Chelsea Fans Don’t Want Benitez as Manager

Chelsea Fans Don’t Want Benitez as Manager


Chelsea supporters’ groups have moved quickly to make their voices heard over the imminent appointment of Rafael Benitez as temporary Chelsea manager.

It is thought that Chelsea are lining up the former Liverpool boss to take care of the side until the end of the season in similar fashion to how Guus Hiddink took control over the side during the 2008/2009 season.

Trizia Fiorellino of the Chair of the Chelsea Supporters’ Group has said Benitez is not a good manager while a spokesman for fanzine cfcuk said Benitez is not who the Chelsea fans want as the next gaffer at Stamford Bridge.

There is still time for Chelsea to appoint a different manager but the overwhelming support for Benitez in the betting market suggests the club will get him to take charge of the team before a formal approach to make Pep Guardiola the manager over the summer.

If the Spaniard does become the caretaker of the current Chelsea side then it is difficult to see how effective the move could be which might substantially damage Chelsea’s chances of success on all fronts over the rest of the season.

If Benitez knows he’s not going to be in charge after the summer then he’ll be unlikely to make big name signings that the club may otherwise miss out on such as Radamel Falcao.

However, it could be the best solution available to Chelsea in the middle of the season regardless of whether the fans want Benitez in charge or not. Guardiola seems reluctant to budge from his pledge of not to manage another team until the summer and there are few other managers available of the quality that Benitez possesses.

It’s a means to an end until Chelsea can appoint who they really want as boss in the former Barcelona chief.

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  1. i hate benitez wid passion. RDM is 100% more-dan benitez, wat a shame is owner of chelsea is giving 2us as chelsea fans.

  2. oh my GOD let gurdiola join another club but not chelsea a club full of madness no patience to coaches you do good or bad you will be sacked, within months you win uefa and fa then within a short of time you get sacked, oh what a club?

  3. How come this kind of boolsheet happen again! Roman Abramovich is not a good Boss, how can someone who won the Uefa and Fa, you fired him out with 7 month? Roman please have think for what you can do. Benitez is not the right manager who can coach us at all.

  4. Abramovic is such an impatient,ungrateful,gambling bastard who is bent on destroying the club..a former chelsea fan

  5. Rafa is definatly not the man chelsea fans wantto cee , Robbie was a good manager , there was no need for a change,

  6. Di matteo is the best coach i have ever seen……..
    Abramovic is very very wrong for his decision
    Am very angry!!!!

  7. Rdm is far better than banitez.the ower made a great mistake of sacking rdm at this point even if he want pep.he shd have wait a little beat till pep is ready and by the way how is he sure that pep will accept chelsea job

  8. what at does chelsea want,God to come down and coach us.pls lets try to keep coaches like others do.i love chelsea so much but i am allway made sad.pls let take our time and get a good coach once and for all.lmg live the blues]

    what at does chelsea want,God to come down and coach us.pls lets try to keep coaches like others do.i love chelsea so much but am always sad.pls lets try and get a good coach once and for all.long live the blues

  9. diz is crazy i can’t undaztand diz roman @al u bit d finger dat feed u,fuk benitez we hate u,up rdm gudbye man of dignity.

  10. Rdm is not d ryt man 4 chelsea job,bt he got lucky…Do u ppl tink it was his tactics or whatsoever dat gain us FA nd UCL,”NO,IT ALL LUCK”
    b4 d begining of this season,hav tld so
    many ppl,xpecially chelsea fans that
    RDM wont last upto 3months,but
    fortunately 4 him is more than
    that..tanx Abram 4 ur patient What i need from u now is falcao and
    coach like Mourinho that has alot of
    discipline at hand
    And pls chelseafans dnt blame Abram,he only wnt gud 4 us..who u need to blame is d team,those old players

  11. Wao abamovich u realy surprice me for sacking di matteo, every fan love this fantastic coach, was chelsea d only club to bee out of champions league? Nw benitez 2 be fired

  12. Wat a disgress to chelsea futball club mr. Ibrahimovic hav put shame on al the suporters face i cant imagin him sackin our own man the special one the fans favourity the players favourity chelsea is nw a laughing stock. Ibrahimovic dont deserve to own chelsea fuck him mr. Ibrahimovic

  13. do u chelsea fans ever think of where we would be with our current result & performance.remember result & success had been our priority.UP CHELSEAAAAA…….UP ROMAN ABRAMOVICH.

  14. abramovic is the only reason y chelsea are still in the epl and have a brilliant team with hazard and mata. without him, youse would be bankrupt and playing in league 1 by now. if u are a true supporter then u would stick with the team thick and thin

  15. Rafa has just put a 3 million pound extension on his mansion in Wirral , So he has took your job at CHELSKI so that he can get a good pay off from the Ruski!! Rumours are also that Toress has put him up on a Bed and breakfast AT his house. Well done Rafa for trying to make yourself a few shillings . As we know your heart is Liverpool , but you have seen pound note signs in your eyes from the ruski abronivich TO PAY FOR THAT HOUSE EXTENSION . Well done from all Liverpool supporters HA HA YWNWA

  16. Ibramovic na stupid man 4 removing our man peace nd integrety. up……up DIMATEA…..UP CHELSEA…..UP BLUEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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