Chelsea Need A New Owner, Not A New Manager

Chelsea Need A New Owner, Not A New Manager


We’ve seen it before – an owner can only take the club so far. There comes a time when his decisions become repetitive, his style stale, his actions predictable.

Roman Abramovich has done admirably well in taking Chelsea from a 4th place finish (the summer he took over) to …. another 4th place finish by the looks of it. In the process there have three league titles, several domestic cups and plenty of Champions League heartbreak, but it feels that he’s come full circle, with an ageing team that looks desperately in need of fresh leadership (or at least unhindered leadership). When you look back at his tenure, you feel that Chelsea peaked a few years ago. Jose Mourinho figured it out, and left.

You can’t realistically change the whole team in the summer, and you’re unlikely to find a more qualified manager to handle the current Chelsea lot (Andre Villas Boas is the flavour of the month, but to go for Jose Mourinho Part 2 would be one Hail Mary pass too many for the Chelsea owner, who has already tried quite a few of them (his most recent being the 50m spent on one Fernando Torres).

Sidenote: How many goals does 50m buy you, btw? 7m Javier Hernandez has 14 in 22 shots, so that’s nearly 98 goals from 7 Hernandez’s that Abramovich could have gotten if he had spent his money more wisely. Granted that goals don’t scale like that but it didn’t deter critics of another expensive forward, Dimitar Berbatov, to count how much his goals cost in his first two seasons.

The case is incontrovertible. Ancelotti, when left to his devices, won Chelsea the double. When Roman interfered – first by tightening the purse in the summer, and then by loosening it up, putting his pecker in it and jerking it around furiously, Chelsea got nothing to show for it. Ancelotti has previous experience in bowing to a bossy owner’s demands (review his career at Milan under Berlusconi) – he even put it on his CV to help his case last summer (OK, maybe not). But he’s still a very good manager, and if he’s given the right support, he’s the right man to take Chelsea forward.

Roman Abramovich clearly isn’t good enough for Chelsea – he must go now.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. The media tends to point the finger towards Ancelotti, yet you’ve risen very good points here, especially the difference between this season and last.

  2. When you look back at his tenure, you feel that Chelsea peaked a few years ago. Jose Mourinho figured it out, and left.

    u realize he was fired right? and he wants to come back?
    and that chelsea won the double last year?

    so they peaked during mou’s time and thats it? oh ok..

    • correction #1 – mutual separation for multiple reasons (main one being that Jose didn’t get his way with the squad). correction #2 – last year’s double (helped by marginal refereeing decisions) was a pale imitation of Chelsea’s absolute domination in their first two titles. correction #3 – he wants to come back to England, not to Chelsea.

      • We won the double cuz of refereeing decisions? Lol. I assume you mean drogba’s offside goal despite in being 1-0 at the time and fully in control of the game.

        United had dominance of the 90’s with very poor refeering descions alllowing 60,000 united fans referee the games at old trafford.

  3. its true though that roman does not know how to run a football club efficiently because he makes stupid decisions hes not qualified to make.

  4. Moronic article. And it comes on the very same day that Ray Wilkins has confirmed categorically that Tores ws Ancelotti’s personal choice. Indeed, Wilkins confirms Ancelotti tried to buy Torres while Wilkins was at the club last summer.
    The writer of the article is a pitiful purveyor of the typical unsubstantiated, maliciously concocted tripe that infests football websites these days. No talent for writing and no brain for thinking. Wretched work.

  5. Nasri at Arsenal has scored no league goals for LONGER than Torres has been at Chelsea. Perhaps you should ridicule him in a comparison with Hernandez, too. Your writing is of a lowly pub waffle level. If you are going to write, give us something with some insight rather than the uninformed guff we can hear on the train home from any game. If you are going to write about Abramovich or what goes on behind the scenes, just making it up as you go along is of no value whatsoever. It’s sad to think great sportsmen and people who put hundreds of millions into our great sport are at the mercy of Internet buffoons who feed off their efforts like parasites.

    • Sir Cecil: Sorry mate, one of those is an attacking midfielder who’s primary responsibility isn’t goals, and the other is a centre forward who’s primary responsibility is goals. The comparison is very valid. And frankly, if you don’t like it then go write something better. Abramovich as far as I’m concerned is to a large part responsible, in dispatching Wilkins for god knows what reason, he brought on this horrific run of form Chelsea find themselves in. The collapse is almost entirely down to Roman’s meddlings, although an aging Drogba and Lampard can’t help.

  6. Poorly written article. Really man, if anything, people should be blaming Ancelotti and the players for this poor season, not Roman.

  7. was abramovich responsible 4 keeping ramires on d field after he was yellow carded,was he responsible 4 keeping match winners like drogba,benayoun and mikel on d bench.ancelotti is a moron.players like ballack & deco won d double lst season not ancelotti.

    • Mikel a match winner? Ancelotti a moron? Jesus there really are idiotic people in this world

  8. Regardless who chose to buy Torres in which I feel was probably the manager it was good business. Sorry to all the transfer experts who are reading this (sarcasm) but who wouldn’t pass the opportunity of buying Fernando Torres?
    Quote from Ferguson who supports Chelsea’s decision to sign Torres

    “They had the opportunity to sign Torres and I don’t think anyone would have turned it down.”
    “Everyone said at the time it was fantastic business. You can’t criticise him (Ancelotti) for that, it was a good signing.”
    “It isn’t working at the moment but he is a young man and there are other seasons ahead.”

    I dare you all to disagree with Ferguson.
    Torres has had a bad start but he will score for Chelsea.

  9. Sorry – Wilkins confirms Torres was Ancelotti’s choice – even though he wasn’t at the club by then, so he wouldn’t know everything that was going on? Not so sure about that. As to betkom – Mikel a match winner? yeah right! Ancelotti is a moron – with his record. Grow up!

    Abramovich is messing with Chelsea [he is starting to remind me of Jesus Gil]. Why Abramovich felt the need to sack Wilkins, who knows, but since then Chelsea have been struggling. Similarly, Torres looks like this seasons Schevchenko purchase. A signing for no other reason that Abramovich wanted it to happen. Is Torres a bad player? Of course not, but he has been signed because the owner wanted him, not for any football logical reason. After paying 50mil Torres will remain likely at the expense of Drogba and/or Anelka. Torres is a good player [low on confidence], but one that was unnecessary for Chelsea and that is down to Roman. As with Schevchenko his interference has made the situation worse.

  10. I’m sorry but you can’t win games if key players don’t play well and produce. It’s easy to look at the Torres situation and say that it was a waste of money to pay such a high price to bring him to Chelsea. That’s absolutely correct! However, Torres has to play at the level that he is regarded at being able to play. When these players step onto the pitch, it’s their responsibility to give 100% and play with heart. I’ve watched a few Chelsea games and I don’t see that. They look like a bunch of old players that are just out there for 90 minutes. Back to the Torres situation, if I were a manager and he was available, I probably would have tried to make a move for him as well. You don’t know how these things play out until they do. He’s young and has talent. The rest is up to the player. He’s been given many chances to start the game and play. You can’t fault the manager or the owner.

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