Chelsea asks Frank Lampard to leave in January

Chelsea asks Frank Lampard to leave in January


Chelsea have reportedly refused to extend Frank Lampard’s current contract and has asked the midfielder to look for a new club.

It was only three days back that Frank Lampard marked his 500th start for the Blues with a thumping goal, captaining his side to an 8-0 victory over Aston Villa and receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. He is a club legend in true sense of the word.

For Frank Lampard, this is his 12th season as a Chelsea player, since he joined the London club from West Ham back in 2001. In this twelve years Chelsea has evolved from a mid-table club to a club which won the Champions League last season.

Lampard has seen this club evolve and among all the changes that Stamford Bridge has gone through, he (along with John Terry) has been one of the few constants.

But it seems the club’s management has turned a blind eye towards the royal service that the 34-year-old has provided over the years. Chelsea has reportedly asked Lampard to leave in January.

According to reports in the Sun, a source close to the club has revealed that Frank Lampard has been left ‘distraught’ by the club’s decision. The England international loved this club and wanted to see out his career at Stamford Bridge. But now the club has forced him to consider his future elsewhere after they refused to extend his current contract which expires at the end of this season.

The unnamed source was quoted in the Sun:

“Frank is absolutely distraught.

“He wants to keep playing for Chelsea but they’ve told him to find another club in the January transfer window.

“He can’t believe it. All he wants to do is play for Chelsea. This club means everything to him.

“Frank worships the club — and especially the fans — and would happily have seen out his career at Stamford Bridge.

“After everything he has done for Chelsea, he cannot believe the way the club are throwing him out so callously.

“Anyone who saw his performance against Aston Villa will know he should be the first name on the team sheet.

“To think he went into that game knowing the club don’t want him and then to play the way he did tells you what an unbelievable professional Frank is.”

MLS would eagerly welcome Lampard to their shores, but it would be interesting to see if Lampard considers other offers in England and Europe.

It was earlier reported that former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri is eager for a reunion with the midfielder at French club Monaco, while QPR, Manchester United, Arsenal and his former club West Ham are keeping a close eye on his situation.

Where ever Lampard decides to go next, the fact remains that Chelsea’s decision to treat a club legend with such contempt will certainly not go down well with the fans.

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  1. For the club to resort to such outlandish actions there must be something more to this than is being told? thats if it is really true

  2. the real truth is that the older players such as Lampard, Terry, Cole and the ones that left recently like Drogba, Anelka and co. have been earning too much money and are not prepared to come down a million or 2 for there remaining years even in hard economic times as today. If they really love the club so much they should take a drop in wages its not like they will feel the difference.

    • Have seen player drop their allowance just to stay in a particular club. Look at scholes n Giggs. They are not perticular about d moni..heard Frank is demanding 3yr with wages of 180k..he’s done so much for d club, he shuld reconsider and stay on

  3. If it’s true, then Ferguson should snap him up. He could do scholes’s job for 2 years at least.

  4. I think the problem begin to surface now because so many people have blamed Abramovich of sacking coaches but they failed to realize that some players played a major role in sacking of the coaches and Abramovich is not happy about the criticism and he decided to use the same sledge hammer to hammered them because according to say “A finger that bite one another must surely get bite one day also”. I do not blamme the management for not renewing their contracts because they have contributed immensely in a good way and bad way of the club.

  5. if chelsea starts treatin their legend like this i wonder what will become of them. 1st it was drogba, then di matteo nw lampard i’m sure terry and a. cole will be given same treatment. without leaders in a team how can the team move forwad. man u has giggs, scholes etc barca has puyol, xavi, inter has zanetti, ac milan has lots more. chelsea and their management need to watch it

  6. Too much praise for Lampard.

    I disagree. Lampard was in the Supercup and World Club’s finals, We loose both finals. just because we lost control of the midfield. In both games previous matches Lampard wasn’t performing as a regular titular, but the Managers choose him in the idea his experience will win the titles. Big mistake nobody will forget the lack of capacity of those managers. just because of Lampard.

    Lampard is an idol everyone likes him, but we had to remember he was also paid a wealthy salary to perform.
    Now, He can continue his career for sure with deserved big salaries, but in Clubs which will value his fame and prestige to improve their business. i.e. LA Galaxie. For Chelsea the situation is different, we don’t need his fame, we need talented young hungry players, to give them the same opportunities Lampard was given when young. Players like Hazard, Oscar, Azpilcueta, Piazon, De Bruine etc. they who can produce a new style of football which our club deserves. Tku

  7. I am a die hard Chelsea fan and I am absolutely disgusted if this is true. I feel that the media is making a larger deal about this then it really needs to, but the same comes true that Lampard is getting old and maybe younger players need to take more responsibility. I think that Lamps definitely still has a lot left as exemplified by his performances as of late, but he deserves to stay at Chelsea for the rest of his career if he wants to. Just look at how Man U have handled Giggs…do the same for Lamps. h

  8. Lampard,terry and cole deserve to retire at chelsea because they serve the club with all their strength.

  9. Lampard remain a great player,this season Chelsea played six matches without Frank and Terry,lost 5 drew one.Chelsea played 4 matches with Fank and Terry and won 3 drew one.Asking Frank to leave has to do with wages and dressing room unrest with AVB.Drogba was offered an un-attracive one year contract for same reason.Cole,Fank,Terry,Drogba were seen by the clug mngt as main reason why AVB failed.The experience of these players is what Chelsea would stuggle to cope with.Do not forget Man U re-called Schooles and narrowly missed the tittle to Man City.How hold was Vandasar be4 he quit? How old is Giggs now?Dimatteo missed Drogba upfront as the team slumped deu to lack of goals.Anyway,i wish the club well but Chelsea should never expect instant positive result.

  10. i hate that arrogant russian-jew. he has no decency or loyalty. i have ben a chelsea fan when we where shxt, and they wee the best years. if the r-j had of kept drogba for 6 more months they would be World Club Champions & the other 3 they lost. The contempt and fisloyalty shown to: Ballock, Joey Cole, Drodga, Robbie, Super Frank, Ash Cole, and soon J.T. make me sick. My grandson has converted from Man U to Chelsea, 1/2 his school in Canberra, Australia. He is 13 but saw Cheleea LIVE when he was 4, and Chelsea is everything to him.
    Our Chrismas telephone conversation was: If Frank is treated with same the contempt as the rest, We Will Change Alegence and suport any club that buy Frankie. i will always LOVE Chelsea, but if Frankie goes to a big club like: Man U, Man City, Juventus, Real Madrid, I hope that Frankie will score a hat trick and kick Chelsea out of next years Chanpions Leage and whatever Club he goes to, I hope they wins this years domestic league. FRANKIE you gave everything you had to Chelsea, so please go to a big club. You, Drogba, the Cole’s and the rest owe Abramoch NOTHING.

    The best thing that Abramovich can do is sell Chelsea and buy SPURS! Chelsea [so called] fans don’t have the gut to target Abramovich THE COLPRUIT, but Bentisso the pick on bENITED cheaksea

    • i also hate that russian – jew and what is the use of fans going to the games and chant, gutless chant? Chanting only empoves him, he is most likely laughing at the fans. See if he laughts if the fans boycotted the next few mome games?

  11. I have supported chelsea for 34 years. I have enjoyed the good and bad times. But this really is the final straw for me. Frank is a true professional, exactly what a young player should look up to, not to be treated in this way. I for one will not be supporting chelsea anymore and as someone has said before me wherever he goes I will support him.

    • Hi Jean,
      It breaks my heart too. The way this megalomaniac is ruining our club. I thought Robbie was one too many, but I’m with you. Wherever Frankie Goes, So Will I. I am no longer going to support “Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich F.C.”
      He has treated Frankie with disrespect and disloyalty. You know the long list of our loyal men that this megalomaniac has treated badly. It was fun supporting Chelsea but now, there is just a sour taste in my mouth.
      Frankie where ever you will be! I’ve seen him play live from when he was 17. Dam the megalomaniac.
      I hope that Frankie teams up with Drogba and they go on and win the champions league year, even if Frankie is Cup Tied this year. Frank is still as good as he always has been, the 20 goals a year’s proves it, and from midfield. If played by Benitez (if he has the courage to play him) Frank would get another 20 goals until he was 39.
      Chelsea from the moment that Frankie came on and with someone decent up front like BA Chelsea looked like they may score. I have a 63 inch TV and BA was not off side, he was level and Frankie was denied an assist. Torres with his little pot belly was a waste of £50 million and once again the useless Megalomaniac bought a player well past their prime. Shevchenko and Torres were great, but they were not great when the Oil Man bought them.
      Get Lost Abramovich, Tottenham is your team and sailing yacht hats is your game. If he had of left Jose to make the Football decisions, where would we be? Now, with your team of Messi Lookalikes Mighty Mice how are Chelsea supposed to defend high balls or score high balls. Great to see Frankie for 20 minutes and not scoring in 20 minutes of play is not enough to expect a goal from him. Ba did more in 10 minutes than Torres did in 80 and every time Torres plays Chelsea is playing with 10 men.

  12. Abramovich, You Don’t Know What You’re Doing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SELL CHELSEA AND BUY TOTTENHAM OR A NEW YACHT? Owners do not interfere in football decisions; just have a look at Man U, Man City, etc, etc.
    You have not even played a game of football in kindergarten, and because you once watched a Champions League Final and wanted to buy a football club, well that is OK, but do what you do best: Go for a yacht trip around the World and come back to England to watch the Champions League Final when you new Club Tottenham plays in it. You have taken us from a fun loving Football Club, and personally I would rather see us in mid table than RELIGATED because of your idiotic football decisions. Shevchenko was a waste of money, as you bought him when he had nothing else to give; he was full of surgery and no longer the player he was at AC Milan. You wasted 50 Million. Frankie came on with 20 minutes and Ba with 10 minutes. Why? Frankie and Ba where more effective in the last 10 minutes than you other useless 50 million Pound Man Torres was substituted. What is in your head? You let Drogba go when he and Frank where the main reasons why we won the Champions League Cup. With you useless present to the Club Torres, without Drogba went and lost the Super Cup and the World Club Champions. Do you really think you were going to win these games with only Torres as striker? With Drogba we would have won the 4 Cups we lost this past 6 months. You are a football idiot. Do what you do best: sell your oil and have your captain sail your yachts, and please, please, please sell Chelsea. You are not wanted at our Chelsea.
    As for Chelsea Fans, why don’t you vote with your feet? A few games in an empty Stanford Bridge will make this man change his mind and sign Frankie and get Jose back. Your chants at the wrong people and your chants to sign Frankie are not going to work on a man like Abramovich. Can’t you understand that the more you chant the more he is sticking it up you? That’s what drives rich power hungry men. His does not love Chelsea, he loves the power.
    Please Chelsea Fans stay home for a few home games, in my opinion you are traitors by going to the games. You want Robbie back? You want Jose back? You want Frankie back? You want Drogba Back? Then stay at home and boycott some home games. I got all my family to become Chelsea Fans and my 2 grandchildren converted ½ their school to become Chelsea Fans. I am so hurt at contemplating leaving the club and looking where Frankie goes and support that Club. If you were all like me we would get our Chelsea family back. Remember the days when we celebrated the FA cup? When Robbie scored the winner, I was there. I am not there anymore. I’m not giving my money to support a megalomaniac and HIS team.
    We don’t kneed abramovich and his useless buys. we won the champions league because we had players that would die for chelsea. droga is still a mnster and fantasticL SH H HOW AGAINGS , THAT W what was his thinking letting Drogba leave? without Drogba, chelsea has lost ever cup final since. if england don’t thing highly of the world club champions, that only mirrors there attitude to the early world cup, and the european cups. if you think the world club champeions means nothing lookback on the tears that david luiz shead on the day chelsea lost. with Drogba chealsea would have won 4 cups in the past 6 months. my grandkids have turned half their school to xhelsea fans, and it breakes our hearts to look for someone else to support. we love chelsea pre abramovich, but my grangson said that “one more stupid desision by Abramovic and we will then look for someone else” he is more chelsea than me, i an giving the club flick after the disrespect shown to two club ledgends robbie and frankie. frank has enouth money, and i hope he goes to a club thay appreciates a man that can still score 20 goals a year from midfield. i hope he goes to Man U or Juventus and play for nothing but at the end of this season he would be holding the respective league champions cup. both frankie and Drogba at Juventus???? what a team. and i hope that juventus go on to win the champions leage cup and i hope that frnkie [he is to educated to do it] but i would logh my head off if he gave abranovich the two fingers. Go and buy tottenhan Abramovic and get out of chelsea. we used to be a fun club before you, but all you have do is put a sour taste in my mouth. i don’y understand the chelsea fans. that russian-jew is not going to change his mind. what is the use of chanting SUPER FRANKI OR SIGN HIM UP. why don’t you do something positive and stay away from the games. an empty stanford bridge is the onlt way the MONEY MAN will take notice. i am wriing this as chelsea is loosing to swansea. i am happy and i will only start watching if frankie geets to play. that abramovich sacked jose because he could not play his broken down £50 million man and he sacked robbie for taking off torress against liverpool. i remember saying at the time: you are a brave man Robbie” two weeks later robbie is sacked and the Chelsea ledgeng Benitez is the new manager. but it was wrong to give benitez a hard time, the chelsea at the games were too gutless to have a go at the real colprit abramovich. you are an idiot abramovich and you know nothink about loyalty, do us a favor sell chesea and buy a yhat.

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