Benitez hits back at Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

Benitez hits back at Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho


Rafael Benitez and Jose Mourinho have never been the best of friends.


During Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea, the Portuguese won back to back league titles, but Rafa’s Liverpool defeated the Blues at the Champions League semi-final stage on two separate occasions.

While Mourinho is a firm favourite in West London, when Rafa joined as interim manager last season, the Spaniard was met with continued hostility from the majority of the Chelsea faithful, despite a good second half of the season, where he took a the Bluesto Europa League victory.

Mourinho has recently questioned Benitez’ achievements with Chelsea, and has claimed that his nemesis left the squad in bad shape.

Rafa in an interview, was critical of Mourinho, saying the Portuguese was a failure in Europe with Real Madrid, and reminded him in an interview with official website of Napoli that his Liverpool side defeated the Blues with “half the budget than theirs.”

He said: “Mourinho talks a lot about many people but I prefer to talk about facts. Mainly that Liverpool eliminated Chelsea from the Champions League with a team with half the budget than theirs.”

“He had an extremely strong and expensive Real Madrid and left the club without winning the Champions League,” Benitez pointed out.

“In three years at Madrid he did nothing in Europe.”

Mourinho recently commented on PSG’s alleged attempt to snatch Oscar and Hazard, saying the French giants need to bid over £300m to enter into any negotiation.

Rafa reacted wryly to that suggestion“Maybe if Mourinho sells Eden Hazard and Oscar for €360m to build another team, he will succeed in something.”

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  1. The special one is sitting on his own now and oga rafa is pulling the tigers tail, why won’t he mind his napoli business? Or untill jose gives him his size? A word is enough for you rafa.

  2. I’m fully agree with Rafa. Jose Mourinho is a nothing but a big loud mouth that try to conceal his weaknesses thru a lot big talk and cheap publicity. He has no talent nor any skills to be a great manager.
    He is getting into football management by creating a hype about his so called ” special one hype” and choosing team that have huge financial muscle only. WHAT IS HIS ACHIEMENT REALLY? Can he turn an average or ordinary team without a huge budget into champions like Southampton, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Fulham, Norwich??. The answer is a BIG CANT.
    When he was at Chelsea first time, why he was sacked? because he failed and failed to build successful team like what alex ferguson did at Manchester United. Alex ferguson is a real successful manager who turned an ordinary team into champions. WHAT DID THIS JOSE MOURINHO ACHIEVED? Why he was ousted at Real Madrid? because he was a failure. I hope no teams will give this specialist of big mouth anymore chance to manage football team until he create a successful team from scratch.

    • What a load of crap.. Are you just angry because the team you support are shite? I would argue with you but I cant be arsed

    • Ballan, u must be daft to say that jose chooses teams with only finalcial muscle. When he went to inter. They (inter) did nt hav any kind of finalcial pedegree. He took a bunch of rejects and turned them into champions. The same rafa went there and destroyed the team. So pls get ur facts rite nd stop being sentimental

    • how much was fc porto budget wen he won d champions league wit d club?wat do u term as achievement?alex coached only manu but mourinho has coached how many clubs now? pls u guys if u want to argue do it wit some amount of common sense

    • Watsoever u think ur name is ballan or whatsoever i ave question 4 u, were is fugerson, y did he run, n were is united now. D fact is dat chelsea have d best manager n players in d world deal with dat, up blues! Up d special one!

  3. Agree with the comment from Ballan.
    With a lot of financial clout anyone can build a good team. Chelsea are a good team, but will they be EPL champions? CL champions?

    The best manager in the EPL in my opinion is Brendan Rodgers. Tactically, and am management. He has built a team withe the fraction of the investment that Mancity or Chelsea have. Arsenal are similar to liverpool, and Spurs have failed miserably in re-investing from Bale sale.
    Manu? Moyes took over a team that has been in decline for the past 3 years. They won last year, but they were far even then from the top 4 in terms of quality. They over achieved.
    This year MANU are where they really belong. Mid Table

  4. count d number of world class players dat came out of dat porto team,some people say mourinho has neva developed any player,so who developed d stars dat won the champions league for porto? mayb its wenger,of sir alex no no it must b guardiola, please u can hate his management style or d way he wins but it should not cloud ur judgement,mourinho is a good tactical coach.

  5. rafa benites is right. mourinho is just busy talking instead trying to teach his team how to play football well, develope young players and build great teams. his so-called success has been in clubs with fat pockets. if he is that good, let him go to the likes of everton and perhaps liverpool and get them to play as good as they are doing while also competing @the top. a failed journeyman. i wonder where he’ll go next when he’s sacked by roman abramovich. shameless man.

  6. Am perplexed with narrow minded and even savage arguments put up by Mou haters. When Porto won the champions league, it had a budget of an average English Championship side. At Chelsea he won 6 trophies in 3 years including a back2back EPL title. Till date he has the records of highest points in EPL 95 points and record of least conceded goals in EPL- 13. He took chelsea to two semis in champions league. At Inter, he won unprecedented treble including the Champions league at a time nobody gave Inter a chance. Remember Inter had not reached Champions league quarters in about a decade prior to Mou’s arrival. At Real Madrid he subdued Barca’s strongest team ever by winning la liga in style with 100 points. No Mgr has surpassed that. Also for 6yrs Real Madrid did not qualify for 2nd round and even Quarter finals of champions league. Mou took the team to two semis in 3yrs. Benitez is not a near rival of Jose. Benitez inheritted an Inter team that won treble from the great Mou and what did he do to the team before he was kicked out- nothing. Mou is a great effervescent manager and we chelsea fans just love him. He radiates joy to all of us in Africa, Europe and rest of the world.

  7. Hahaha I’m laughing my ass off by the bull shit you people write mou a bad coach?? Mou go only to financial team whether huge budget??? You shitting me? He win the triple with Porto and inter with reject players and you call him a failure?? He stop barca from dominating laliga and you call him a failure??? In his first year he won EPL an even his second and you still call him a failure?? Take away those records from him then we will see who is a failure you damn haters!!!

  8. Well said Rafa! You have brightened up my day reading that! About time someone gave it to Jose instead of kissing his ass!!!

  9. Muo is quit a gud coach,you cnt tak it away frm him,bt can he succed @ the liks of Fulham Or Sunderland?

  10. Agreed with Rafa. Mourns like to talked about others clubs. Please mind your own business. Mothers of All Busy Body, thats Mourinho.

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