5 reasons why Mourinho’s return to Chelsea has been good for the...

5 reasons why Mourinho’s return to Chelsea has been good for the club


Despite Chelsea looking set to have their first trophyless season since 2011 it has been far from a failure and Jose’s ‘little horse’ is now ready to come flying out of the blocks next season. Here are 5 reasons why…



After Chelsea’s Champions League Semi-Final heartbreak on Wednesday and being just 2 points behind leaders Liverpool in the Premier League title race, Chelsea’s season appears to be over. Judging by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s standards this would be the equivalent of a trophy but this is not enough to appease most Blues fans. They can however take great confidence that they were able to manage a title charge this season after finishing 14 points behind Premier League Champions Manchester United in the previous campaign (how things have changed!) without a world class striker and a new manager.


Chelsea's David Luiz celebrates his goal against Aston Villa

Jose Mourinho returned to Chelsea with an ancient John Terry, a lacklustre and ill-disciplined David Luiz, a player playing out of position in the form of Branislav Ivanovic and an out-of-form Ashley Cole.

Almost one season later and ‘The Special One’ has led his team to having the best defence in the Premier League. With just one game to go, Chelsea have shipped the least amount of goals in the Premier League with 26, 11 goals less than Man City who have the second best defence.

John Terry has now formed an impenetrable defensive partnership with Gary Cahill. Branislav Ivanovic is a contender for best right-back of the season. David Luiz is now crucial to Chelsea’s midfield and a new Stamford Bridge favourite has been found in Cesar Azpilicueta (just call him Dave). Mourinho has built a solid base, a foundation to build on. He can now begin to work on making his team more expansive, more pleasing to the eye, without having to worry about defensive vulnerabilities. Something Liverpool have lacked this season, as have Barcelona in recent years, and may have just cost them the league. Will Jose have to worry about this next season?



Under Mourinho’s guidance and tactical master-class Chelsea have failed to lose against any of the top three this season and last Sunday’s win against Liverpool has guaranteed the Blues taking maximum points against the eventual Premier League victors, be it Liverpool or Manchester City. Compared to recent seasons where Chelsea struggled against the bigger teams, most famously in their humiliating 5-3 defeat at home to Arsenal in 2012, Mourinho’s men this year have shown they are no pushovers.

If the Blues can maintain this record next season then they will be well on course to lifting the Barclay’s Premier League for a fourth time. In fact, it has been teams in the bottom half that have really cost Chelsea the title this year. Teams that are happy to sit and ask questions of Chelsea’s firepower. Which leads me to my next point…



Despite only scoring 18 league goals between them so far Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’o and Demba Ba are actually a blessing in disguise if Chelsea are going to improve next season. Their poor goals return will now most definitely lead to Jose Mourinho strengthening his squad in the summer with at least two world class centre forwards.

Diego Costa seems a likely candidate with other interest in the form of Bayern Munich’s Mario Mandzukic and PSG’s Edison Cavani. Many see a world class striker as the final piece of the puzzle to this Chelsea team and it’s thanks to the current set of strikers at Stamford Bridge that will make this possible.



It was inevitable that Chelsea were going to have a transitional season at some point. Many would argue the same scenario is taking place at Old Trafford. What was the difference between Manchester United’s season compared to that of Chelsea’s? United were in the same situation with a new manager coming in yet they are currently sat in seventh with no Champions League football next season.

Meanwhile further south in West London, Chelsea have ended their campaign with a Champions League Semi Final and a title challenge whilst recruiting a key figure in Nemanja Matic. By selling fan’s favourite Juan Mata for a fee of £37 million to the Red Devils they have now set themselves up for a summer of big spending without having to worry about potential implications for failing to meet UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

‘If Carlsberg did transitional seasons’… they’d probably be as good a Chelsea’s one!

It’s not all doom and gloom at Stamford Bridge despite limited success this season. There are many positives for Chelsea fans to take from this campaign and we should all look forward to exciting times in the very near future. Jose Mourinho has undoubtedly built a very strong base at Chelsea in his return but can he set the league on fire next year or will we continue to see the bus being parked?

What do you think? Has Jose’s first season back been a good one? Or has it been a failure based on his high standards? How will Chelsea fare next season?

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  1. itz great avin Jose @ Chelsea. Next season gonna be all success for Chelsea FC. …….
    .Up blues for life.

    • If Jose can sign a world class striker and further improve the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Salah, Willian, Schurrle and Kalas then who knows what he might win next year.

  2. Jose comin back,has been a blessing to chelsea,he brought back the “A” game in the squad,nxt season will be a better one for us,jose is full of master class and diff tactise.grt coach,super coach,we’ll done jose.

    • It sure has! The media are so quick to criticise his methods and forget that he has moved to a new club and inherited a bunch of youngsters who need improving. Did they really expect him to win the title and play beautiful football with the squad available to him?

  3. Yes.. Jose has been a Blessing to chelsea this season.. The Best coach in the world.. The special happy only One

  4. Jose has been nothing but bad luck this season. I just wish he never came back. He has succeeded in masterminding our trophyless season so he has failed

    • He has inherited a team that was fighting for 4th place last season and knocked out of the Champions League in the group stages. Mourinho has progressed the team into challenging for major trophies. Remember he has done this without a top striker and with many youngsters in this squad that aren’t used to being in this position. I think he should be given the benefit of the doubt until he gets the squad to how he wants it. Lets hope for the sake of Chelsea that he plays more offensive football next year.

  5. Well he tried. But he should get a killer stikers with lukaku and dembaba. builds players around these guys and watch chelsea soccer in the next season.seeing goals and smiles get back to the fans faces if this is done.

  6. Lets me tell you this people this season is over and I known that its was only bad luck to our Jose cause many others coach hate him and they give him bad luck this season but we made only 3 mistake otherwise will could take 2 or 3 cup but wait and see next time paapa

  7. Fair comment about Mourinho’s return and bringing back the glory days to the bridge. But is it fair to say with an ageing team of players and a team of hopeful superstars at a cost I may add that this is achievable. With football being a game of two halves, has Mourinho returned back still in the first halve and is living and hoping that He, they can deliver again in the second halve. I am not convinced I am afraid. Louis has passionately delivered a delightful peace of writing on Mourinho’s return I am assuming he is a blues fan !!!!!! Brian McDermott is your man WeAreLeeds …..

    • I’m not familiar with the term ‘Leeds’ nor have ever heard of Brian McDermott! I can, however, assure you that my supported team has no relevance at all to this article but merely translates my view as a football fan, regardless. I politefully respect your somewhat odd judgment on Mourinho’s return but can only dismiss it as it so happens to conflict with mine. Have a nice day, I’m sure you’ll be back here soon! 😉

  8. Great piece of writing Lou. Very interesting read. Slight dig at Arsene but things may have changed this season with Champions League qualification and the chance to lift the FA cup May 17th. Maybe the Emirates whodoo will be broken and some brasso needed after all. I look forward to the next installment.

    • Cheers for the positive feedback Ray Man! I’m sorry you saw it as a ‘dig’ at Arsene but I was simply basing it on what he actually said and can reassure you that no offense to any Arsenal fans was intended. Another thing I can assure you on is that Mr. Wenger will have to continue to keep paying the cleaner to dust the trophy cabinet out for the foreseeable future and it will continue to affect his transfer budget!!! 😉

  9. Terry and Cahill at the heart of our World Cup defence, the Chelsea jewels in the crown, the foundations upon which the bridge is built on !!!!!!! Or rather can I say, an ageing somewhat tired, last chance saloon central defender who has the dexterity on the pitch as a grandfather on roller blades namely – – – – y . C- – – – L yep agreed has eye for the game that “T” can only marvel at these days, but runs like he has cramp in his wooden leg, can this be relied upon with the blistering heat in Brazil . I truly hope so !!! But Louis I ve endured this many times before ” pessimistic or realist ” Louis over to you mate….

    • This ‘somewhat tired, last chance saloon’ defensive partnership you’re mentioning happens to be part of the best defense in the league. Cahill performs best whilst playing alongside Terry and this is proven by his inconsistency for England compared to his form at Chelsea. Regarding if Cahill can be ‘relied upon with the blistering heat in Brazil’, this can be answered by the fact that the whole England squad will be training in Brazil in the same climate up to 3 weeks before their first game as part of an acclimitisation programme and should have no concerns about the climate there. Your dislike for Chelsea has been made clear and like everyone else’s, I respect your opinion… or do I?!?

  10. Wise words youn Trojan and agreed to a certain degree, but 3 weeks training in a warm country dose not equate to a fully developed fine tuned altitude tested heat proven squad agreed!!!! Where’s the Butchers, where’s the walkers, the shearers where’s the British die hard spirt that I am sure you agree we lack. What’s the answer to England’s lack of progress in resent years. It cannot be just down to the foreign invasion, can you help shed light on this Louis as a die hard England fan I am truly lost????

    • The 3 week training will have the same affect on England players as it does the likes of Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy etc. I cannot answer why England have been poor as of late but I can speculate that it has something to do with the players’ attitude. There are many overpaid players in this England squad and some do not have the passion to give everything to their country like other nations do. In recent years England as a country has lost it’s identity with all of the foreigners coming in and there isn’t as much patriotism as there once was. Another factor could be due to the competitiveness of the Premier League. The fact that there is such a rivalry between clubs, in some cases hatred, it is always going to be hard for fans and players to unite and get behind England and this results in poor team morale. Finally, I would like to mention the styles of football these players are playing. Unlike countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany where the team is dominated by players from one or two clubs, the England team is evenly spread with players coming from several different clubs. The styles of football they are used to playing with their clubs is varied (compare Arsenal and Chelsea) and this is going to make it hard for the players to get used to a different tactic playing for England. Spain do not have this problem. The team is dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid players who are used to playing a posession based, tiki-taka style and the Spanish National Team simply replicates this. Thus, each player is used to the style and their teammates and this is highlighted by their recent success.

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