David Beckham – 60-yarder and naive MLS

David Beckham – 60-yarder and naive MLS


So, the world’s most famous footballer scored from 60-odd yards out, in extra time, albeit with an open net as the opposing keeper had gone up for a corner.

As a Beckham fan, I’m really happy to see him scoring goals and getting games under his belt – imagine if he’d been injury free last season; how different would people’s view of his transfer to the MLS would be now?

I just want to know one thing – why didn’t the two Kansas City players close him down before he took his shot? He had plenty of space already but the two closest players to him could have done a bit more in terms of closing him down and shaking his concentration. It’s not as if Beckham would nutmeg them and then peel off on a solo run and beat the keeper to the goal – he’s not that fast. Tactical naivety, although it shouldn’t take away from an excellent goal.

See the video below for yourself.

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  1. I had the same reaction. Great strike, bent more than given credit for in order to center — which was tricker than the distance — because Beckham went out right to avoid the two defenders. But no need because they basically stood and watched him shoot, maybe they thought it was just a throwaway shot. They could have either cleared it or distracted as you say. Guess they learned.

  2. It is true they should have made more of an effort, but this was in stoppage time, 94th minute, they probably figured the game was already lost, as their last gasp was to send everyone up for the corner kick, and who cares if you lose 2-1 or 3-1. I’m not saying I don’t agree, they probably should have made more of an effort and you should always play until the last whistle, but just saying its a combination of them underestimating it and thinking the game’s already over anyway.

  3. Because they did not expect him to shoot. This was at the last few seconds of the game. They probably thought he would try to control the ball to the end of the game as most people expected. That’s why he surprised everyone else.

  4. Agree with Jay – there are many times when the same situation occurs and that shot isn’t made… and times when it is made. Imagine if one of the KC players takes Beckham down to prevent the goal – what the press would be on that. “Stupid MLS player commits reckless tackle on Beckham in hopeless situation” Imagine if Beckham gets injured due to that as well… that player probably gets death threats and goes into hiding. I even imagine if that’s not Beckham w/ the ball there, the challenge might have been made (who knows, though).

    Beckham could’ve accomplished the same thing if he had kicked the ball into the corner for a throw… I’m not saying it’s poor form for him to try to score there, but to criticize the KC players for not closing him down is a little harsh.

  5. Great goal u joking right, my grandmother could have scored that, the goal was empty.

  6. not expecting a player of Beckham’s commitment and ability to try such a shot, long-range, open goal is naive. Beckham’s known for his long-range accuracy, he’s known for his 100% commitment throughout the game whether it’s the first minute or the 7th minute of injury time. That enough should have made them more careful.

    Reckless tackle? Not necessary to butcher him, just need to stop him from scoring…

  7. your grandmother would have pulled up from cramp in the 3rd minute, broken her leg from a tackle in the 10th minute and been declared dead of heart attack by the 25th.

    Oh, you were exaggerating :)

  8. The point is that if she survived all that or perhap came on in the 89th minute, she would have scored in an empty goal. Even a high school player could manage to pass the ball 60 yards into an EMPTY goal. It doesnt take any skill, its basic.

  9. I’ll presume you don’t play football. If you do go to the park go 60 yards out on the right of the pitch, then shoot at a open goal. I bet it takes more than 20 attempts to get it in, even then it will be down to sheer luck.
    Without the skill becks has the ball from that distance will tend to go more left or right of the goal.

    I play football, and i am a decent player. I have tried and failed simple.

  10. Bayern your talking rubbish, and you know it. Fact is only a select few would of tried it and done the job, diego from werder bremen was a better 60 yard shot granted, if you have not seen it you tube it….

    But it aint easy to score from their and hey becks did it from 50 yards with a goal keeper present for man u…

  11. Empty net….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Bex now plays soccer and appears on American Idol.
    His footabll days are over.

    RIP #7

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