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Tom Clark

About Tom Clark

Tom Clark has written for many years on many subjects in various venues and genres. He is also a painter; his avatar is a sample from a current show of his work at Fertile Grounds Cafe, Berkeley, and you can see more of his artwork here and here.
  1. FIFA Club World Cup: A Second Look

    The problem I fear with approaching any non-European competition as an admitted a priori “avid PL supporter”, as  does Mr. BD Condell in a prior piece posted on this site, is that one tends to be blinded by one’s predispositions and …

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  2. Historic Free-Kick by El Jefe

    During this “international week” footballing lull when club play is suspended while nations hold their collective breath over the upcoming qualifiers, and club fans try to find something else to fill their time, there’s actually been one on-the-pitch event at …

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