Benitez to take Liverpool spending to 120m in his 4th year?

Benitez to take Liverpool spending to 120m in his 4th year?


Rumours that Benitez will have a 40m war-chest are cute but ultimately manufactured and untrue.

What IS interesting is the way Liverpool fans are excited about more money being available, considering that Benitez has spent almost 80m in the last 3 years.

Here’s a breakdown:

Total spending £15.85m
Costliest buy Xabi Alonso, £10.8m

Total spending £28.9m
Costliest buy Peter Crouch, £7m

Total spending £29.7m
Costliest buy Dirk Kuyt, £10.9m

Here are some more stats:

Players bought by Rafa Benitez at Liverpool – total spending = £81,596,000

Players sold by Rafa Benitez at Liverpool – total revenue = £38,475,000

A net outlay of £43m.

Their most successful season was 2004-2005, when Benitez brought few players in and worked instead with the same squad for a longer period of time. That season they won the Champions League and came 5th in the Prem. Last season they were 3rd in the Prem and won the FA Cup. This season, their only hope is the Champions League, and they have a bye to the semi-finals.

Do Liverpool need more money? After spending over 58m in the last two seasons? Really?

Who would Liverpool buy with 40m?

Liverpool’s current squad is pretty good – Pennant is improving, the striking trio is talented and good enough to score plenty of goals, plus Pool have Garcia and Gonzales on the left. I don’t see them needing to spend big to buy more players – just to get their strategy right, tweak a few things and have a better pre-season than before.

Manchester United learned their lesson this season – eschewing big money transfers for strategic tweaking, bringing in Carrick to provide defensive cover and fluidity to the midfield and having an excellent, injury-free pre-season that helped them to a 6-point lead at the start of April.

Where will Liverpool be next year, at this stage?

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  1. This artical does not give enough details about total spending.
    i’m not sure what was used to calculate these figure but you need to consider ins and outs.

    you also have to take into account that Rafa like any manager who walks into a team has to re-build the squad. The likes of Wenger and Ferguson have been with their teams for many many years. therefore don’t have to buy many players. I’m sure rafa will now just be tweaking and will be happy he can compete to buy the best players because up until now he could not compete for the 20/30m players.

    I see the squad he has next season as the squad that he believes can challenge for the title.

  2. Technically, Mascherano is on loan for one and a half seasons from West Ham, a deal for which Liverpool paid £1.5m.

    £10 mil was bull, that’s what the speculated buy-out price is, but I’ve not seen anything to support it.

  3. How can a player like Carrick, costing £14m (rising to £18.6m), not be considered a big money transfer? It’s more than Liverpool have ever paid for a player!

  4. Do you think it’s time Liverpool went the Galactico route? £40 million would be a couple of first class players of the Eto’o, Deco, Alves, Kaka variety. The latter is probably a long shot, I know…

  5. Man U gave up big money transfers? Maybe big money by your reckoning but more expensive than anyone we\’ve ever bought. Didn\’t you try to break the bank to get Michael Ballack too? I suppose missing out on signing him was all part of \’getting your strategy right\’. Likewise with offering Bayern Munich about 20m for Owen Hargreaves. So Benitez has a net outlay of 43m over the length of time he\’s been there which would have just about covered the purchase of Hargreaves & Carrick as well as Ballack\’s signing on fees.

    The reason Liverpool fans are getting excited is because we won\’t miss out on the players that Benitez actually wants from now on. He\’s been shackled in the transfer market up to now and had to make do with lesser targets like Pennant and Bellamy. David Moores had to \’loan\’ the money for Kuyt because we were that hard up. Now, without those financial constraints, he will be able to piece together the perfect machine to put us back on the path to domestic domination again.

  6. Ahmed. Its gonna be the best stadium in the werrld. You mark my words. Its capacity might not be as big but the atmosphere will be just incredible and will have you guys choking on your prawn sandwhiches. Your latest articles about liverpool suggest to me that you are very worried, very worried indeed. And i would be too if i was a manc!Envy and Jealousy thats what it is.

  7. Do I really have to explain everything that I write?

    eschewing big money transfers for strategic tweaking

    Compare the purchases of Veron, Rooney and Rio to that of Carrick and you’ll know what I mean. Carrick’s purchase was not a big-money buy relative to what the fans wanted or what was expected.

    PlasticScouser: I have no doubt that the atmosphere will be incredible.

  8. oops sorry, repied to wrong article :-) On this article, would just like to add that rafa had to rebuild a WHOLE squad over the last few years, hence the outlay. the difference now is that we can target any of the best players in the world, to play in those last few problem areas- a striker and two wingers. Should be an interesting summer. Rafa knows what he is doing. “do liverpool need more money” ha ha . Surely ahmed you must realise that money = success. Manu, chelski and real madrid. Think on eh!

  9. PS – actually, I think Rafa has an excellent squad that’s fit to fight for the Premiership. A change in strategy (why is it that Liverpool are more dangerous in Europe than in the Premiership?) will help, but I don’t think Liverpool need David Villa to succeed.

    If I was a Liverpool fan 😛 I’d probably ask for a winger – someone who could ideally play both wings because there are times when Liverpool lack a really good wide player.

    I think that bringing in Pedersen from Blackburn would really help Liverpool.

    Of course, I’m a dirty Manc, so what do I know :)

    But you guys have the strikers, defence and midfield to cope with Chelsea and Manchester United. At the start of the season I pointed to your pre-season and Rafa’s strategy as the only weak points. I’ll add a lack of width (at times, not always) to that list, but you don’t lack big players, and you certainly don’t need to spend 40m when 10m will do.

  10. Ok. i see your point, we already have very good players at liverpool who are proven or beginning to prove themselves in the premiership. But there are BETTER players out there. World class ones which will further improve our squad. I would like to keep the current squad for atleast another season but add Villa, Simao and Alves. Then let them fight for their places

  11. And yes, you are a dirty manc. But i will accept the scouse bashing as i am on a man utd site!! :-)

  12. Grosso at left back would be a dream. Italian defenders always do their job well. Rise and aurelieo are good but not good enough at DEFENDING.

  13. Very blinkered report

    Benitez has had to rebuild a squad, he’s spent £43m in doing so but because he has needed to get many players, he hasn’t been able to splash out on one or two top top players the way Ferguson can. He’s spent £43m in 3 years, that’s £14m a season on several players, Ferguson can afford to waste double that on 1 player so dont even think about comparing. Now it looks like he’ll have a similar amount to what Ferguson spends a season and this time he doesn’t need to spread it over several players

    The most Benitez has ever been able to spend on a player is £10m on Alonso, what’s the bet we’d get much more for him if we sold him – can you say the same about Carrick? Dont tell me that Utd would be as succesful with £14m a season

  14. . Surely ahmed you must realise that money = success. Manu, chelski and real madrid. Think on eh!

    Erm…Real Madrid have spent vast amounts over the last 3 seasons and have come away with squat. Equally, Ranieri couldn’t quite bring success to Chelsea despite the huge financial outlay. Much more important is the quality of the management and the spirit of the team (liverpool have both, don’t get me wrong, I just thought I’d take you up on what I see as a terrible misunderstanding).

  15. I think Liverpool have a great squad. Perhaps the rotation strategy caused a bit of an inconsistency (which can perhaps explain why they do well in cups, but not in the league). But, it seems like the players are adapting to Rafa’s strategies quite nicely. In my opinion, I don’t think you guys should sign anyone. The current team will seriously challenge next season.
    Should Rafa spend and you win, it will go down as “buying the trophy”. Then again, should he not spend and its a ‘near-miss’, it will go down as “stupid manager”.
    What should he do?

  16. Hugo, I will explain myself more clearly. the point i was trying to make was that even neverton had won more than chelski until romans dodgy billions arrived. With his money they went out and bought about 10 world class players and bought themselves the title, twice! Real madrid bought ALL the worlds galaticos and bought themselves the champions league. Yes theyve won fuck all recently and i do totally agree that quality of management and team spirit is very important. Liverpool do have both. But now they have money too. Lots of it :-)

  17. PS – quality management? Well I’d quibble with you on some of Rafa’s tactics, but otherwise I agree that there is better management at Liverpool than there is at Real Madrid at the present.

    There’s also another thing that you haven’t mentioned – club culture. Real’s culture is ill and must be scratched and rebuilt. Liverpool’s culture is better – and they’re out of their past glories bit thanks to the 2005 CL.

    All the money in the world can’t save Real if they don’t rebuild from within.

    Liverpool don’t need all the money in the world, they need to bring in one winger and tweak the tactics.

  18. Absolutely. If I was a manager, i wouldnt go there. Too much politics. In fact it was probably the ‘ill’ club culture that helped us keep rafa from their evil clutches. Owen made a big mistake going there too, I bet he regrets it.

  19. i think liverpool need a decent striker like fernando torres, david villa, or samule eto’o but not the likes of tevez or bent cause i dont think they will be gd enough in a red jersey. they could also do with daniel alves, deco or simao .

  20. The scousers keep talking about to things … one is that Rafa has not spent more than 10.5m on a player and secondly, that Rafa has had to rebuild the sqaud.

    Liverpool were still coming 2nd/3rd in the league when Rafa came in and so what the rebuilding of sqaud was for, I do not understand. They are still where they were 3 years ago.

    And secondly the amount of money spent by Rafa in the last 2-3 years is more than that spent by us dirty Mancs (net spend) … which means Rafa has had enough money to bring in quality players but he has gone for 3-4 average siginings. And there have been so many instances of players coming in and moving out of Liverpool in the last 6-7 years … which means that you aren’t buying the right players in the first place. Hence the need for constant rebuilding.

  21. Individually the players at Liverpool are simply not as good as those at Man U and Chelsea. The only area in which Liverpool are as good is in midfield, the rest are are either subs in their national teams or not in the national team.

    That’s why Rafa is the perfect manager for Liverpool, because he’s able to tactically find his way out… in the cups. If Liverpool want to challenge for the title, they have to get better players (wingers, strikers and left full back), but they also have to loosen up the tactics. Playing with 2 defensive midfielders simply brings you too many draws and narrow defeats. Once Liverpool start to loosen up, you’ll see that their defense will crumble as well. I know Liverpool are very very proud of their defensive record of recent, but fact is that Man U and Liverpool have let in 27 goals each in the premiership with Man U bagging 26 more themselves. It’s a matter of tactics and a matter of shere quality of players.

    How much money exactly is it that Liverpool fans expect Rafa to have in the summer? You’ve already spent £10 mil on 2 players. The ones going will be released on a free (or sold very cheaply), so it’ll be all spending for you. There’s talk about Torres, Alves, and Simao. Those 3 players alone will cost you £60 mil (total of £70) – do you realy believe, Rafa has that kind of money? Plus you have to consider the fact that alot of players don’t want to leave their clubs (Torres, Eto’o and more). You can’t always get the players, just because you have money.

    From what I’ve read, Rafa said you have the possibility to sign 1 or 2 players worth £10-14 mil now…I doubt any of the 3 mentioned above will be among them. And why would Rafa buy Alves, when he’s looking for tactically structured players to fit his controlling game. Alves is all over the pitch from his right back position in Sevilla…I doubt he’d like playing for Rafa.

    I think you overestimate the size of your transfer kitty, but we’ll just have to see. And remember that letting 5 or 6 players leave for free also leaves a lot of room to be filled and a lot of new players to find their way into the team. Not winning any trohies this season won’t help you get the really big names either.

    And knowing from where Rafa buys his players the newcomers also need to adapt to the footie style in the PL. This leaves the uncertainty of player failing (Veron, Morientes and many more good examples of that in the history of the PL).

  22. 28 mil for rooney or 10 mil for bellamy and 18 mil for keane? he has the cash but spends it on 2 ducks instead of one legend.

  23. spot on mr mouse, lots of lame ducks have been signed by rafa, him controlling transfers at liverpool is good news for chelsea and united….
    for a moment last summer, i was fearful that he would sign david villa, thank god he went for keane.

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