Chelsea Swap Shock: Mourinho ready to replace long-serving star?

Chelsea Swap Shock: Mourinho ready to replace long-serving star?

Thibaut Courtois
Barcelona could have signed Courtois for paltry fee in 2011

Chelsea are reportedly mulling over whether to bring back Thibaut Courtois this summer, and send Petr Cech to La Liga side Atletico Madrid.


The Blues own both goalkeepers, and have found themselves in a precarious situation with regards to the 21-year-old Courtois, who has never played a game for the club, and has spent the last three seasons on loan at Atletico Madrid.

The Belgian number one is growing tired of the insecurity of a rolling loan deal, and wants his parent club to make a decision regarding his future, with Real Madrid and Barcelona reportedly joining Atletico in wanting to permanently prise the player off of Chelsea.

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According to Italian site, ‘’, Chelsea are now considering a shock swap deal, with Cech heading to Spain, and Courtois given the chance to cement his place as Chelsea number one.

Courtois is already seen as one of the very best keepers in the game, and Chelsea would be loathe to lose such a talent.

But considering the loyalty of Cech, let alone his consistent good form, should Chelsea sacrifice the 31-year-old in favour of a younger model?

What do you think? Should Chelsea ditch Cech for Courtois? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. Jose should nt alow peter check 2 go n jose should bring curtious bck frm loan. So dat we will have 2gud goal kippers. Jose should b using both of dem.

  2. Good to have such keepers,name as one of the best. For Chelsea lets give Courtois his wish and let Cech go down to him for the first season of next year. Lets keep our two very best and cech has nothing to loss, from the first season then Club will know the one

  3. I can Guarantee u dat immediately chelsea sell Courtois dt Cech won’t b inform again bcox de’l b nobody 2 Compete wit him. Just lyk Oscar. Eva since Mata left, he’s bin playin Beautiful Nonsense.
    Just lyk at dia age. 21 & 31

    hw many yrs does Peter Cech hav left 2 his Career compare 2 Courtois.
    Xo Cech shud go.
    Courtois In.

  4. I think they shud keep both next season nd let d young keep fight 4 his spot as number 1,nd he shud been given enough playing time more dan cech,,jst lik city did 4 joe hart,if chelsea is wise enough dy will keep dis keeper,dis is our tresur,i even held d young keeper said he wnts to fight 4 number 1 spot,u see dis keeper is good and he beliv in himself dat is going to tak dat number 1 spot frm cech,,and i no cech is afraid becs he cannot mak a chanlage ..

  5. Keeping both is Ok,if only Courtuois will agree for both to stay and swap matches at least for next 2 years. Otherwise,cech should b relieved of d No 1 post.

  6. i think keeping both would be good for the club but if we are to keep one then cech is the best because he is to the premiership and had to continue his service till thy kingdom come.i apprciate his service as a fan and even JAH KNOW.

  7. Chelsea should keep both of them,because chelsea need both of them in d future,they av talent especialy courtois chelsea need to keep him

  8. Leting Peter Cech go is a mistake that chelsea will live to regret. So the best thing is to bring Courtois back to bridge and share the job for both. Peter can handle Premier League and Chanpions League while Courtois takes care of FA Cup and Capital one Cup. So this is prefer to leting our best keeper to go.

  9. Leting Peter Cech go is a mistake that chelsea will live to regret. So the best thing is to bring Courtois back to bridge and share the job for both. Peter can handle Premier League and Chanpions League while Courtois takes care of FA Cup and Capital one Cup. So this is preferable to leting our best keeper to go.

  10. Pls bring in courtois and let jose be using both keepers as madrid is doing now, we can’t avoid to lose him’courtouis

  11. We can keep both of them, they are our players we can’t just abandon them just like that

  12. let the two stay so we can have confidence in our goal post bcos they are good keeper

  13. To my own point of view, think chelsea should keep both of them, nd give the young keeper playing time to prove himself, please dn’t sell this young blood. He is our future treasure, please keep him hold.

  14. What? Chelsea must keep the both of them else there will no competition among the keepers

  15. Both should stay. D.Costa is nt d only Striker on d planet, Chelsea can’t let Courtois go 4 any reason.

  16. We ve d future in this young lad courtois y all these aimless trading on him? Bring this man fight for his future. Beside chelsea should stop living on past glory. In life where there is no competition there can be healthy growth

  17. Chelsea should bring courtuois for trial for one year and allow peter cech go on loan for one year after wich peter cech should come back and they could both be at stamford bridge

  18. both keepers r good and should be allowed to stay but if one must go, then let courteuos under study cech for a season because d devil u know is better dan d angel u dont know.

  19. Jose mou,please remain as football matches competition wizard. keep both keepers 4 life! or else you will regret it.000h

  20. I think it’s not a good idea to have both good goalkeepers in the same team at Chelsea. Why not make money selling Peter Cech to other foreign clubs or even to Atletico in a swap for Costa ?
    I’ve studied Courtois’s stats as a goalkeeper at Atletico & found that his saves to shots ratio is preety amazing. I’ve also did analysis on Peter Cech’s performance as well. And the stats favor Cortois. That is to say, for every 10 shots on target directed at both Peter Cech and Courtois from the same distances & angles, Peter will save 5 of those but Courtois 8.
    Besides, Courtois is young, fast and agile, and is a very good investment for Chelsea in many years to come. Imagine this Chelsea team brimming with young talent from the goalkeeper to the strikers !

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