Cech: Let’s see if Liverpool can jump the final hurdle

Cech: Let’s see if Liverpool can jump the final hurdle


After Liverpool’s emphatic triumph on Sunday over Manchester City, the Reds have moved two points clear at the top of the Premier League table, with just four games left to play. Their destiny lies in their own hands now, but as with the nature of the Premier League, we can still expect a few surprises till the end of the season.


And that is what Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is exactly hoping for. Despite seizing the initiative in the title race, Cech believes Liverpool need to prove they can “jump the final hurdle”.

Cech feels that Liverpool will have to deal with the pressure of the new situation and their inexperience in that respect could prove to be a deciding element in the remaining few games of the season.

“We have players who played with big games,” Cech said as quoted in The Times.

“We have things in our hands. We need to wait for one slip-up from Man City, but if we win our games we have a chance. No one expected anything from Liverpool and they are in contention and that is why they have played without pressure, so far. But let’s see how they are going to cope when it comes to the last hurdle. They will have to jump it.

“They have been doing remarkably well. Sometimes when you have a young team you often don’t feel any pressure, they just play and you have it like that.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s fixture against Sunderland has been brought forward a day to Saturday in order to give the Blues sufficient time to prepare for their European encounter with Atletico Madrid in the semi-final.

The return leg in West London comes just three days after Chelsea play at Anfield – the match that could decide the potential winner of this Premier League season.

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  1. People should mark it.liverpool will not win the title and man city will loose their game agaist everton and chelsea will bounce back very strong ,this implies that the BPL title is for the BRIDGE

  2. Liverpool’s remaining matches: Norwich, Chelsea, Crystal Palace,New Castle
    Chelsea’s remaining schedule:Sunderland,Liverpool, Norwich, Cardiff
    Man City’s remaining schedule:Sunderland, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Everton, Aston Villa, West ham

    Reading what Petr Cech said, indicates that he thinks that their remaining fixtures are a walk in the park.On paper it does seem so.

    Having supported LFC for the past 38 years, I am mindful that EPL has its fair share of surprises.I do hope that Liverpool clinch the title especially for Gerrard’s sake, yet I also hope that teams that fight for survival will give their all in their fight to remain in the premier league.

    • Obviously Peter comments doesn’t seem like he thinks chelsea ‘ s remaining fixture are “walk in the park” as quoted you. He however, rather advice that LFC will have to fight to the end to claim the league. As for me, if that cup doesn’t come to chelsea, then let LFC win it for Gerrard…I love LFC.

      • Liverpool vs Chelsea is a decider game for wining title, because liverpool playing well this season, chelsea playing well against strong team this season, for man city cannot win all remain 6 games,

  3. its advantageous for chelsea if they win all their remaining matches because liverpool and man city will certainly loss to opponents

  4. Chelsea in danger of getting nothing this year.special one no longer special he says his strikers are lousy and old.he wanted money from his boss to buy lots if new players to replace his current crop of players.

    It is amazing that the media focus is on liverpool while chelsea could end up without a single cup this year.

    I would be watching chelsea vs aletico.probaly chelsea wont attack and settle for a draw again.it is chelsea style they defend and go home and try to win.the pressure on chelsea players is just as much .

    They are just trying to show some skills to potential buyers if they end up being told they are not needed by their manager end of the season.

    • Asuras your comment shows you are man utd fan, you try watch all chelsea games against big teams,you find a answer for chelsea,I think you predictions for chelsea games is wrong,

  5. My good brother ADETUNJI ISAAC .i don’t mean to disrespect your team liverpool but it’s simply my opinion and u reserved the right to to also air your taught. However,saying that i am not God, have ever seen a human God? We are all presuming and proposing and God is the ultemate doer and that is simple logic my man isaac.

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