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Bayern Munich 2007/2008 Home Kit


Bayern Munich have released their new home kit for the 2007/08 Season.

It’s a change from recent Bayern Munich shirts by having stripes, but it is a very nice looking kit by Adidas, and if the strip is anything to go by Munich will play very well this season in the kit.

The shirt has the new Adidas breathing mesh patterns, Also Bayern have T-Home on their kit now, instead of the usual T-Mobile. Bayern’s new signings will enjoy wearing this shirt because of the vents; Adidas say that the mesh helps a player’s body sweat reduce by 50%, which is quite a bit when you think about it.

Overall a very nice shirt by Adidas and the stripes make Bayern look a little more classic and original, If Bayern play as nicely as the kit looks, they will certainly win the Bundesliga this season.

Bayern Home Shirt 07
Bayern Munich 07/08 Home Kit – buy it now

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Comments (11)

  1. That is nice

  2. to bad hargreaves wont be in it.

  3. It is a nice kit, but I still hope they don’t win the Bundesliga…
    It was T-Com before btw, not T-Mobile

  4. It looks pretty good

  5. Jesus, that looks like a Wigan Warriors rugby shirt! Not a good look.

  6. i think its nice

  7. coooooool kit!

  8. got it with schweinsteiger on the back

  9. Schweinster, Why get that on the back?

    He is leaving next year to Arsenal!

  10. as a proud wiganer i think it looks like a good shirt and i think they have just latched onto that we are champions so want bayern to have a champions shirt…..

  11. bayern is the best

    we are the champions…