Dimitar Berbatov v Carlos Tevez in 2010/2011

Dimitar Berbatov v Carlos Tevez in 2010/2011


Manchester United’s Berbatov leads the scoring charts but Manchester City’s Tevez is the better all-round player.

Carlos Tevez has been involved in more goals than any other player in the Premier League this season, having scored 18 times and delivered five assists.

Tevez may trail Berbatov by one goal in the scoring department, but it’s the Argentine who is more of a threat in all departments of the game. He shoots more and generally sees more of the ball than the Bulgarian. He also crosses, dribbles and tackles more, putting in a lot of effort to chase down opponents.

Berbatov hasn’t scored against any of the top five sides this season (Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur) but on a positive note for the Red Devils he has been much more prolific at home where he has bagged 15 of his 19 goals, which included two hat-tricks and a five-goal performance against Blackburn Rovers last November.

Berbatov vs Tevez – Premier League 2010/11

Dimitar Berbatov Premier League 2010/11 Carlos Tévez
Manchester United Team Manchester City
4 Headed goals 1
13 Right footed goals 15
2 Left footed goals 2
18 Goals inside box 15
1 Goals outside box 3
15 Home goals 10
4 Away goals 8

However, United fans will be wary of Tevez’s impact: he is the top goalscorer away from home in the Premier league this season with eight goals.

Berbatov vs Tevez – Premier League 2010/11

Dimitar Berbatov Player Carlos Tévez
Manchester United Team Manchester City
22 Appearances 23
21 Starts 23
1 788 Minutes On Pitch 1 974
Goal Attempts
19 (0) Goals (penalty) 18 (4)
94 Minutes per goal 110
3,5 Shots per game 4,3
55% Shooting Accuracy 51%
32% Chance Conversion 26%
49 Touches per game 59
2 Goal Assists 5
81% Pass Completion % 82%
20 Total Crosses 30
10% Cross Completion % 23%
55 Dribbles 93
47% Dribble Completion % 51%
7 Tackles 26
0,3 Tackles per game 1,1
33 Fouls 34
11 Fouls won 33
24 Offside 26
1 Yellow Cards 5
0 Red Cards 0

Most goals – Premier League 2010/11

Player Team Goals
Berbatov Manchester United 19
Tévez Manchester City 18
Carroll Newcastle United 11

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  1. what you forgot to mention is that tevez has scored 4 or his 18 from the spot. I could score from the spot. berba has scored all his in open play. so 19 to 14 since penalties are 95 percent of the time, in.

  2. What also should be pointed out but is not is that 4 of Tevez’s Premier League goals have come from the penalty spot while all of Berbatov’s have been from open play. So that’s 19-15.

  3. Tevez despite being City’s lone striker and biggest/only threat (not saying a lot) has 5 less goals from open play despite playing about 180 minutes more!

    Heck Rooney’s only got 3 open play goals and 12 assists in a lot fewer minutes, but add them together and he’s only got 4 less than Tevez this whole season!

  4. You’re a bunch of bell ends!!! As for you above, how does 5 goals added to 12 ASSISTS equate to 4 less than Tevez’s 18 ACTUAL GOALS?????

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