Clueless Chelsea Hit ‘Reset’ Button, Hope For Miracle-Worker

Clueless Chelsea Hit ‘Reset’ Button, Hope For Miracle-Worker


Football fans can be fickle, the media even more so but the Chelsea board has taken knee-jerk reactions and impossible expectations to Real Madrid-like proportions. While the white-clad prima donnas have a rich history to point to as an excuse, Chelsea have…let’s see…two back-to-back league titles (sandwiched between two 2nd-place finishes), a handful of domestic trophies and a knack of blowing it in Europe.

Stacked against Real Madrid’s European triumphs, Manchester United’s and Liverpool’s domestic dominance in the last three decades and the domestic and continental exploits of Juventus and Milan, Chelsea’s history is relatively title-free, and therefore the accomplishments of the last 5 years should be seen in context of the 50 years that have gone before and definitely not as the standard by which Chelsea must hold themselves up to every season.

Mistakes have been made – not just this season but in the seasons gone before, and not just by the players and the managers who pick them but in buying and selling (or rather, not selling) players and in hiring and firing managers. People say that Grant never got a chance at Chelsea because the press and some of the players were against him, but in retrospect Scolari got the short end of the stick, what with an aging and unbalanced squad (remember what Fergie said?) and having to deal with real title contenders in the form of United and Liverpool.

The official statement is that if Chelsea are to remain in the hunt for titles, they need to make the change right now. Keeping in mind that the managers available aren’t exactly better than Scolari, what exactly is the board counting on? The ‘feel-good’ factor that a new manager brings to the club, the psychological reset button that helps a team string together a few wins and punch above their weight? The same ‘bump’ that Harry Redknapp produced at Tottenham or Eriksson produced at Manchester City?

Fact is, the best managers aren’t leaving their posts in February. Of those that remain, the names that stand out are Grant, Rijkaard and … well, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t see Grant coming back and Rijkaard has already said he’s not open to a job until the new season. None of the other names suggested are going to do a better job than Scolari, not by much, so at best the Chelsea board are hoping that hitting the players’ reboot button will help them win a few more games than they would have under Scolari.

It’s the equivalent of reinstalling Windows on your computer because of a virus and then getting your system infected with a virus again (as opposed to installing an anti-virus and solving the problem once and for all).

Is that how a club should be run? I’ll leave that decision to you.

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  1. “It’s the equivalent of reinstalling Windows on your computer because of a virus and then getting your system infected with a virus again (as opposed to installing an anti-virus and solving the problem once and for all).”

    Come off it mate, you know as well as I do that Windows IS the virus.

  2. Chelsea, for all you could criticise them (and that was a lot) had a useful bit of stability under Jose. Once he went, the problems mounted up. Any other club would have kept Grant on after a very good, and slightly unlucky, season but we all knew he was a dead man walking.

    Look at the clubs chasing Chelsea – they all have managerial stability in common. Then look at the likes of Spurs, Man City, Newcastle, Blackburn, who’ve discarded managers like they’re going out of fashion.

    Chelsea have made some daft decisions in their time. This may top them all.

  3. Well in hindsight now, Avram Grant didn’t seem like such a bad manager after all. Will we see the return of Jose Mourinho? The scenario looks to be setting up that way (bar Internazionale). Even on a day when Tony Adams was supposedly going to hog the headlines with his sacking, he comes in second to Scolari. Poor Tony Adams. And poor Chelsea. UEFA Cup football seems lurking even closer.

  4. I doubt Mourhino will come back right now, he said he wanted to win the Big 3 leagues in Europe, thats The Prem, La Liga and whatever they call the Italian league. His heart is in England so I think he may end up coming back here some time soon, he hates it in Italy so once he’s won the league there after this season, he may then decide to go for Man City maybe but I think his relationship with Abramovic is probably damaged far too much to be salvaged

  5. Sounds like Chelsea needs a mac…in manager form. Whatever that is. Chelsea really need to realise that it takes a manager time to assert himself. They will usually start with a bang, then taper off (redknapp…we mean you). I personally think it was just Avram Grant’s image that got him sacked. Poor guy, he can’t help the fact that he was old, not a fiery talker and looked like a snapping turtle.

  6. The reason for Grant’s successful run was Steve Clark and the tactics that were left from Jose Mourinho….He had no tactical awareness at all other than that coming from Steve Clark.

  7. I agree that Roman should do it himself… we know that the 0-0 at Hull was not the expected result we waited (quite similar to the time Mourinho went off).
    In the manager we can get, i really agree with you Ahmed, with Grant, Rjikaard, u you still have Deschamps, Mancini, Donadoni and this kind. But Chelsea own everything to Mourinho and they must break this cycle or any manager coming is doomed to fail.

  8. Manager’s are mostly the product of circumstances. Mourinho was given hundreds of millions to outbid allcomers and assemble a formidable team. As a resuly he got success.

    Abramovitch then tightens the purse strings just as the core of that team is starting to age and no transition of players takes place. This is what Scolari inherits along with a run of luck that sees some combination of Terry, Carvalho, Essien, Ballack, Joe Cole and Drogba miss huge numbers of games (probably 6 of Chelsea’s 7 best players).

    So that makes Mourinho a genius whose legacy will never be equalled and Scolari not up to the task?

    Not in my book! It’s all down to timing, circumstances and luck but mostly to Abramovitch and his decision to spend or not spend.

  9. Chelsea and Man City are proof (if any were needed) that you cannot buy success. There are are other essential ingredients.

  10. Another 1 bites the dust
    We all know that Hull could give a hard time to anyone
    There are more reasons for this grand move at this time
    of year It’s going to be tough to replace him
    Cos no one trusts them .

  11. Interestingly, the Beeb says Chelsea are talking to Hiddink, while Balague says Mancini is a shoe-in for the vacant post at Stamford Bridge.

    Hiddink as a stop-gap measure till the summer? He’s not going to win them any titles, but he’d qualify them for the CL at least. Not sure on Mancini though, I think Scolari was a better manager than him.

  12. its going to get harder. if 4 any reason chelsea don’t win anything this season and another manager comes in and probably starts well and have a poor run like scolari did what will then happen? sack him again and start looking for another manager who will probably go the whole season unbeaten in both leaque/cup? winning every single trophy on the trot? it just does nt make sense cos there is no such manager in the whole wide world. Roman is just been stupid and so are some chelsea fans who think money is everything. u build sucess u dont acquire it and especially u don’t buy it. that is not how da real world operates. if dat was da case saf will not have won 10 epl titles and 2 cl trophies. da same can be said of rafa and wenger, who though have not won da cl yet but have played in da finals once. and rafa who though have tested cl glory is yet to sip from the epl trophy.

  13. those who want success only through money and money alone will fail miserably through money and money only. enuff said. Goodluck to scolari lets see what da chelsea board hope to achieve with this senseless style of administration. one thing i know for sure none of these managers tipped to succeed scolari will want a job where u will wake up one morning and u ll be told u are fired after a month.

  14. The Chelsea haters are rejoicing and making this out to be so unfair on Scolari – truth is he was doing a crap job and got what he deserved. Not only results, but also the quality of play and spirit, has dwindled miserably in the past few months. The farce that has been Chelsea’s ability to defend set-pieces points to his inability to organize and implement a plan.

    Steve Clarke saw what was coming and got the f#&k out.

    The Chelsea board knows that not making the CL next season is disastrous, more so than not winning any silverware this year. The time is right to get someone in and get the fire under these players and get them playing, Scolari just clearly wasn’t going to do it.

  15. I’ve supported Liverpool all my life, but I’m not rejoicing, I think the goings-on ar Chelsea are really sad.
    They will not acheive consistent success until there’s stability in the club……….the same applies to Liverpool.

  16. let all da managers get in there and make cool bucks, eventually Roman will get frustrated and he will sell da club.

  17. Success they say is 10% inspiration but 99% perspiration, its how high u hit the top after hitting the ground rock bottom. un4tunately Roman, and alot of delusional chelsea players and fans don’t get it, they want instant success signed, sealed and delivered.

  18. when u have a dictator as the sole owner of a club like chelsea what do people expect. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and as far as chelsea fc is concern Roman have got it. i 4 one pray that we don’t see any significant improvement with the current crop of the chelsea squad, even under Guus Hiddink, just so that we see what next Roman is gonna do. perharps this time he invades the planet mars to hire aliens to come to his rescue.

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