Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – Official Pics

Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – Official Pics


Update: The Chelsea 2007/2008 away kit has been fully unveiled and the images are at the end of this article (much thanks to reader / contributor Giacomo (GT) for sending these in).

The big surprise? Chelsea are going with electric yellow for the away kit. This is easily the boldest kit around, and while people will make a lot of fun of it, I think we should praise Chelsea on breaking the mold, especially in a climate where Chelsea are one of the easiest clubs to hate.

Chelsea-haters will have a good time making fun of the kit personally I think it won’t be bad, and if Chelsea are going for a different look then they can’t get much more different than yellow (or electricity yellow, as the Chelsea official news release calls it).

“Chelsea has a great tradition of wearing yellow and we wanted to push the barriers by introducing a new twist on the traditional shade. This is where electricity yellow came in!”

Good news for Chelsea fans though – the new kit shots will feature Chelsea stars John Terry, Michael Ballack, Petr Cech, Didier Drogba, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole and Arjen Robben. At the very least, it says that John Terry and Arjen Robben are staying at the club.

On the flip side, it will get peoples’ tongues wagging about Lampard and Shevchenko. Don’t worry, those two aren’t leaving either.

The kit will be on show for the first time on July 17th in Los Angeles when Chelsea take on the Samsung Suwon Bluewings.

Here are the pics:

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit Pics

(Special thanks to SL reader GT for sending these in)

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – lion embossed on the back

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – Chelsea crest

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – away shorts

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – away socks

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – away shorts (alternative)

Chelsea 07/08 Away Kit
Chelsea 2007/2008 Away Kit – away socks (alternative)

You can buy the Chelsea 07/08 Away kit here.

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  1. That soccer tops link is a lime green GK training jersey from the Adidas F50 line of sportswear, not a Chelsea kit.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm…..
    The shirt is based on chelseas history, as in that chelsea used to wear either yellow or white shirts(and of course there was THAT grey and orange one) and it has been a while since we have had a yellow one, so this is the new ‘yellow’ one(it looks lime green to me,but half the world says its grren, the rest say no way thats yellow) it is the official shirt and not a goalkeeper training top, it will also have dark blue numbers on the back.
    At first i was shocked by it(and temporarily blinded,lol) but now its starting to grow on me…..lots of people thought barcas jersey of the same colour was nice(that said all other team fans will jump at the opportunity to bash chelsea for any reason….anyway if nothing else it cant possibly go down as the worst away shirt ever,(THAT grey one still gives me nightmares!

  3. is the idea to blind your opponents into submission? if so i think they have the perfect shirts. now you just need shorts made of pure sun to go with it.

  4. It does beg the question, what will the refs wear during champions league matches!

  5. hahaha… that looks sooo bad… now chelsea finally find the perfect kit that fits them…

  6. I want one and im an aston villa fan lol (iv seen the whole shirt in the sun newspaper)

  7. hey chelsea 4 eva if u knew anything bout chelsea there keeping there home kit for the next season so theres not going to be a new 1 douche

  8. Someone said what will the refs wear?
    Well Chelsea may just keep there euorpean shirt from last season for champions league games.
    The black one.

    Anyway.. I like it… I hated it at first but like someone else said.. it’s grown on me… Im a chelsea fan meself and well yea It was horrid at first sight but it grows on you after a while..

    There’s been alot of talk about copying barcas shirt colour… Thats absolutely pathetic.. You got hundreds of teams that have the same shirt colours.. Arsenal man u and liverpool are all red.. Noone claims anyone was copying…

    People just can’t wait to nit pick when chelsea do something.. Jus back off lol…


  9. Truly awful. Some praise for being bold, inventive, etc. But I can’t help being reminded of the Bradford City kit a few years back, whilst they were playing in the Premiership. I think that was fluorescent green, but just as much of an eyesore.
    I honestly cannot look at Chelsea’s new kit for longer than 5 seconds without feeling dizzy.

  10. Dear god, thats an awful kit .. Why on earth would they want to wear fluorescent colors?

  11. I went to the Chelsea player of the year do and was sitting on the same table as the marketing guy, he said they had to go for a new style of away shirt as the white one we could hardly wear on away games (spurs, blackburn, reading,wigan,fulham,bolton and newcastle either wear white at home or have white in thier kit!!) and ended up wearing our blue shirt. So not to clash with any home team shirts (which is the aim) they came up with this, and i like the way chelsea break the mould!

  12. wahahahha !!! very flashy ! looks like its been highlighted
    😛 but still very nice! WOOHO CHELSEA ! 😀

  13. every time i see it it grows on me, alot of people just hate it for the sake of hating it cuz its chelsea, they shud look to their own teams, they dont support chelsea so it dosnt matter what chelsea wear cuz they wont buy the shirt anyway!

  14. i think the kit is cool.those of you who are saying that it blinds the oppponent,if you have nothing to say just shut up!chelsea is our house and we run it the way we want and if we make a mistake its our own not yours so please mind your own business.especialy you william a man-useless fan and liverpoooh fans.

  15. Everyone talks about Barcelonas yellow kit. What about Borussia Dortmund who won the Champions League playing in a yellow kit with blakc shorts!

  16. This shirt is great i think. it is a great shirt to play out in night but during the day the sun might confuse us. I seen worse i mean the Arsenal kit was yellow and unflashy. This shirt is a great colour for an away kit as white is barley worn as alot of teams have white on the kit. The white will be missed but we all will get used to this shirt in the meantime.

  17. Even though I really liked last year’s kit, it makes sense that Chelsea want to get away from a white away shirt with all the other teams that wear a lot of white in their kit at home, but I think they probably could’ve done a little better job with this one. Not just the color, but the black striping on yellow doesn’t look to good either. Hopefully it will look a lot better once its worn all together out on the pitch.

  18. I saw Arsenal’s kit last week and it is great but Chelsea’s new kit is going to brighten up the Premier Leauge(lol).Liverpool also has white for there new away. Its better than that gray and orange shirt(wich not much people bought it as it was a discrace) and chelsea have had some great shirts.

  19. It’s so Drogba can look like a Bumblebee when he’s flying through the air after falling over a daisy

  20. I am Chelsea fan, Wow I love chelsea new away kit, It’s very nice. I will surely buy one when it come on sale.


  21. I like the Away Kits for all reasons, those who dislike them are certainly not given room for innovation. I think it will serve as a decoy to con Refrees with similar colours during Matches. Good Idea!

  22. i think it is great. modern, flashy football kit i love it
    great great great. i support real madrid but i really love this kit it is something new

  23. jeeso wat were they thinking black and “electricity” yellow

    resons not 2 hav it.

    (1 as chElSeA said it harms the eyes there is no reason to be super safe on the football field ( there will be no cars on the pitch and nobody can stop sol campell so there aint no point in trying )

    (2 it’s a waste! not only will it cost aboot £9999999999999 ect for the fabrics it also ruins the song blue is the colour. not 2 mention the tribal vynals.

    (3 whats wrong with white?????

    c ya kiersters

  24. complete garbage shouldof kept the old away wif the white
    electric yellow? is this a joke reminds me of the hideous barcelona jerseys ;s

  25. “Electricity is the color,
    shocking is our game,
    we’re all together, singing in the rain.
    So feel you retinas scream in pain,
    struck by lightning, and Chelsea is our name.”

  26. Hurts your eyes just looking at it.And with Makelele ‘s blind passing i bet the ref’s going to be seeing more of the ball than he anticipated.And to requote Brians comments.

    “Electrified by the horror,
    shocking is chelski’z new uniform,
    we’re all together,watching the gaim,
    as OUr retinas scream in pain,
    struck buy reflection,and chelsea is to blame.”

  27. i have 2 agree with these people, last years white away shirt was amazing it was so detailed with the lines running up it. But this yellow one is acceptable. Maybe it will match some people on Chelsea who don’t brush they’re teeth. But what i am actually wondering is if anyone has anything on chelsea new third kit.

  28. I dont like it, too bright and u could confuse lampard with the referee!old one was better.

  29. i love the new chelsea away kit, its amazing. and it looks like the barcelona away kit last season. cool!! haha. and it can glow in the dark, wth!!?! haha. x)

  30. im a gunners fan but still i think this kit is quite nice chelsea are not ones for normal kits so its a change from most premier team kits. by the way what has hapend to us and u guys in the transfer window apart from eduardo and maluda (sorry about the spelling if its wrong) nothing much has hapend do u agree. P.s chelsea fans are cool were both from london so why cant our teams and fans just get along

  31. I like the chelsea jersey, but this year the Gunners will win. They are already in the lead with Man U behind them, but with Chelsea and Liverpool struggling, the season is ours.

    Once a Gunner, always a gunner. Born a Gunner, Die a Gunner

    Viva Gunners Viva!

  32. fenerbahçe Chelsea i kadıköyde eleyecek 2. maça gerek kalmayacak Chelsea nekadar güçlü olursa olsun fener interi yendi saevillyı yendi Chelsea i de yenecek


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