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David Green

About David Green

A facetious cynic, The Armchair Fan gets pissed off with the relentless peculiarity of the modern world of football, and has childishly decided to exaggerate it with his irrelevent ramblings. He enjoys cheap jokes about headlines, words which sound a bit rude, and criticising clubs' stupidity.
  1. Didier the sleeping assassin

    The world of football never ceases to provide gems of amusement to keep us all smiling. Footballers are not known for their intelligence, but Didier Drogba has once again proved he is not a master of tact. After causing a …

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  2. The truth about England

    The England team is a strange animal. They are some of the best-paid professionals in a game pretty much every bloke in this part of the world has played at some point of their lives, supported by tens of millions …

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  3. Common sense anyone?

    The F.A. have announced that lucky punters will be able to buy common sense by the bag from their headquarters as of this Saturday, after they have decided no one in the football world has any use for it any …

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  4. Who would own a football club?

    It’s a strange job owning a football club. You are expected to invest millions of pounds (or roubles, or dollars or Emirati dirham) into something which is still the assumed property of hundreds of thousands of often-drunken, often-abusive, often-tattooed supporters …

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  5. Chelsea ‘fans’ defect to Man City

    The Premiership woke up this morning to a lot of excitement. Everton fans were celebrating breaking their transfer record, West Ham fans were incredulous that they had sold half their defence without replacing them, Liverpool fans were “overjoyed” at signing …

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