Done Deal: Rafa Benitez signs contract extension at Liverpool through 2014

Done Deal: Rafa Benitez signs contract extension at Liverpool through 2014


If you hear a lot of noise coming from the North West corner of England this morning, don’t worry, it’s just the entire red half of Merseyside breathing a huge collective sigh of relief.

That sigh is of course in response to the wonderful news — if you were one of the many Liverpool fans that supported the current manager — that Rafa will be staying on at the Merseyside club for the forseeable future after he inked a new four-year contract extension that runs through 2014.

“My heart is with Liverpool Football Club, so I’m delighted to sign this new deal,” said Benítez. “I love the club, the fans and the city and with a club like this and supporters like this, I could never say no to staying. I always made clear I wanted to be here for a long time and when I complete my new contract it will mean I have spent over a decade in Liverpool.”

There had been some serious doubt about Benitez’s future with the club up through the first-leg of the Champions League tie with Real Madrid at the Bernabéu Stadium. Rumours swirled about that Rafa would be having a press conference after the match to put an end to the speculation with the four words Liverpool fans didn’t want to hear: I’m not coming back.

But that never happened. It would seem that the Spaniard must have gotten the complete transfer control that he was so desperate for this whole time. He rejected Liverpool’s first contract offer and from there it was nothing short of a trainwreck, with both sides seemingly unwilling to conceded any ground.

Most would probably agree that the end of Rick Parry’s reign also had a lot to do with the new contract being accepted. The on-going power-struggle between the two was legendary, and anyone who follows the game or the heartbeat at Liverpool knew one side had to go — and that side was never going to be Benitez.

So what does this mean for the club? When it’s all said and done, the Spaniard will have spent a decade at at club, and given today’s lifespan of a Premier League manager, that’s pretty damn good.  Not only that, but it now means Benitez will finally be able to push his transfer plan this summer without any hesitation. (Gareth Barry, anyone?)

With the contract out of the way Liverpool can now concentrate on the league and the Europe’s biggest stage without having to worry about the off-the-pitch problems. It’s time to worry about bigger issues, like winning a 19th league title.

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  1. Well u can worry abt getting another league title because it wont happen for some time yet.Im glad FSW stayed on so he can enlighten us with a list of his “facts” every season and then watch his team fall behind United on the all time league titles list.
    Top of the League and that’s a FACT!!!!!!!!

  2. The great Sir Alex won no trophies in his first 5 years at Old Trafford FACT.
    The great Sir Alex looked an old man on Saturday FACT.
    To achieve what Sir Alex has at Man U takes time FACT.
    Watch this space.

  3. you don’t win trophys in March, FACT. If i where a United fan i wouldn’t be getting so cocky, its not beyond Fulham to snatch a point. Lets wait and see how they react first.

    This is fantastic news, each year Liverpool get better and better under Benitez and im sure the next four seasons won’t be any different.

  4. He’d want to be getting better with the amount of money he spends…

    Jofrad-since you clearly did all of your homework you must know that when SAF took over United were in the RELEGATION ZONE, not 4th in the league with a huge budget and already some fantastic players. Fergie’s achievement in todays terms would be like Newcastle or Spurs winning the league 10 timesin the next 15 odd years so kindly shut up. Rafa has turned a 4th placed team into a 3rd placed team spending about €200m in the process

  5. What huge budget ?? Home gate circa 44,000 c/f United 65,000 plus. Liverpool will have to sold before July or be reposessed by the banks. The money to buy the club & Torres was borrowed. Get real my friend. Rafa has done a good job (and I haven’t even mentioned the European Cup in his first season).
    PS If you tell people to shut up you shouldn’t be visting this site.

  6. Liam: United finished 4th in 85-86, and were NEAR the relegation zone in November of 86, nowhere near the end.

    Maybe it is you who should do some homework.

  7. just because benitez has done better than fergie in his first 4 seasons DOESNT mean he s going to win the league in the fifth lol

    as a matter of fact, with this current very young crop of manud players, it s not unforeseeable for them to dominate the league for at least the next decade


  8. will,
    As a matter of FACT you’re being too modest, 2 decades and 15 Premierships at least.

  9. Bob
    Surely then that shows that Fergie had an immediate effect? :roll: if somebody took Newcastle into the top 4 or even 6 next season they would be called a genius.

    Look at the attendances/size of the ground when Fergie took over and you will see that we have higher attendance because of expansion of the ground. Also Rafa not having a huge budget is a myth. He’s spent about 200m since taking over, mainly on shite. This summer he bought Dossena and Keane for a combined 26m, what have they done? I’m sure he spent more this Summer, I just can’t think of the players

  10. It looks like everyone got what they want then! Or did they?

    There is little doubt that a significant number of Liverpool fans turned against Benitez in recent weeks. After the Boro defeat there was a huge majority of Liverpool fans calling time-up for Benitez (on the elctrionic airwaves that is). Has all that changed with 2 games in 5 days? Either the answer is yes or most of the doubters have opted out of the debate.

    Interesting to see how it unfolds but as I say…everyone has gotten what they wanted! 😉

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