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  1. The lurid lure of transfer rumours

    Now that the World Cup has finished and we are in the midst of the summer lull, the residue of broken dreams and weary familiarity with England’s failure has inevitably given way to the utopian fantasies and manufactured optimism of …

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  2. Why England will beat Germany

    So a potential world cup classic looms on the horizon with the old enemy, and all the other cliches and jingoistic clap trap that will undoubtedly emerge in the tabloids to obfuscate and emotionally charge the match in entirely the …

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  3. Nothing scary about Brazil

    So many people are backing Brazil to win the World Cup. It’s an easy choice given their history with the competition. Traditionally, Brazil have boasted a super-abundance of talented, flamboyant players, allied to the physical steel necessary to overcome tactically …

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  4. Carragher call up a disgrace

    It will be a disgrace if Jamie Carragher is called up by England this afternoon. He shouldn’t even be considered. This is the man who quit his country because he couldn’t get in the first team. Yes, let me say …

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