Chelsea have lost 5 successive penalty shootouts

Chelsea have lost 5 successive penalty shootouts


Chelsea’s penalty shootout record is less than perfect (a bit like their Champions League record) – they have lost the last pen shootouts and under 3 different managers, so we can probably pin this one on the players and not Mourinho (3) Grant (1) or Scolari (1).

Chelsea’s last 5 penalty shootouts:

v Charlton, lost 5-4 October 26 2005
Carling Cup third round

v Liverpool, 4-1 May 1 2007
Champions League semi-final

v Manchester Utd, 3-0 August 5 2007
Community Shield

v Manchester Utd, 6-5 May 21 2008
Champions League final

v Burnley, 5-4 November 12 2008
Carling Cup fourth round

They might not respect the Carling Cup, but losing out on it twice because of penalties will hurt, especially when under Mourinho the goal was to win all trophies available to the club and you can’t tell me that Chelsea have ‘lowered’ their ambitions recently.

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  1. “They (Chelsea) might not respect the Carling Cup”? Look at the teams we’ve put out over the past 5 seasons and that will tell you that we respect it a hell of a lot more than any of the other ‘big 4’.

  2. well said blindjak…..
    does make me laugh how we get a proper coating of all these mugs….they love pointing the finger at us….

    CARE FREE!!!!!

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