Di Matteo Sacked: Guardiola to Replace him at Chelsea?

Di Matteo Sacked: Guardiola to Replace him at Chelsea?


Pep Guardiola has apparently already been approached by Chelsea over the managerial position at the club. Guardiola was reportedly being lined up by the West London club before the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo this morning.

Guardiola left Barcelona at the end of last season and has since been out of work as he takes a break from football to spend time with family. Sources suggest that Chelsea could now seriously pursue making Guardiola their new manager and his arrival could benefit Chelsea in a number of ways.

Chelsea already have the core of a side that appeals to the way that Guardiola likes to get his teams playing football. The midfield trio of Oscar, Juan Mata and Eden Hazard already means the club has a basic attacking structure for Guardiola to come in and base his team around.

He also has the experience of winning major titles regularly which will appeal to Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich. Chelsea is a football club where you don’t tend to last very long if you can’t ensure that silverware comes into the club regularly. Guardiola knows how to win domestic titles and he knows how to win the Champions League.

The former Barcelona coach said when he left Barcelona that he would be looking for a new and exciting challenge in football and the opportunity has presented itself. The same sources that suggest Chelsea have already approached his representatives also suggest he has been approached by clubs in Germany and Italy.

It will be a real test of Guardiola’s managerial skill if he takes over at Chelsea because the Premier League has proven to be one of the most difficult places for a new coach, inexperienced with English football, to come in and have an instant impact at one of the bigger clubs.

Chelsea need to act quickly because if they don’t try and tie down Guardiola over the next few years, another European club will benefit from his undoubted coaching talent.

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  1. He’s already apparently distanced himself from the role. I know that doesn’t mean he won’t go, but apparently rafa Benitez is the new manager

  2. It was too fast for Chelsea to fire Di Matteo.Even if Guardiola is the best coach to replace Di Matteo, time should have been given him to have himself adjusted to the team. All those things happen in football. Chelsea problem was not the coach but, Torres failure to produce as first striker put Chelsea into this predicament. Chelsea need to get the signature of Falcao as soon as possible or Luis Suarez.

  3. if really,Guardiola means well,he should come to Chelsea because the club has the best talent in world football.

  4. the way chelsea sack coaches will make pep ignore chelsea RA has no patience to new coaches but to RDM HE DID at the right time, good players fail to use them but i blame him for sacking AVB COMPARING the squad AVB had and the one RDM has. for sure ican see future days chelsea missing a coach because they will fear the sack from THE CARELESS MAN[ROMAN ABRAMOVIC]

  5. Chelsea did wel by sackin di matteo, bcos he dnt use 2 rotate player, jt take a luk @ happen yesterday he jt gamble d game by player witout a stricker, vry wroung of him,

  6. I dnt think chelsea should fire RDM at this early stage of the season. Its just too early to make that kind of decision, its really shocking and disappointing. I think the players like Torres and David Liuz are to be blamed cos they haven’t committed them self to the team. They don’t put all there energy whenever they are on pitch they play as if they don’t care . So I think the both players should be fired and RDM is also to be blamed at the other end cos its found of making wrong substitution most of the times. And it always lead to a disappointing result.
    Thank you

  7. D sacked of RDM is just tool early. He should have been geving a chance to correct his errors. RDM has done well for Chelsea last season. He should have been allow to finish this season before bring in Pep since d they re so interested in him. Pep introduction would have be better if he start training during preseason matches so that old & new players will commited his style of football.

  8. Chelsea take a mistake step n wrong disicion that is RoBERT DIMETeo was saked bt the quation is wht Roman wanted! Is there any couch who protect to lose at least two games in all competation i never think that the football is amazing u must focus to win but it not must to win every game that isnt possible.

  9. was too fast for Chelsea to fire Di Matteo.Even if Guardiola is the best coach to replace Di Matteo, time should have been given him to have himself adjusted to the team. All those things happen in football. Chelsea problem was not the coach but, Torres failure to produce as first striker put Chelsea into this predicament. Chelsea need to get the signature of Falcao

  10. Sacking of coaches will not attract any good coach to chelsea, RA should allow those who knows how to manager football to do so.he is killing my club chelsea, if i had an opporunity to choose another club apart from chelsea i would have done so but chelsea becos of this attitude i hate you and RA

  11. I am crying when i heard this news we are sorry that you are been sacked dimatteo you are the best manager for the fans who make the dream come true for chelsea historic champions league history and you will be ever be in our hearts please abhramovic give him some post in the club beacuse he had done the greatest thing of chelsea history the champions league dont let him go No manager has given the glory of holygrail but they have taken the compensations but never given this much happinese by letting the club to rise at the down fall it was not his mistake it was players who dosent have passion like drogba,lampard terry,merilies to win the games for club and for the manager ,take out toress,sturidge sell them beacuse from thier inproper play today we lost the good manager but we love you dimatteo you always their in our hearts and come back soon we miss you abhramovic please dont get rafa beanitez he is bullshit and if you want to get any manager make him permanent get gaurdiola and get falcao and neyamar or suarez sell toress and sturridge

  12. say no to rafa benitez abhramovic gaurdiola is the best for chelsea and if he is not availble give harryredknapp for six months but dont go for rafa benitezzz please abhramovic get gardiola and buy in transfer window falcao and neyamar or suarez and sell sturidge and toress these two are the game spoilers

  13. This sacking is just sickening…..im a chelsea fan and even i think this is a stupid move…. matteo is starting with a new team….u cant build a strong new team overnight !!! ughh… abra has zero faith in him…..i think he was jst waitin for a slip-up for him to sack matteo….this is jst ridiculous. Ever since mourinho, all iv ever wondered, is which poor manager will get the sack next….

  14. Chelsea problem is torres bcos he fail to score and Abramovich should have patience with is coach sacking of coach is not the best.

  15. is 2 early 4 sacking di mattio we don’t need 2 b sacking coach nw all we need is dat we need gud striker like Falcao neymar and suarez

  16. Well he Torres is the major problem of chelsea for nown,his goal scoring drought has being affecting chelsea directly.if the club owner likes,let him combine both Guardiola and Mourinho‘s talent together,dey will not succeed with Torres as an attacker.

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