Vidic and doubling midfield trio Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick, and Shinji Kagawa.

Luke Shaw, whilst having had consecutive successful seasons on the South Coast in the Premier League, is a relative new-comer compared to many of the players he could potentially earn considerably more than. He is clearly a big talent and could very well have a successful career ahead of him, but he is far from proven long-term like others he will be training alongside.

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs has been the most consistent and fundamental cog in the wheel of the Ferguson glory years, devoting his entire professional career to the club. The Welshman made 672 appearances over 14 years, but his paycheck reads less than 50% of what Shaw is purported to pick up. What message would that send to players considering emulating the dedication of Giggsy, to see 2 break-through seasons at a side not competing with the big-guns or in Europe, outweigh that kind of loyalty?

Should Shaw be paid over double what Welbeck, Hernandez, Valencia and De Gea rake in? A very good comparison can be drawn by players like Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling, both young(ish) British defenders and both have more experience than Shaw. Getting into the team regularly for a team the size of United is no small feat, so how will they feel if the Southampton man comes in and earns well over both of them combined?

Like I say, I am not trying to break the news, or question the source, I want your opinions on if this can be conducive to creating a positive mental attitude within the United dressing room? Can the players be harmonious as a united army in their efforts to overcome the disappointments of last season, especially with no European football?

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  1. Don’t you think you are a confusionist? Your words are incititeful. Luke Shaw and every other players you mentioned are different people entirely, so, allow the team do what is deem necessary to place the team back to its glorious days and dont be a distractor. Up manchester United!!!

  2. because of lack of European football next season we have to spend big in order to attract top players.

  3. I wouldn’t say inciteful at all, I think it is interesting to think of things from a different angle. It’s not just about the new boys. When QPR were relegated with so many massive earning players, their biggest issue was unrest amongst the squad because the players that got them promoted were on half the money of the new purchases, few of whom justified it.
    Obviously United are quite against the wall at the moment because they don’t have any European football to offer players so big names will be tempted to stay put for a year and sign next summer if next season goes better. This is going to have a big influence on the tactics they use to attract new stars.

  4. I dn’t tink luke shaw surpose 2 be in united team bcoz of d big money, hw can u sign an 18year old wit worth of £40m and payin €160k a wk is nt gud my felow united tink abt it

  5. Man U seem to think they are signing the next Gareth Bale….. I am afraid they are going to be disappointed, Shaw is a decent left back and that is all, zero goals and very few assists and to be paid a reported £160/wk will surely ruffle a few feathers at old trafford.

    There must be better cheaper options out there, but because he has come through the Southampton Academy his fee and wage demands go through the roof… time will tell.

  6. I think he’s right. I believe the 5-3-2 formation inspired by LVG doesn’t require too many new names. using Young n Valencia @ lb n rb respectively will suit the team. I dont see the need 4 Shaw. what about Adnan n De gea? would they b pleased? I think the answer is a big NO. De gea. valencia hummels jones young. mata vidal kagawa. janujaz rvp rooney. this 5-3-2 will switch to 3-5-2 on attacking.

  7. I really think that it is a retarded salary for an 18 year old and if it is true points to the fact that Ed Woodward has no idea about signing players and offering contracts. It would also provide an explanation as to how in the world Rooney managed to ransom United for a mega contract.

    Luke Shaw, despite being the amazing talent he is cannot be paid such a ludicrous salary, which not only is unjustified but also disrespects the current members of the United squad.

  8. Wot are you all sayn? There’s no way man utd can easilly get or buy a good player unless you enticed them with huge money. Unite is not competing in any europe competition and you want to get the best and big players aswell. Forget it. You cnt expect the likes of kross, gondogan, mangala, hummels, reus, etc to snub the likes of chelsea, liverpool, arsenal, barca, real, atletico, bayern, dortmund etc for united unless you are ready to get all the best old legs in the world who are looking for a team whr they can arrange textmonia match, retire and even pay them big money for duration of two years. Tnk God we have lvg as a coach, if not no big player will come to united. Ask liverpool wot they went thru b4 they cud make it back to Top 4 after 3 to 4yrs. Gone are the days when you see man utd as a big club whr every players dream of playn for. Wise up when you are writting yor comment.

  9. a 18yrs old guy been paid 150per wk is he talented dan januzag pls thnk abt dx, nd dnt thnk bcuz whr ar nt in champn nd europa to scattered d remaining talented playr. K if u a offern shaw 40MIL ND 150 perwk wat about joldy aiba, vidal, kross nd many more pls utd thnk abt dx.

  10. Martins nd others u guys hv a great point. 4get abt d dillusionist callin sm1 a confusionost.!! He is jst too young, in experienced nd nt proven to pocket such amnts. Hw much does he earn at soton to warrant such a hike.?? M nt a united fan buh I must say shaw shud nt go above 100k/wk. Dat sum is jst so much to fend off intrest from other clubs aswell as entice him to utd. Already d 30million is outrageous let alone 160/wk salary. Man u wud jst relegate due to disharmony in d team.!! It happend to zenith st pittersburg nd QPR so beware Woodward

  11. I think my team Manchester United is making a very big mistake, Southampton is not in the champions league so this is nothing to do with champions league football, if this speculation is true then that means shweinsteiger will ask for £300,000, every player we shall desire will ask for a warchest. Marcelo, jordi alba, leighton baines, who of these earns that much? That is insane… M.U.F.C for life.

  12. utd can use that amount of money to sign two good players, without any stress rather than spending it on shaw alone.


  14. Shaw doesn’t knw anyfyn abt winning a trophy,n what’s de assurance dat he will be able 2 replicate his southampton form @ united 2 warrant such an outrageous amount,we saw what happened 2 Veron,rossi n Forlan n odas,united shudnt deceive itself,shaw shudnt go beyound 80k

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