Clear Signs That Arsene Wenger Is Getting Desperate

Clear Signs That Arsene Wenger Is Getting Desperate


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has vowed to abandon his policy of blooding members of his ever-burgeoning creche during the early rounds of the Carling Cup, in lieu of making a concerted effort to actually win something this time out – thus ending the club’s  five-year spell of ultimately pointless dry-humping.

Whereas in the past Wenger would make use of the oft-derided competition to merely hand many of his fledglings a taste of cup football (under the pretense of ‘first-team’ football) without any real concerns over progressing through the tournament, if his comments at Arsenal’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) are anything to go by, the Frenchman is now willing to take anything he can get to end the club’s half-decade barren streak (the 2005 FA Cup, if you were wondering):

“[Arsenal] will go for every single competition with every resource we have. First of all because we have a big squad and, as well, I believe we have a good enough squad to now go forward and win trophies.

That’s why I think: ‘Okay, let’s go as far as we can’.

If needed we can still always choose later but, at the moment, it is important for everybody to think we go for everything we can. I said to the players we will go for everything we can, as simple as that. And not really specifying one more than the other.”

Wenger also stressed the importance of preserving the club’s current momentum having, at the time, scored an impressive 7 goals in their previous two games:

“I believe we are on a good run and we want to keep that going. It’s important to keep it moving no matter what competition it is. That’s what we want to do.

We are doing well in the Champions League and we have done well so far in the Carling Cup, and we are back on track in the championship.

We want to end our wait for a trophy. We want to respond with the maximum commitment to the demands of people. The only thing I can promise is that we will try to give our best in every competition.”

Having been so dismissive of the Carling Cup in the past (“I do not consider that if you win the Carling Cup, you will be going on a trophy parade”), this new-found clamour for silverware represents a significant sea change in Wenger’s once-withering outlook.

Samir Nasri scored two penalties against Spurs in the third round

It is widely expected that Arsenal will field players in the ilk of Theo Walcott, Nicklas Bendtner, Kieran Gibbs and Laurent Koscielny against Newcastle at St James’ Park tonight, which could obviously be construed as merely giving a few recently recovering first-teamers a run out in order to find their legs again, but the deployment of such big-name ‘resources’ seems to sit fairly snugly alongside Wenger’s vow to ‘go for every single competition’.

The clearest indication that Wenger’s attitude toward the Carling Cup has been transmogrified by a certain degree of desperation came not at the AGM, but in the previous round’s 4-1 victory over rivals Tottenham.

Arsenal fielded a far more formidable line-up to that which we are used to seeing at this early stage of proceedings, with players such as Laurent Koscielny, Samir Nasri and Tomas Rosicky later being joined by Marouane Chamakh and Andrey Arshavin.

It would have been reasonable to assume that Wenger had made such a strong selection purely in a bid to ensure that the north London bragging rights headed back toward Ashburton Grove come the final whistle, but his promise to the club’s shareholders seem to imply that his desire to progress through the competition won’t be limited to just the one game.

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    • Exactly. any excuse to have at a go at arsene or arsenal these days. will they all be bitching in brazil in 2014 when half of the england team are arsenal players?

  1. If it were “pointless” to play without winning a trophy, there’s a hell of a lot of pointless teams out there.

  2. A far simpler explanation would be that the Arsenal squad is far stronger this season. Its not rocket science.

  3. getting desperate?are you havin a larf pal?he’s now started to put out stronger sides as the likes of MANURE,SPUDDIES & CHAVS have clearly being putting out their stongest sides in winning the the cc in pasT years-that’s how DESPERATE THEY WERE to win a trophy& five years when your’e completly rebuilding a side instead of BUYING it like the afore mentioned takes time & patience-something i suspect you & the glory hunters wouldn’t understand…

  4. You and your like are the desperate ones with a problem, not Wenger or Arsenal. “pointless dry humping”, “half decade barren streak” (never thought of a barren STREAK before!), are faintly amusing and clearly attention grabbing (or seeking!). You have no operspective, no sense of proportion and clearly no experience of a real barren spell.

  5. @Matt: The AGM was held before the City game.

    @Soup Dragon: It’s largely the same core of players, although they have matured greatly so I understand your point.

    @Shooy: I’d wager that 5 trophyless years count a barren spell for a club with such lofty expectations.

  6. What I love about Arsenal is their PR. Mourinho was right all along. Where else do you get credit for ‘declaring your interest’ in WINNING a competition that you are already part of?

    Winners don’t prioritise, they play every game to win.

    I don’t think Wenger’s desperate, but I do think they (Arsenal) play their fans for fools at times, taking credit for things that are mind-numbingly obvious and should have been done a long time ago.

    Sort of like Apple.

  7. Hey Chris Wright, sounds like YOU’RE getting desperate mate. The same players are just growing up. Watch the onslaught… for the next ten years

  8. i think that with the high level of competition for all the other trophies the bigger teams aren’t guaranteed to win it (Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Aston Villa, and Everton can all win it). This indirectly increases the value of the Carling Cup.

  9. Watch out for the gooners Chris! Any comment about them is greeted by a deluge of irrational outbursts on here.

    Their trophyless barren spell is a really sensitive point with them… they’ve been ‘delivering’ on their youth policy for 6 years now!

    You’re spot on by the way….Wneger is going for the LC this year big time just to try and take the heat out of that equation.

    Good luck to him…..and all the lovely gooners! (:

  10. Arsene Wenger probably is desperate for a trophy about now, but there hasn’t been any real change in this. I think the game at WHL can be seen as an exception, because you don’t want to lose to your rivals. I think if it were anyone else Wenger would not have brought on Arshavin and Chamakh.
    So it was a stronger team that played that day than usual.

    But having said that, Arsenal have still started with their second string side in both games. In the past, their reserves just were not good enough, now they are getting older and better. For example against Spurs, players like Gibbs, Wilshere, Lansbury started who are still very young. Players like Denilson, Eboue, Djourou, Bendtner are bound to start in the CC because they aren’t getting games otherwise.

    Arsenal just seem to have a very big squad this season. They still have van Persie and a few others out injured, remember.

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