Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku targeted by Barcelona reports Spanish press

Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku targeted by Barcelona reports Spanish press

Romelu Lukaku

For whatever reasons unknown, it seems like Chelsea youngster Romelu Lukaku and Jose Mourinho do not enjoy any amicable relationship. We could be wrong here, but the impressions they give suggest so.

Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian youngster expected to feature more regularly for Chelsea this season after he scored 17 goals last season for West Bromwich Albion. However, as things turned out, he was sent on loan again, this time to Everton, while Chelsea signed Samuel Eto’o in the summer.

The 20-year-old took no time to settle in to his new club where he scored eight league goals in nine games already, more than all Chelsea strikers combined.

Lukaku recently revealed that he hasn’t been in touch with Mourinho for two months, while many Chelsea asked the question why Lukaku was allowed to leave on loan given the paltry goal return of other Chelsea strikers. Further, Lukaku expressed his desire recently to continue his career at Goodison Park, should Everton qualify for the Champions League. Mourinho returned with a sharp riposte, firing yet another verbal volley at him:

“Maybe there is a new rule in football where when the season finishes every player is able to decide their own future.”

Today, Catalan newspaper Sport reports that Barcelona coach Tata Martino is impressed with Lukaku and will personally recommend his name to the technical board members at the club in summer, however, the Catalan club have no wishes to go for him in the January transfer window.

If the interest is genuine and Barcelona indeed want to sign him, they will have to negotiate with Mourinho and that is easier said than done. It will be interesting to see Chelsea’s approach over the next few months and in the summer. The Blues can try for Radamel Falcao and other big names, while some players like Demba Ba or even Fernando Torres could be shown the door. In such a situation, Lukaku, who is gradually developing into a terrific striker, could feature in Mourinho’s long term plans.

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  1. Well,I think Lukaku should try to develop cool headed manners and try to show progress on the field of play as he is currently doing and stop talking too much,I don’t think any individual player can be bigger than the club that bought him.From what is being said it seems he was the one that initiated the move to Everton by himself,when made a request for a permanent transfer,it meant he put the club under pressure to find him a club so that he would be playing regularly,he did not excise patience,so how come you could turn around to blame the club for sending you out on loan? While on the other hand the loan is yielding a good result at the moment,the best thing for him is to keep quiet,I don’t think he is to dictate for the club by his suggestion that he might remain with Everton that’s pure nonsense!

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