The New Barcelona 2012/13 Kits

The New Barcelona 2012/13 Kits


The new Barcelona home and away shirts for the 2012/2013 season have a fusion-theme, giving Barcelona players (and Barcelona-supporters) a distinctly unique Nike football jersey to wear.

The home shirt sees three vertical bands of blue and maroon blended in to give a slightly electric feel to the traditional Barcelona colours, with blue dominating on the shirt and red trim adorning the collar and sleeves (also seen with yellow trim). The shorts are blue.

The away kit is a horizontal fusion of orange and yellow, and is probably the first Barcelona away shirt that manages to properly use the colour orange in their shirts. The away kit gently fuses into completely yellow shorts, giving a very nice spectrum effect from top to bottom.

All in all a refreshing design by Nike, and you will soon be able to buy your new Barcelona shirts at the Soccerlens Store, starting from €67.17.

Barcelona Home and Away Kits for 2012/201 (by Nike)3


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  1. How and where do I get this new jersey? Went to soccerlens and it doesn’t come up in any searches. I really want to pre-order or purchase one ASAP!!! I’m deployed and definitely want this jersey before I get home!!!

    • Dont know whether you,ve already got it but me and my son were a the nou camp a week last thursday and it did nt officialy sell till then.
      But the best way is to go on Barcalona FC. Com and order it on line. You wont be able to buy the kit in this country with a name and number on it, if thats what you disire and the Top with All the badges and name and number will set you back 85 euros. Hope This Helps.

  2. Away kit is decent but home one is atrocious. looks like I designed it on MS Paint. am I the only one who thinks this?

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