Do YOU remember the last time you beat Chelsea at the Bridge?

Do YOU remember the last time you beat Chelsea at the Bridge?


Sunday was the day that the Aston Villa juggernaut was set to send the Premiership in circles by derailing what is turning out to be one of the most astonishing records in Premiership history. Instead of ranting about what Chelsea football club have done, this will be a more interactive article involving every football fan.

Take the team you support, and try to remember (without opening another tab on your explorer) the last time that 3 points were hijacked from Stamford Bridge by your team…?

Have you found out yet? Well here are answers for some of the football community, while I would genuinely be interested for those clubs outside the following to let me know:

  • Arsenal fans will point to February 2004 when Claudio Ranieri’s team fell to the eventual champions.
  • Manchester United are not so lucky and will have to grab at the tail of a 2002 memory, back when a Paul Scholes stunner set United to a 3-0 win.
  • Liverpool are not too far behind Arsenal, snatching a 1-0 win back in January 2004.
  • Looking across to the blue side of Liverpool, Everton have not gained victory in West London since November 1994.
  • Bolton picked up a 2-1 win in 2003 thanks to a late John Terry own goal, but had not won for 28 years before that.
  • Sunderland grabbed a surprising 4-2 triumph in March 2001.
  • FA cup holders Portsmouth haven’t won at Stamford Bridge in 53 years.
  • After Sunday, Aston Villa haven’t won in their last 7 trips to Chelsea.
  • Blackburn picked up all 3 points in a 2-1 victory over the blues in 2003.
  • And although Tottenham are at the wrong end of most jokes recently….Spurs’ last League victory at Stamford Bridge was 18 years ago, Gary Lineker hitting the winner as they beat Chelsea 2-1 in February 1990.

However, most of these results were before the invasion of Roman Abramovich and his seemingly bottomless pockets of cash. None of the above victories took place during Jose Mourinho’s time in London and none have since. The special one has installed a mentality to the squad that you just don’t lose at home. On the other hand, there is hope for people outside the SW6.

Many teams have taken points away from West London during this long run (and I am not talking about Craven Cottage.) Wigan followed Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Everton, Aston Villa and Liverpool in taking a point from Stamford Bridge last season, while from December the previous term Chelsea were held at home by Arsenal, Reading, Fulham, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester United and Everton.

The only other team to come close to this achievement was a record set previously by Liverpool who had an all-time run of 63 games unbeaten at home between February 1978 and January 1981. This was the standing record until it was beaten by Chelsea’s current standing in Aril 2007. Manchester United put together there own unbeaten run at home last season, but next door neighbours Man City swiftly put an end to that with a 2-0 victory.

There is an old saying that nothing goes on forever….Someone just has to tell Chelsea that!

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  1. Arsenal came close last season. Last season it took a clearly offside goal for Chelsea to equalize against us. Chelsea has been fortunate that’s all. Last season’s games against Everton and Aston Villa were two more close calls…………..

  2. Well, from the other side of the pond and in the middle of the country, us BLUES supporters are proud of their streak. What we know about football is….luck is a big part of it. Eventually, things will change, but now is their time a who ever you support, you do have to respect it.

    Just as I respect Liverpool as the most decorated team in Premiership and possibly the world! Sir Alex and his ability. And even the up and comming of Man City.

    Shit….I am just proud to see good Soccer (eh, FOOTBALL) played period!

    Remember folks, its the BEAUTIFUL GAME! With skill, luck and refs who make bad decisions. At the end of the day, or season, go out have a pint and look forward to the next!

  3. Have been to see the Villa at Chelsea every year, for too long now. Sunday was the first time EVER that Chelsea have played decent football (Arsenal do it every season) so Big Phil is doing something right. Of course he was helped by Martin O’Neils decision to adopt the wide open tactics that resulted in Man Utd thumping us 4-0 last season, looking like the Harlem Globe Trotters in the process. Chelsea never reached that standard. It will be interesting to see how they fare when the next opponent employs a more sensible plan against them. We’ll see.

  4. Arsenal, United, heck even Blackburn had their lucky breaks when they won their premiership titles. Chelsea had theirs so no use trying to erase your own lucky fortunes from memory and trying to pin Chelsea down with theirs. Give the Blues credit for fighting back to claim the title or keep that unbeaten run going whether it was by crappy offside decisions or Drogba’s handball and dives.

  5. It all means nothing if you don’t win the title, as Chelsea have failed to do for the past 2 seasons.

    Winning (not avoiding defeat) is what its all about. In the extreme you could not lose a game all season and end up with 38 points, which could get you relegated.

  6. I completely forgot the last time we did, the team that does do it, like it or not Chelsea one day it will happen be Liverpool, Arsenal, United, City or Hull it will happen. I’d love it if we won there in a couple of weeks time, we also came close last season as Peter Crouch missed 2 sitters :(

  7. remember THAT bit of skill from crouch when we were 1 nil down against chelsea? If carvahlo was not there, he would have scored. He bamboozled the entire chelsea defense…every body talks about terry but really its carvahlo who’s the boss in chelsea’s defense. We went on to lose heavily( but was it at the bridge or anfield- painful memories dont last long)…whatever… the unbeaten run sure gives them a psychological boost but really, its a morinho stat(grant just copied morinho really)… it bound 2 break- scolari brought another mentality which is attacking..they r bound 2 lose one time or another..YET, even if they lose they may set a poits-record this year. My bet 2 break this ? HULL. nah, joking….

  8. Well, too bad that not all games are played at the bridge, otherwise Chelsea would have been the Champion in all competition..

    Do YOU remember the last time Chelsea won the Champions league then..?

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